One Night Promised (One Night Trilogy, Book #1) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

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One Night Promised (One Night Trilogy, Book #1)

First, let me tell you what prompted me to buy this book. I loved the This Man series by this author. So, understandably, I was super excited to read something else from her creative mind. It’s going to sound as if I don’t recommend this book or that maybe I didn’t enjoy this book. That is not the case, honestly, I’m on the second book now and I already know that I will purchase the third book when it is released and if that’s not a recommendation, then I don’t know what is. This book was just strange for me. It had me bewildered more than anything. I’ll let you be the judge.

In this book, we are introduced to Olivia Taylor (Livy) who lives with her nan and is BFF’s with Gregory. She works in a deli/coffee house with Sylvie, Del (the owner), and Paul. Her life up to this point has been anything but easy. Her mother was a prostitute who got more out of that life than she did by being a mother, which has truly defined Livy’s character. She was raised by her mother’s parents. Her nan, who she currently lives with and her grandfather, who has passed. Because of past decisions she has made, Livy does not consume alcohol, afraid that it will lead her down the path her mother took. So for the last 7 years she has lived a very sheltered life taking care of her Nan.

Livy meets Miller Hart (M) when he wanders into the coffee shop one day. His looks have knocked her into a trance. After making him a horrible cup of coffee, she knows because he leaves her a note saying so, she is relieved when he exits the shop. Later while working a catering event for her boss, the one thing that all servers fear, happens to Livy. She drops a tray full of glasses of champagne when she lays her eyes on the one man who has sparked her fire again, M. After running into him several more times after that event, he makes her an offer she knows she should refuse. Just 24 hours. That’s all he can offer her, but he knows he wants her, so he is willing to take her for 24 hours. Of course, she accepts.

She agrees to do the 24 hour arrangement. He refuses to answer any personal questions. Not even what he does for a living (it’s a doozy, trust me). The agreement is just sex. And the two of them get really down and dirty. Not very long into the 24 hours, he leaves, in the middle of the night. I love Jesse and Ava from the This Man series, so up to this point in the book, I was pretty on board with the cat and mouse game of Livy and M, but when he leaves her in his apartment in the middle of the night, with just a brief excuse on a note, that was my first “what the fuck?”. But I was definitely Team Livy, when she got the hell up out of there. But what kind of a book would this be if he didn’t come after her and her agreeing to go back.

At this point, I get a little confused. Great sex is definitely potent and strong enough to want more. I understand that they have great sexual chemistry. But that was all. He pursues her, but he doesn’t offer up anything else in terms of himself other than sex. He is very gentle with her, which is surprising, but you will find out why. I did get that she is his calm in a world of chaos (pretty poetic, right?), I just wasn’t getting him. Their whole relationship was more of a question mark for me. But it was written well enough to keep me engaged, so maybe that was the point.

Livy keeps running, it’s just that Miller, in true alpha male fashion, keeps demanding her return. He doesn’t play fair either. He recruits her Nan in the convincing of why Livy should give Miller a shot. Livy’s Nan wants her to live a little, make crazy choices, and there is not a choice offered that is crazier than Miller Hart. He eventually decides that 24 hours isn’t enough, but as the reader you are just as confused as Livy. Does that mean forever or just additional hours added on at the end of the 24? He is never willing to offer up what it is he does for a living, she knows a little, but she doesn’t know the “big secret”, not until she follows him one night. See what hot guys and hot sex make a woman do, go crazy and stalk. What she learns will change the dynamic of their relationship, to the point that there may be no coming back from it.

The sex in this book is good. Not Jesse and Ava hot, but it is good. It is almost diminished though, by Miller’s OCD tendencies, which Livy finds almost adorable, I found them frustrating.

Like I said, this book bewildered me. I probably inflicted some of that onto myself when I was kind of hoping for a story similar to the story of Jesse and Ava, so my bad on that, but I still was left in a “what the fuck?” state of mind after reading it. I’m currently in the middle of the second book, and my “WTF” mind set is still there, so I will let you know.

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