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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: I’m not proud of the fact that this book came out in November (2015) and even though I read it immediately, it has taken me this long to write up my review. I know, I know, I should be ashamed and trust a BXTCH, I am. Which is why I gave it a re-read and am attempting to rectify this situation STAT! There’s not much you need to know before you dive into Willow Tate, except. . .this is not a typical Harper book and for those who love Ms. Sloan, know exactly what it is that I’m talking about. For those of you who have yet to dive into one of her glorious escapes, shame on you, but this book is as good as a place to start as any. She really brings it with Perfectly Imperfect.

Perfectly Imperfect is told through the POV’s of both Willow and Kane, enjoy.

I guess we should probably kick this off with Willow Tate. When we meet Willow, she is on her way to visit her divorce lawyers so she can finalize the details of her divorce. She was married to Brad, but once she caught him in bed with her sister, Ivy, that marriage was as good as dead, even though it was dying a very slow death prior to the infidelity. I probably should backtrack you a bit. 

We actually meet Willow years prior at a funeral. The funeral of Willow’s mother to be exact. Willow was involved in the same accident that took the life of the one person on Earth who loved her unconditionally and now she is left with her step-father (Dominic) and her half-sister (Ivy), neither of which really love Willow, much less want Willow around, but because of the tragic circumstances, they are forced to have her in their lives. 

Now, back to our current situation. Willow’s marriage to Brad and her situation with Dominic and Ivy has beaten her self-esteem down to almost non-existent. While at the office of her attorney, she takes a bit of a misstep and finds herself on the ground. What she never expected, was to be helped up by none other than Kane Masters.

Kane Masters is the man in Hollywood. Not much goes by in his life that isn’t reported in the tabloids, including his on-again off-again relationship with Mia Post and the speculation of who her baby daddy might be. 

We fast forward several months and find Willow doing a bit better post divorce, with the help of her two BFF’s (Eddie and Kirby) she is working on loving what she sees when she looks in the mirror, but it is a work in progress. Oh and I should probably mention that Willow works as Dominic’s assistant, so it’s safe to say that sometimes she may take three steps forward, just to take four steps back, because of her asshole step-dad and her bitch sister. An altercation in Dominic’s office finds Willow running smack into Kane Masters again and even though she is able to escape, Kane now knows he cannot let her get far away from him again. 

Coincidentally, or not, depending on how you look at it. Kane is directing his very first feature film, Impenetrable, which is a movie that Willow can seriously relate to. Kane uses his movie to get Kirby to Georgia and requesting that Kirby bring Willow along as her assistant. And that is where everything really takes off.

There are times in some books that some characters are written more as fill-ins (I believe anyway), which is not necessarily a bad thing, but every character presented in Perfectly Imperfect adds certain elements that makes this book. . .Perfect. I do think that Willow and Kane really could’ve carried this story on their own, without having to have a lot of focus on a supporting cast, but doing that wouldn’t have made this story close to being as great as it is. Willow is a character who needs the “support”, literally, until she can find the strength to stand on her own and this cast of characters, not only bring strength, but add humor and a sense of family, hell, they are her family. 

While this may not be a typical Harper novel, that BXTCH still brings it in the bedroom. Even though Kane isn’t what her typical Alpha brings, he still has a certain type of “bedroom dominance” that gets the loins working. The most beautiful thing about the lovin’ in Perfectly Imperfect is the transformation of Willow. And anyone that reads this book, that has any type of “body issues” will understand how difficult it is to truly reveal yourself in an intimate situation and to witness it from Willow is a thing of beauty.

There’s a lot happening in Perfectly Imperfect, I only scratched the surface. There are times when you just wish that whoever is sitting next to you was reading right along with you, just so  you have someone to high-five, because Willow certainly gives us moments that may have you reverting back to the 90’s and shouting “You go girl!”. This is an exquisite story of a girl really learning to find her worth and the ability to see that her beauty is just as great on the outside as it is on the inside. Harper still gives us what we crave. . .humor. . .drama. . .a strong, feisty female lead. . .”alpha”ness. . .she just uses a bit of a different platform to get it to us.

As cliché as it sounds, there is nothing Imperfect about this book. It is a story that gives us all something we can relate to, while body issues seem to be what plague Willow, we all have something in us at sometime in our life that made us think that maybe we just aren’t good enough and Willow coming through that to land on the other side not only better, but scoring the hotness that is Kane Masters, makes us all shed some tears while doing a “hell yeah” fist bump.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingFavorite Quotes TagPerfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan | Review on

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