Rock Me (Ross Siblings Series, Book #2) by Cherrie Lynn

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Rock Me (Ross Siblings Series, Book #2)

It’s been a while since I have read this book and so I reread it recently so I could write a fair review. Sometimes you will read a book and think that it was a fantastic read, but then you read it a few months or even years later and wonder what in the hell you were thinking, because it is no where as good as you remember. That’s not the case here, it was as good as I remember, maybe even a little better. Let’s get started.

This book tells the story of Candace Andrews and Brian Ross and is told from both POV’s. You will need a little back story going in, so let me help with that. Candace is from a very well to do family who likes to control her every move. Her mother is a huge bitch, but Candace finds herself constantly seeking approval. Brian is also from a very well to do family, but he is the black sheep. He owns a tattoo parlor and has the ink and piercings expected of someone who owns a tattoo parlor. He was the kid who got into trouble growing up and his family continues to think that is who is. His brother is a lawyer and his sister is in med school, so needless to say, he feels as if he doesn’t fit in. Where it gets interesting is, Brian dated Candace’s cousin, Michelle, which is how Candace knows Brian. Because of his relationship with Michelle, Candace already knows that her family disapproves of him.

The book begins with Candace showing up to Brian’s tattoo parlor, Dermamania, to gift herself a tattoo for her 23rd birthday. Candace has always been attracted to Brian and seeing him in his tattoo parlor only confirms the feelings that she has always had for him. Seeing Candace standing in his shop, Brian is definitely attracted to her, so much so, he gives her his cell number, just in case there are “problems with the tattoo”, Candace also hands over her digits, “just in case”. So, this is the beginning of a very passionate, hot,  and spirited relationship.

They both wind up in the same video store one night, so Brian dials Candace up and they both agree to hang out with one another. One thing leads to another, there is lots of foreplay action happening and BAM, Candace drops a bomb. She is a virgin. Brian is not really pissed at this new information, however, it is a gift he is not willing to take. But, they do have some fun, until the next morning when Candace kicks Brian out because her mother is on her way over and Brian feels as if she is embarrassed to be seen with him.

There is some back and forth going on between Candace and Brian, mostly on the part of Candace. I actually felt a little sorry for Brian, he knows that he wants her, in not only a sexual nature. It’s Candace playing the hot and cold role. In fairness to her, she’s never really had a relationship before and the weight of her family is right on her shoulders. So I guess it’s more of a discovery of oneself that Candace is going through, Brian just happens to be stuck right in the middle. Not only does her family disapprove of him, but she also has to deal with Michelle, who happens to be the only family member that Candace is close to. Candace is trying so hard to be and do what is expected of her, not realizing that the only person she needs to make happy at the time, is herself.

Brian has a lot of issues with his family, but I really enjoyed them. They have expectations, but they are all really supportive and loving, unlike Candace’s family. I really didn’t enjoy them, AT ALL. Even in the end. Her brother was a real tool and her cousin (the one that is getting married) was the kind of bitch that ranked up there with Candace’s mom. Macy who is one of Candace’s really good friends, is not very likable in the first part of the book. Almost to the point of wondering why Candace was even friends with her, but she redeems herself and even gets her own book, so you know that she becomes lovable.

Usually, a character like Candace gets on my nerves a little. It’s written almost like she is leading him on and then backing away then leading him on some more, but once the whole story comes together, it’s understood. The transformation of Candace from the start of the book to the end of the book was really a joy to read.

Now for the sex! It was smoking hot. Even the virginal scenes, where no intercourse took place were very scorching. I’m not going to give anything away, but the rock concert scene is still, after hundreds of books, one of my absolute favorites.

There are several other books in this series, that honestly I haven’t read yet (except Macy’s story). I know that eventually I will get around to reading them. I’m not sure what’s not to love about this book. A tattooed bad boy who has a penchant for body piercings (you know where) meets the pure, sweet and innocent beauty. Don’t worry, I’m sure you will be Googling “Apadravya” in the end. C’mon, that’s good stuff. It is very well written. The supporting characters are developed well enough, even the ones you will hate. This book is four years old, so if you haven’t enjoyed it yet, I say why not go for it? It is definitely a good read.

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