Pucked (The Pucked Series, Book #1) by Helena Hunting

Pucked (Pucked Series, Book #1) by Helena Hunting | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.com

Pucked (Pucked Series, Book #1) by Helena Hunting | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comPucked (Pucked Series, Book #1) by Helena Hunting | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagPucked (Pucked Series, Book #1) by Helena Hunting | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
Pucked (The Pucked Series, Book #1) by Helena Hunting

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: First, this is my second read of Pucked. As usual, I procrastinated long enough in getting to the review, that my brain needed a refresher. Second, you may want to read this in a place where laughing out loud isn’t frowned upon, because if you have any sense of humor AT ALL, it will be hard to control your laughter while enjoying Violet and Alex.

Pucked will be told through the POV’s of Violet and Alex.

Let me first give you a bit of a rundown: Violet is a twenty-two year old accountant who is currently living in the pool house on her parents property. Well, it’s actually her mom and step-dad, but same thing. Buck is Violet’s step-brother, a hockey player, and has just been traded back home to the Chicago Blackhawks. Violet has recently sworn off all hockey players, declaring them whores, her step-brother being the biggest of them all, after a bad experience with one. After being persuaded by her mom to catch a flight to Atlanta to support Buck in one of his first games as a Hawk, Violet lays eyes on Alex Waters.

Alex and Violet meet at the after party where lots of mouth fucking takes place. Being intrigued by Violet, Alex goes to her suite (that she is sharing with her parents) to extend an invite to his suite for a chance to get to know her better. While his intentions may have been gentlemanly, once Violet gets a small taste of Alex, she wants it all, especially his MC (monster cock).

After a night of scorching sex, Violet isn’t really expecting Alex to confess his love for her and all of a sudden become exclusive with one another. She has read (thanks to BFF Charlene) tabloid reports that have Alex being more of a man whore than Buck and he has never denied the promiscuous reports publicly. Once Alex begins to pursue Violet, by first asking her boobs out on a date, she is somewhat convinced that he may only want her for the great sex, still not too sure that he is commitment material.

Once things pick up, their relationship definitely starts to bloom and become exclusive. They of course run into several problems. #1: Buck having issues with a teammate hooking up with his sister. Buck doesn’t really know Alex all that well, so his only point of reference is the “Whore” stories that he as heard. #2: Alex’s agent. Alex is really working towards his life post hockey and that includes certain endorsement deals. His agent, aptly named Dick, thinks that him having a permanent woman at his side is going to screw those plans up. So, while Pucked may be a comedy first, that doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be any drama.

The supporting cast of characters in Pucked are fantastic. They are very well developed and add almost as much to the story as the main characters (calm down, I said almost). In some books, the secondary characters are almost an afterthought, but in Pucked, they are very integrated into the importance of the story of Alex and Violet. 

The sex is as toe curling as the story is humorous, I don’t really know if that makes sense, so let me make it clearer, the bed is certainly on fire here. It makes me want to take hockey a bit more serious. I just wish I knew where it is that some of these authors get their inspiration, because there aren’t too many acrobatics here, it’s just straight fucking, but it’s thigh clenching to say the least. Helena Hunting’s website tagline is “Stories to get in bed with”, she is not wrong. Alex = YUM!

Pucked had me laughing out loud. Violet is so well written, you kind of want to be her BFF and I really fell for Alex, he falters a bit, but he is so adorably sexy, you can’t help but add him to the “Book Boyfriend List”. This is a series that I’m super excited about and even though the next in the series is Buck’s story, I hope that Alex and Violet are integrated into the story. Having said that, I do think that the second book will have me developing a soft spot for Buck. 

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