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Rockstar Daddy (Decoy Series, Book #1)

Lordy, I’m so torn on this review. I first read this book back in October 2013 and at that time, I loved this book. Since it was so long ago that I read it, I figured I needed a good re-read in order to write a review. I don’t really want to give everything away in the first paragraph, so let’s get started.

Book #1 in this series is going to focus on the relationship between Kendal Moore and Jax Parker and will be told through both POV’s. Kendal and Jax fell met and fell in love while they were in their early 20’s. Together for 2 years, Kendal was a college student and Jax was lead singer for a local band, Decoy. When Kendal finds herself pregnant, she is not just shocked, but realizes that in order for Jax to see his dreams for Decoy come true, she is going to have to end her relationship with him and keep the pregnancy a secret.

Now it’s four years later and Decoy is a huge success and Kendal is finding her way with the help of her parents and friends as a single mom to Finley. She is fulfilling her dream as a hairdresser, but as her son gets older, she starts to question her decision in keeping Finley from Jax.

Once word gets around that Decoy is back home and making plans to stay a while, Kendal now knows that she is going to have to find a way to come clean to Jax. The problem, she’s not sure on how to find him. Little does she know that fate is working that out for her all on it’s own.

Kendal has a great group of long time friends (Jessica, Tanya, Maisy) and when she meets Sophie, it’s just one more girlfriend to add to the group. Sophie just so happens to be the fate that is going to intervene right smack in the middle of Kendal’s life.

There’s a lot I’m not saying here, I gotta keep some mystery. Here’s the nitty gritty. First, I think that the story line here is a really good one, but I think that the author struggled putting the whole thing together. The book is very unnecessarily wordy. There are a lot of times where the author described things, that almost made me feel like she was trying to fill space. Kendal was a little bit of a dual personality character. She appears at times to be fiercely independent and someone who really knows who she is. But enter Jax and everything seems to turn to mush. For example, once they rediscover one another, Jax makes it pretty clear about his feelings regarding Kendal, which are strong, but every time he makes a comment that is even remotely flirtatious, her inner dialogue questions it “Clearly he couldn’t mean me?” Also, the “I left him so he could pursue his dream, but I think I made the wrong decision” was beaten to death, I don’t know if it was to fill space or she was really trying to get her point across. I do think that the story was told well from Jax’s POV. The author did a good job with “male speak”.

The supporting characters in this book are written very well. There is great chemistry among all of them. The only one I’m on the fence about is Mark, there was just something about him that kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Now I know I pointed out a lot of “bad” with the story, so let me focus on some of the good. The way the author wrote the relationship between Kendal and Finley was lovely. She did a really job not focusing on the stress of single motherhood and instead focusing on the beauty of motherhood. The relationship that Kendal had with her parents was also written really well. Even though Kendal got pregnant at a really young age and as far as her parents knew, it was more of a one night stand (the story she sold them), they never held that against her.

While this may not be my favorite rock star series, I will continue to read it, if anything, to get the closure. I’m not really sure if I can give this series a full on recommendation, especially if you’ve read series such as Stage Dive or the likes of. However, if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of indulging in some Rock Star love, then this is a good series to start with.

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