Reasonable Doubt (Episode 1) by Whitney G.

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Reasonable Doubt (Episode 1)

This is the first of three episodes in Whitney G.’s Reasonable Doubt Series. Don’t be frustrated, all 3 episodes are out and you will want to buy all 3, just to make it easy to go from one to another, trust me, I know this from experience.

This first two episodes are pretty short and very quick reads. Therefore, this review will not be very long, but it will be very fulfilling. This book will kick off the relationship between Thoreau (real name Andrew) and Alyssa (real name Aubrey) and will be told through both POV’s.

Andrew is a high profile attorney in North Carolina, by way of New York. In the beginning of and at times throughout the story, you know that there is something from his past, that’s not shady, but has caused him some serious grief. You will not find out what the mystery is in this book. Andrew seeks out dates on the internet under the name “Thoreau”. The only thing he is looking for: “Casual sex. Nothing more. Nothing less.” Liars are a deal breaker. The only thing that he even looks forward to lately, are the conversations with his only friend, “Alyssa”. He met Alyssa on a lawyers only website. Not really a dating site, more of a professional advice site.

Aubrey is a pre-law student at Duke University. Her real passion though, is ballet. Her parents aren’t really on bored with the ballet part of her dream and part of the agreement is, she can study dance as long as she also studies law. She happens upon her mothers invite to “” and needing academic assistance, she sets up a fake profile. This is where she stumbles upon Thoreau or Andrew. She of course leads him to believe that her name is Alyssa and she is in fact a first year lawyer.

Whitney G. did such a fantastic job at creating chemistry between these two characters, that is so scorching hot, it is coming off of the pages. The storyline is so original and so well done, that I remember when I first read this book, that I actually followed updates from the author so I didn’t miss out on the release of the second book and when it didn’t show up when expected, readers started to freak out. Which, in my opinion was a little over the top, but you get the jest of how good this series is.

There’s actually not a ton of sex in this book, but the sexual tension and dirty talk in this book is so erotic and sensual, you don’t need the actual scenes.

This book is going to end on a “holy shit, did that just happen” moment. Hence, the need to buy the next 2 books ahead of time. Wonderful book, even better series. Go for it, you will not be disappointed.

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Reasonable Doubt

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