ReCap (A Normal Novella, Book #1.5) by Danielle Pearl

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ReCap (A Normal Novella, Book #1.5)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: This may be a novella, but it is certainly not a stand alone. Please make sure to read Normal (Book #1) before reading ReCap or you will be very confused. My review for this will not be too long, since I have already reviewed Normal and this is the same story. For my review on Normal, click here.

So, you have read Normal, which is told through the POV of Rory. Well, this is the same story, just through Sam’s perspective. I know, normally what people think. What’s the point in writing another book that’s the same, through another perspective? If you read Normal, then you know just how emotional that read was. In my personal opinion, being able to enjoy this book through the POV of Sam, really just adds to the beauty that is the tragic story.

The author here does a wonderful job of giving this story such a different spin. We already know what has happened with Rory and how devastating her history is, but to be able to walk through this with Sam and know exactly how he was feeling upon meeting Rory and everything after, was almost like reading a new story.

Get ready to open up all of those emotions once again, because even though you’re not getting it through the POV of Rory, you still feel the pain of her past, especially since it takes a while before Sam knows Rory’s story.

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