Passion and Ponies (Chocoholics Series, Book #2) by Tara Sivec

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Passion and Ponies (Chocoholics Series, Book #2)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: If you are a real Tara Sivec fan, you are going to love this book. As an avid reader, sometimes I feel that the same ole’ formula isn’t going to work all of the time. Holy hell, this is not the case here. This book is just as funny and endearing as any in either Chocolate series. So brace yourself and get ready to fall in love and maybe even re-visit your childhood love for My Little Pony. While I believe that you can enjoy this book without reading book #1, I just don’t know why you would deprive yourself of that FANTASTIC book. Why do that to Gavin, who the book is focused on? So you can read this book without reading that book, but DON’T!

So, we met Ava and Tyler in book #1 of this series, but just in case you need it, here is a quick recap. Ava is the middle daughter of Jim and Liz and Tyler is Gavin’s best friend from college. This book will focus on their relationship and is told from both POV’s. If you remember from the first book, Ava and Tyler started to sleep together, casually. Ava loves what Tyler can do in the bedroom, it’s just out of the bedroom that makes her hate him. We will learn early on in this book that Tyler has a love for all things My Little Pony and is what is called a “Brony”, this is a real thing, I checked. He has also started his dream job, giving tours at Seduction and Snacks, but has run into a little snafu. His birth certificate is not legit. His parents then inform him that his father is not his father and his biological father is either the donor from the sperm bank or someone from the foursome that his mother indulged in years ago. This storyline is actually wonderful and even though it’s obvious by the foreshadowing, it is still pretty fantastic.

Ava is having her own issues and her feelings for Tyler are becoming more and more complicated. She HATES working at the family business, but Liz feels that she has put a lot of work into having a business for her family to actually work at. This is where we will see a different side to Liz. Ava has a fashion blog that with Jenny’s help is doing very well. Liz thinks that the blog is just a hobby and is not supportive at all, she is actually very negative about it. While is was difficult reading Liz in a negative way, it was also pretty real. Her feelings were such MOM feelings that it was hard not to relate a bit. Because of her dislike of the family business, Ava feels like somewhat of a black sheep and that along with her foreign feelings for Tyler and she is a mess.

You will fall absolutely in love with Tyler. In the first book, he was very funny, but that was the only dimension we got from him. In this book, he’s not only funny, but so charming and lovable. The story with him trying to locate his dad, makes him vulnerable and you see a much softer side to him. It will bring a smile to your face to read their feelings for one another unfold and witness how they deal with those feelings, not well, by the way.

There are a lot of different aspects to this book that will take you on a fun journey. Besides the relationship between Ava and Tyler, there is the relationship between Ava and Liz, we see the dynamic of sisterhood with Ava, Charlotte, and Molly. Tyler’s parents are not in the book a lot, but when they are their relationship with Tyler is awesome. And as weird as it is, Tyler + My Little Pony = Happiness. Even though the “adults” from the Chocolate Lover Series are in this book, the focus really is on the next generation. I just want to say that the ending in this book was my favorite by far in both series.

So, Tara Sivec has done it again and has done it very well. This book has everything we love from this series and more. It was so well written, it was very difficult to put down, and it’s always fun to read a humorous book and have your family wonder what in the hell has you laughing your ass off. I really hope that this series continues. So, thanks Tara Sivec, your hard work is such a reward for us and I for one, am very grateful.

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