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Rock Chick Renegade (Rock Chick Series, Book #4)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Okay BXTCHES, same warning as before, so I’ll make this short and sweet: If you want to enjoy this series to it’s fullest, sexiest, laugh out loud potential, read it in order. Here we go. This story will be told through the POV of Jules.

At the very end of Roxie’s story, there was a small shootout right outside of Fortnum’s and Vance went after the shooter. Well the shooter was Juliet Lawler AKA Jules AKA The Law. Jules is a social worker who is somewhat of a loner. She lost her mom, dad, and brother in a car accident when she was very young. Her Aunt Reba and Reba’s boyfriend Nick take her in. When Jules is 15, she loses her Aunt Reba, so then it’s just Jules and Nick. She doesn’t have girlfriends and has never had a relationship. What she does have, are the kids that come into the shelter. One of those kids, Park, recently passed away from a drug overdose. Jules, along with Roam and Sniff (two of the kids from the shelter) are the ones who find Park. This is the incident that takes her from Jules to The Law. 

Park was one of Jules’ favorite kids. He, Roam, and Sniff were a pact. So the death of Park not only rocked Jules’ world, but theirs as well. Because of his passing, Jules has decided to take to the streets. Not to necessarily rid them of the drug dealers, but become a nuisance. This is where the “shootout” occurs and incidentally how she winds up on the radar of the Nightingale Investigation team, more specifically, Vance.

You should remember Vance. Mr. Hottie, Stealth, Bounty Hunter. The one that rescued Roxie after she had been kidnapped. Immediately he makes his presence known in Jules’ life. And in typical fashion, he stakes his claim. Almost just as quickly, the Rock Chicks bring her into the fold. For someone who lived her life without the love of friendships, Jules isn’t as welcoming to the Rock Chicks, but no worries, they are just as persistent as The Hot Bunch.

One more thing regarding Jules: she is a virgin, a 27 year old virgin. I know typically a lot of readers are skeptical when an author writes the leading lady a virgin, but KA did it really well here. The “cherry popping” conversation she has with the Rock Chicks is pretty funny and shows Jules what life is like with a group of friends that you can have conversations, like losing your virginity, with.

The direction of this book is really Jules and her quest to conquer the drug dealers of Denver. KA did a really good job of connecting the reader to Jules and exposing her passion for her job and especially the kids that she inspires. She has a wonderful and very comical relationship with the kids of the shelter. It was also great to see her social development. For someone who had no previous history with girlfriends (or men, for that matter), to experience that growth was inspiring and really fun to read.

Just like the previous books in this series, Jules tries her best to shake Vance loose. There is always a “breaking-up” conversation to be had and again, I could certainly be biased, considering I adore KA, but she writes the storyline well. It does get a little tedious at times to constantly see these Rock Chicks trying to get rid of The Hot Bunch, but once you are able to get inside of Jules’ head, you understand her reasoning.

Holy Hot Bunch, these boys really know how to work over a woman. Even though Jules is working with a limited amount of experience, she catches on quite quickly, impressively so, and with the sexual appetite of one sexy Vance, that is a good thing. If you are someone who whose significant other lacks in the “dirty talk” department, just have them read one of KA’s Alpha’s, there is definitely a lesson there.

Okay, the ones we love are back along with some others that will grow on you. There are the kids from the shelter, but specifically, Roam and Sniff who need all of the parental love that Jules is able to offer them. There is also May, who works with Jules at the shelter, who at times, seems a little more eager for Jules to find love than Jules even is. Nick is Jules’ uncle and really the only family she has left. I can’t forget Frank, Heavy, and Zip-Jules’ training team, that is until the Hot Bunch step in and take over. So, these characters along with the ones that we have let into our imagination will make this book fantastic.

I do think that this book is my favorite so far in the series, which is difficult to admit. I adored Jules’ humor, as well as her naiveté. She is a Rock Chick who certainly held her own among everyone and she is the first Rock Chick that becomes an unofficial member of the Hot Bunch (more moments that will have you laughing out loud). This book also offered lots of humor mixed with the serious, which balanced out the story so well, it made it almost impossible to put down. 

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