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Rock Chick Redemption (Rock Chick Series, Book #3)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Just a friendly, BXTCH reminder that the Rock Chick series is a long one and while you may be very tempted to read these fantastic books out of order (and they will still be wonderful if you do), these books really flow from one to the next and in order to get the full blown Rock Chick experience, you need to read these in order in which they were written. You may carry on now.

This book is going to give us Roxie and Hank and will be told through Roxie’s POV. Surely you remember Hank. He is the brother to Lee and the one who followed in his dad’s footsteps by becoming a cop. And if you were intrigued by him in the previous books, get ready to heat up, because this book will push Hank right up there with Lee in the badass/hot department.

Roxie may surprise you a bit. She comes to Denver from Chicago. She is in the middle of her “leaving her jackass boyfriend plan” and she figures Denver is a good place to escape because that is where her Uncle Tex lives and though they (Roxie and Tex) have never met, they have been corresponding with one another via letters since Roxie was a girl, and because of these letters she has read all about Indy and the gang. It only takes one step inside of Fortnum’s for Roxie to catch the eye of one sexy Hank Nightingale or as Roxie refers to him, Whiskey.

So, why does Roxie need an escape plan? His name is Billy Flynn and he has been Roxie’s boyfriend for many years and has a hard time understanding that they are broken up. Even though Roxie knew that Billy was bad for her and knew this many years ago, it only recently hit home after he started getting a tad bit rough with her. What she doesn’t know (although she suspected) is that Billy is tied up with some very unsavory individuals and she is going to get tied right up with it.

It’s not gonna take a rocket scientist to figure out that once Hank set his eyes on Roxie, he moves quickly. Roxie agrees to go on a date because she figures she will be gone soon, so why not enjoy a date with a hot man. Of course, what she doesn’t know is how quickly these Denver boys “claim” their women. No surprise, Hank gives Roxie the best first date of her life.

Even though Hank asks Roxie if she is in any type of trouble, she doesn’t fill him in. In fact, he doesn’t really find out until she is kidnapped right out of his home by none other than Billy. These books are funny, almost all the way through, but they also have some serious moments (with a little bit of humor sprinkled in) and in this book, Roxie’s kidnapping is an “oh no” moment. Roxie already had trepidations about getting involved with Hank to begin with, but after the kidnapping, she is even more reluctant to do so. Little does she understand that the Rock Chicks and the Badass Bunch have already taken her in as one of their own.

That’s really the lay down of this story. There’s the obvious Roxie trying to “shake off” Hank and Hank making sure that Roxie understands that she is “his”. There are some super hilarious moments, especially the haunted house scene. There are also some moving moments in this book, my favorite (strangely enough) is going to happen during the “Billy Showdown Climax”, once you read it, you will understand it and I love how KA wrote the interaction between Roxie and Billy during that scene. My other favorite, that I must mention, is the moment Hank gives Roxie back to Roxie (again, you will understand when you read it).

God bless Kristen Ashley and her ability to write sex scenes like no other. Get ready ladies, Hank is going to blow you away. The chemistry that she orchestrated between these two was fire. It seems that as the series goes on, the action between the sheets intensifies. 

Your favorites are returning here, with the addition of Roxie’s parents, Trish and Herb. Trish is Tex’s sister and she and Herb are fantastic. They have a very enviable relationship and will have you laughing out loud. Since Tex is one of my favs, I love that we get to visit with him more in this book and it really enables you to love him even more.

I know that a series this long, can be somewhat daunting and since every book has somewhat the same formula, it may make a reader second guess their decision to read it. If you love to read humor, badass Alpha’s, great sex, and adventure, this is the series for you. If you love Kristen Ashley, then this should be a no-brainer.

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