The Ride (Hell’s Disciples MC Series, Book #1) by Jaci J

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The Ride (Hell’s Disciples MC Series, Book #1)

First, let me say that I enjoyed this book. However, I suggest that you download a sample first (if you have an e-reader, of course), and base your purchasing decision on your enjoyment of the sample. One thing that I’ve learned is the MC books are a lot like a steak, everyone wants it different. This book is not as hardcore as Madeline Sheehan, whom I love, but I think her MC books are about as hardcore and gritty as it gets.

I actually read this book a while back, but once the second book in this series was released, I needed to catch up, so I skimmed back through this on so I could recall what went down in this book.

Here’s the rundown: First, know that this is a MC book, which means it’s the run of the mill formula: “tough biker who doesn’t do relationships falls for the girl who is off limits”. Now even though that basic premise has been and continues to be done, the author does write it well. This MC has problems that this book dives into, so it does keep you interested. This book is written from both POV’s (and done so extremely well).

First up is Tank. I really loved him. She wrote him very well and epitomized the alpha biker to a T. He’s got a dirty mouth, sexy, and knows how to please a woman.

Lilly (Lil) is the princess of the Hell’s Disciples and so of course, off limits. It’s no spoiler that Tank and Lil are going to fall for one another and it being a MC book, means that in the process, shit will go down.

If you’ve read the synopsis, you already know what the story is about, so I’m not going to go into detail. I don’t want to give too much away. I don’t like to write spoilers if I can avoid it. So if you like MC reads, I think you will enjoy this book. If you are not a fan of foul language and hot sex, then I wouldn’t spend the money. But I will say that if you are not a fan of those things, you probably shouldn’t be checking out MC books in the first place. Overall, a good read. The second book in the series (Crash and Burn) is out, but you will need to read this book first.

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