Rebel (Rebel Series, Book #1) by Elle Casey

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Rebel (Rebel Series, Book #1)

This is a re-read for me and a lot of times when I decide to re-read a book, especially one that I enjoyed the first time around, I tend to not really have love for them the second time around. But in the case of Rebel, it just got better. If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to fall in love with the silent hottie that is Rebel, then you better make some room for another alpha on your shelf.

This book will be told through the POV of Teagan.

Teagan Cross is not looking forward to spending the summer before her final year at school with her dad and step-mom, hell, she barely registers on her dad’s radar, but the last thing she could have ever anticipated was the phone call that would change her world. Her dad has unexpectedly had a heart attack and has passed away. This rocks her world. Not only has she lost the only family (blood wise) that she has left, but she has also lost her financial life line. So, faced with very little choice, she sets out to find a home and a job.

Her journey to find a job is quite depressing, but definitely humorous. Going uptown,she finds that without any previous job experience, she isn’t qualified for anything, heading downtown, she quickly realizes that her upbringing automatically puts her in the “no” column. So she does the only thing a young woman who has just lost her father and has no promising prospects does, she pulls into the parking lot of Rebel Wheels and after making a very good case for herself, she can check her own oil, insists on the owner giving her a job. 

Rebel is the owner of Rebel Wheels and when we first meet him, he gives off a sort of “asshole” vibe, but really, he’s just the silent type. So when Teagan shows up to his shop insisting on a job, he doesn’t say much, when she spends hours in his office cleaning it for free just to prove he needs to hire her, he still doesn’t say much. When she shows up later that night at the club (that he happens to be a bouncer at) he doesn’t say much, although he does confiscate her ID, when she shows up the next day to collect her ID from him, he still doesn’t say much, although she does leave with a job. 

So, with #1 on her to-do list taken care of, it’s time to move onto #2 and that’s to resolve her living situation, which she does quickly, even though it’s in the part of town that one would question. All in all, Teagan feels that she is on the right track. And that’s when things start to get really interesting.

There is a lot of fun in this book. First, there’s the obvious relationship story line between Rebel and Teagan. He’s a tough egg for her to crack, but as the story develops, he softens up. One of my favorites angles in the book is her dad’s business. He may no longer be with Teagan, but that story isn’t dead yet and it seems that it is going to get very interesting. 

The supporting characters here are fantastic. Now, the next two books in this series will focus on Rebel’s two brothers, so we will of course get to know them, but my favorite is Quin, Teagan’s BFF. The chemistry between them two is phenomenal and Quin is Teagan’s true family. The way the author  layered together these characters really allows the focus on the whole series rather than just each book.

Get ready to laugh out loud because this book is so full of funny. Even when some moments during the book are full of stress, humor is worked into the scenes really well. This book has it all: hot, sexy guys; beautiful, funny females; suspense; drama; and humor. A story very well told.

This is not really a stand alone, even though it’s sort of pushed as one, because there are questions that this book will leave unanswered and continue into the next book(s). If you haven’t had an opportunity to read this series yet or if you’re looking to enjoy a really good re-read, get on it. No disappointments.

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