Rock Chick Rescue (Rock Chick Series, Book #2) by Kristen Ashley

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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Please for the love of all things ALPHA male, do not attempt to even start this book, without first finishing and raving about Rock Chick (book #1). This series is going to give you all of the feels, but in order to feel it from head to motherfuckin’ toe, you have to start with #1 and go from there. Each book is going to bring us a different couple to fall in love with while question if you love the current book more than the previous one. . .it’s going to be lots of torture, but in the best orgasmic way. Just trust a BXTCH and heed the warning given.

Rock Chick Rescue will be told from the POV of Jet.

This book will take us on the journey that is Jet and Eddie. Now, we met Eddie during Indy’s debacle, but I’ll refresh your memory on him in a bit, let’s start with Jet. If you remember, Jet was briefly mentioned at the end of Indy and Lee’s story. She was a new employee to Fortnum’s who arrived at the end of Indy’s drama. Now Jet has a lot of “goings on” in her life at the moment. Her mother has recently suffered from a stroke and with no dad around and a sister who lives out of state, the caretaker role falls squarely on Jet’s shoulders and in order for her to financially get it together, she is forced to take a waitressing job at Smithie’s (the local strip club), while working days at Fortnum’s and while trying to stay “Just Jet” and fly as far under the radar as she possibly can.

Time to shift our focus and our loins to Eddie. Eddie Chavez is Lee’s best/childhood friend and even that tight tie didn’t stop him from forcing Lee’s hand when it came to claiming Indy. If you remember, it was actually that gauntlet throw that spurred Lee into action. All it takes is a fumbling Jet and some coffee cups and Eddie has forgotten all things Indy. It hits a snafu when Jet misleads Eddie in believing that she is racist and Eddie actually slows his roll. Of course, with all things ALPHA in this series, that only gives her a small reprieve. When Jet’s dad shows up with a serious gambling debt and Jet unwillingly gets involved by hitting the radar of some pretty sketchy loan sharks, all of which starts with a knife to her throat outside of Smithies, that kicks up the ALPHA in Eddie and all bets are then off. And don’t worry. . .the whole racist thing really was a misunderstanding. It had more to with Eddie being hot, anywho, you’ll understand when you read it.

The cast of supporting characters in this series, is really nothing short of amazing. We met a good core of the supporting cast in book #1, and with each book, KA will continue to add to that core. We’ll continue to not only meet more eventual Rock Chicks (and their individual core group), but we will also be introduced to more of the Hot Bunch. But, let’s get to Jet’s peeps. Her mom Nancy is a pretty significant part of her life and while her dad, Ray, is the one that has created the shit storm that come raining down on her, it’s hard for Jet to just recognize him for the asshole that everyone else sees. . .he is still her dad. And KA does a fabulous of putting the reader into that space and really empathize with what Jet is going through. Smithie, of Smithie’s, gets his introduction as well. Daisy is the wife of Marcus (owner of the stolen diamonds in book #1), she is a former stripper at Smithies, giving her a connection to Jet. She could also pass as a look alike for Dolly Parton, but doesn’t fit into the high society of Denver and she finds her spot with the Rock Chicks and they welcome her with open arms. Eddie’s family will make a very loud introduction, while I’m sure reminding some readers of there very own meddling loved ones. There are others, but I’ll let that discovery fall to you to make and of course, all of your favorite’s from the first book return, including one of my favs, Tex. Members of the Hot Bunch will continue to make appearances, which is good for all involved because (a) their hot and (b) most will eventually get their own books, so it’s nice to have been introduced, albeit short, to them.

As much as Jet tries to resist anything Eddie related, she obviously relents and that succumbs to some serious sexy shit happening in the bedroom. Eddie brings it and Eddie brings it real good. I can’t even imagine the details that are happening inside of KA’s head, but for the love of all things Jackrabbit, it has got to be good. The one thing (really one of many things) you can be sure of is any sexiness in a KA novel will never leave you wanting for more. So embrace yo’self!

You can’t share too much with what is happening within these pages, without spoiling the story. There is so much coming at you at many different directions, that it truly is best for the plot to just unfold naturally. Now, if you’re one of those BXTCHES who reads a series and gets frustrated because you believe that the storylines are all too similar, well settle down, I’m gonna try to put your mind at ease. There are a total of 8 books in this series (this does not include the recent addition of a Rock Chick novella that gives us Daisy and Marcus’ story) and yes, most will involve a member of Lee’s team stepping in to rescue an eventual Rock Chick. Even I can say, “how many times can that formula work?” Well, I can say with certainty, it can work 8 times. With each book, I look forward to reading the story unfold between the Hot Bunch member and the Rock Chick, but what I really look forward to is the introduction to new characters and the scenarios that unfold with the characters that I’ve grown to love with the addition of each story. And that, my fellow BXTCHES is something that I can share with you without the fear of spoiling.

This book is just as active with the drama as book #1. Get ready for more: kidnapping, gunfire at the strip club, Rock Chick mayhem at the seedy bar that will involve the use of stun guns, a crazy fight at Einsteins Bagels, lost of sparkle, big hair and so much more.

I still prefer Indy’s book to this one, but that’s not saying this book isn’t wonderful. It is fantastic. The story is told very well and even though there were parts of Jet that frustrated me, I still loved her. On a side note, she is also great cook and some of the wonderful recipes mentioned in this book can be found on KA’s website. Caramel Layer Squares, you can find here, and Chocolate Sheet Cake, can be found here,  again, both on Kristen Ashley’s website, where you will find lots more delicious recipes.

And. . .what would a Rock Chick be without great fucking music and KA guides you right to it on her website. If you really wanting some Jet and Eddie inspiration. . .go here.

Remember, I was a late bloomer to the Rock Chicks and if you are hovering anywhere over the “buy now” button on this series, just click it. This book offers everything you need in terms of an escape. It’s adventurous, it has mystery, it’s laugh out loud funny, not to mention the mattress on fire sex scenes, and the more you grow into the series, the more you become part of it. Reading TagBook Review.4Favorite Quotes TagRock Chick Rescue (Rock Chick Series, Book #2) by Kristen Ashley | Review on

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