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Pure Will

You should know one thing going into this book. It does break “girlfriend code”. Kate and Camden are roommates/best friends and Kate and Will have sex, multiple times, and then Camden and Will get together. I know that sounds kinda skanky, but, I promise, it’s written really well and Ms. Pelton pulls it off, even if it goes against the rules.

This story is told from both Camden’s and Will’s POV. Both attend the University of Kansas, where Cam is a senior and Will is a graduate student. Will is depicted in the typical fashion. He is a player who rarely sleeps with the same girl twice. He sees Kate and figures “easy”, which she was and they do the business. Once he sets his eyes on Camden, he is pulled to her in a way he has never experienced with a girl. Here is where the problem lies. In order for Will to continue hanging out with Camden, he must continue to sex it up with Kate. Not that it is too much of a hardship, he just doesn’t want Cam to feel his attraction lies where it really isn’t.

As for Camden, I’m going to go ahead and give you her backstory, because I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler. So here it goes. Camden’s father is a famous MLB player and remarried when she was in her teens. Her stepbrother, Max,  comes and lives with them and when Cam is 16 (he is 19), they begin a sexual relationship. The problem is, Cam was a virgin and Max was very aggressive and rough. From biting to spanking, even anal. So her sexual ideas are very skewed. And instead of her father being angry that a 19 year old took advantage of a 16 year old, he agrees with his wife (Max’s mom) who blamed Cam. Fast forward to college and Cam is not only ashamed and harbors guilt over what happened, but doesn’t really know how to enjoy sex without being on edge.

While Will comes from a very loving home, with parents that not only are madly in love, but flaunt it constantly, he too has some past demons. He and his family recently experienced tragedy, that really had Will making decisions that required his father to rescue him, continually. He gets himself in a good place and him and Cam decide to really try having a relationship with one another, and this is with Kate’s blessing.

This is a really good love story. There will be drama, but in the end, it’s worth it. There is humor infused which, trust me, is necessary to cut some of the drama, and the humor is written well. Cam is very snarky and is written so well, that you want to be her friend. The epilogue was great, it wrapped it all up very well. As far as the supporting characters, I thought that their development was really just mediocre. Will’s parents were well written as was Kate. Some of the story did focus on the athletes that Cam tutored, but not really in detail. My biggest issue was with Noah. Noah is Will’s best friend, but there was really no focus on him at all. There was a little at the beginning of the book, but I felt that with Will taking such a major turn in his life, falling in love, that there would’ve been more interaction with Noah. But, this isn’t enough of a problem for me to dislike the book. All in all, a very good read. I highly recommend.

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