The Mistake (Off-Campus Series, Book #2) by Elle Kennedy

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The Mistake (Off-Campus Series, Book #2) by Elle Kennedy

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Part of me wants to tell you that it’s not necessary for you to read the first book in this series (The Deal) before you dive into The Mistake. Because I do think you can skip right over it and still really enjoy this book. The other part of me wants to warn you and tell you that in order for you to really get into Logan’s head and understand him, you need to first read The Deal. While it tells the story of Hannah and Garrett, their relationship is f**ing with Logan a bit and for the story to come full circle, you should fall in love with Hannah and Garrett before you begin your affair with Logan and Grace. So, I’m gonna leave this one up to you.

The Mistake will be told through the POV’s of both Logan and Grace.

Let’s start with Logan. He is having a very difficult time coming to terms with Garrett’s relationship with Hannah. Truth is, he really believes he is/has fallen for Hannah, which makes him feel like a total dick because Garrett is his best friend. So in order to “get over her” he decides hopping into bed with whoever the next willing female is, will do the trick. Just because Garrett hasn’t caught onto Logan’s feelings towards his girl, doesn’t necessarily mean that the other guys living in the house hasn’t noticed it.

Grace is a freshman at Briar and is rooming with her lifelong BFF, Ramona. One of her “freshman goals” was to live a little, which is proving itself to be somewhat difficult and to meet new girlfriends, but the only ones that she met are courtesy of Ramona. Ramona is a outgoing and doesn’t really show too much restraint in life. She also loves to party. Grace on the other hand, is the complete opposite, but they tend to balance one another out. 

Looking for a party one night is what finds Logan knocking on Grace’s door. Obviously in the wrong place, Grace invites him in. Watching Die Hard 2 leads to a make out session which leads to Logan finishing, but Grace not. She lies about her lack of a climax and Logan heads out, leaving things extremely awkward. Leaving any female less than satisfied irritates Logan to the point of him once again knocking on Grace’s door and insisting that he finish the job. I should point out that Grace is still a card carrying member of the V-Club, so the orgasm is given via oral skills. At this point, things happen, they both find themselves longing to see one another, but Logan believes that it is just because he is using Grace to get over Hannah, a fact that he shares with her the night she is more than willing to turn in that V-Card. Don’t worry, I’m not spoiling anything here, the book is called The Mistake, now you know why.

Just a couple of tidbits of information: Grace’s parents are divorced, but friends. Her mom lives in Paris, her dad is a professor at Briar. After “The Mistake”, she finds herself spending the summer with her very free spirited mom in Paris. Logan’s familial situation is a tad stickier. His dad is an alcoholic who owns a auto repair shop, that his older brother is currently running. Now, there is certainly more to Logan’s story than just that and I would love to indulge you, but since it’s a very tragic story, you’re gonna have to read that for yourself.

As you can imagine, being told that a really gorgeous guy was just using you in the hopes of getting over “his true love”, would do a number on your self esteem. As Grace enters her sophomore year, Logan is now convinced that she is the one for him and will stop at nothing to prove it. And trust when I say, stop at nothing.

Here’s what I love about this book. First, Elle Kennedy really knows how to write well from the male perspective. And I’m not just referring to Logan. He is a hockey player who lives in a house with other hockey players and anytime in the book that the scenes revolve around those guys, it is brilliant. I loved, loved, loved, Grace in this book. She comes across as somewhat as a pushover, but she is anything but that. She is super funny, especially when she babbles, she is witty, and she is fierce when she stands up for herself. 

Let’s talk about the supporting cast in The Mistake. Fabulously written. The relationships that are developed in this story makes it easy to fall in love with this book. Even when Logan was being somewhat dickish, you love him. There’s an incident that happens between Ramona and Grace and you will really not be a huge fan of Ramona during this time, but that’s the beauty of the writing. She is able to make you love, well love may be a strong word, Ramona in one scene, but make you want to claw out her eyes in the next. The guys in the house definitely provide some comic relief for Logan when he needs it and while we don’t get a ton from Hannah and Garrett, we do get enough to scratch our itch. 

Elle Kennedy does a great job writing the sexual tension between Grace and Logan. It doesn’t take Dr. Ruth to figure out that Grace is going to eventually give up the stuff to Logan and even though I don’t really like discussing the sex between characters that are so so young, it is written well. Logan and Grace certainly have sexual chemistry and exploit it every chance they get.

Dean’s story gets told next and I for one, cannot wait. This book does not leave us with a cliffhanger and does give some closure in the epilogue. Start this series, you will not be disappointed.

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