Cheater (Curious Liaisons Series, Book #1) by Rachel Van Dyken

Cheater (Curious Liaisons Series, Book #1) by Rachel Van Dyken

Cheater (Curious Liaisons Series, Book #1) by Rachel Van DykenCheater (Curious Liaisons Series, Book #1) by Rachel Van DykenCheater (Curious Liaisons Series, Book #1) by Rachel Van DykenBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: I just finished this book. . .for a second time. I should’ve went straight to the keyboard after the first read, but procrastination got to a BXTCH and I had to endure a re-read, but no worries, this booked kicked ass, so it really wasn’t too much of a chore for me. Here is where my shame sets in. During my initial read of Cheater, I realized that this is only the 2nd book by RVD that I have read. Close your mouth, I know. And the real reason I cracked this baby open was because RVD did a stupendous job of promoting it on Facebook, so much so. . .I was sold before even reading the first page. So, I guess I need to add “Read more RVD” to the to-do list. Cheater is book #1 in the Curious Liaisons series and trust a BXTCH, once you have read Lucas and Avery’s story,  you will be eagerly anticipating Thatch and Austin’s story in Cheater’s Regret. . .don’t worry, the wait will end May 23rd (2017).

Cheater will be told through the POV’s of both Lucas and Avery.

I don’t really want to go back and forth in this review, so I’m gonna go out of order. I wanna start with the backstory, don’t freak. . .I’m not spoiling anything. 

Let’s rewind about five years. It’s the rehearsal dinner for Lucas Thorn and Kayla Black. . .middle school sweethearts. . .high school quarterback and the popular cheerleader. . .neighbors. . .laid out HEA. Drunk to-be groom enters the dark bedroom of would be sister-in-law, finds himself in her bed. . .chaos erupts. . .wedding is called off. . .families/neighbors are no longer friendly. . .a cheater is born.

Five years later we meet Avery. Good luck is certainly not on her side, recently out of college, she has just lost her internship and the prospect of having to move back home is about as appealing as living on the street, in fact, the street just might be a tiny bit more enticing. She’s not being forced to pack up things just yet because she has landed a new internship with Grant Learning, working under the VP. So, she may only have enough money for one meal a day, things are looking up, all she has to do is her job well and impress the VP and she ensures herself a permanent position within the company and food in her pantry. With luck on her side, she heads into her new job. . .only to learn that her boss is none other than Lucas Thorn. Lucas Thorn, the man who was once one of her best friends. . .Lucas Thorn, the man who is the reason her mom and dad lost their dear friends. . .Lucas Thorn, the man who cheated on her older sister, but broke her heart in the process.

The “incident” changed Lucas into the man he is today. A man that keeps a lady for each day of the week, except Sunday-that’s reserved for his sister, his logic? It’s not cheating if the other party knows, which each of them are well aware of who the man is that they call “Lucas Thorn”.

I’m not gonna go into detail about the history between Avery and Lucas, just know this. . .their history is pretty profound. They were very close and the “incident” cut Avery really deep. Not because her sister got hurt (that’s certainly some of it), but she lost a very dear friend, someone that she confided in, someone who understood her and appreciated who she was. . .a girl who marched to her own beat and never quite fit in with the image set by her older sisters. And while the “incident” changed everyone involved, things are not always what they seem to be.

While Avery may have been shocked that her new boss is none other than her sister’s ex-fiancé and she still may even feel a bit of rage towards him, she does have enough sense to realize that in order for her to be offered a job when the internship is all said and done, she needs to play nice. So, things are going as good as can be expected, that is until her bestie hooks up with his bestie, lots of wine gets consumed, Avery wakes up in Lucas’ apartment and one tiny little lie to Lucas’ sister flips everything upside down.

With my only other RVD experience being The Bet, one thing I do know however, is her ability to write a phenomenal supporting cast. I mentioned earlier that Austin and Thatch (the respective besties) are the focal point of book #2 and their presence in Cheater will have you counting down the days for the release of their book. We get a thorough introduction to Lucas’ parents and they did not disappoint. Every character written added something to this story, from the lady who trains Avery to the girls who fill out Lucas’ calendar. You laugh when you’re supposed to laugh, you will hate where you’re supposed to hate. Every layer was well thought out and you find yourself not only falling for the main two, but the cast as a whole.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Avery and Lucas will find themselves in bed, minus clothing. But, prior to the dance, the tension produced by their relationship is straight up heavy. When they finally realize that their need for one another is a bit more than the need to worry about whatever fallout may occur, clothes are shed, toes are curled, and tension is released. Their sexual chemistry is on point. It’s hot, it’s seductive, it’s flirtatious. . .it gets the job done and it hits the spot.

There are moments during Cheater that you will find yourself laughing out loud, but it’s the dialogue as a whole that works its magic. It’s funny without being over the top, you won’t always be cracking up, but you will almost always have a smile on your face. Avery’s personality is the type that is funny without trying to be funny, it just is. Lucas is witty and charming and even though he may fuck up to six different girls every week, you never find yourself disliking him. We do get some drama, I mean Avery does fall for her sister’s ex, that would add tension to any family, but it’s things like, dinner with Lucas’ parents and incidents at the gyno and Starbucks and their pumpkin bread and a never ending love for food and a pet spider. . .so much that makes this book captivating and almost impossible to put down. So, even though I had to go through a re-read, all it did was serve as a reminder of how great this story really is.Bxtches Be ReadingCheater (Curious Liaisons Series, Book #1) by Rachel Van Dyken




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The Run (Hell’s Disciples MC Series, Book #4) by Jaci J

The Run (Hell's Disciples MC Series, Book #4) by Jaci J | Review on

The Run (Hell's Disciples MC Series, Book #4) by Jaci J | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comThe Run (Hell's Disciples MC Series, Book #4) by Jaci J | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comThe Run (Hell's Disciples MC Series, Book #4) by Jaci J | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: My usual warning goes along the lines of. . .“read in order, blah, blah, blah”. . .and I will be aiming in that direction, but I’m gonna throw you BXTCHES an alternate route. Books #1-3 of the Hell’s Disciples MC takes place in the Washington chapter and books #4-6 take place in the Oregon chapter and while the two chapters do intertwine, it’s not enough to be confusing if you were to go out of order. BUT. . .If it’s the Washington chapter that has you drooling, then read books #1-3 in order, if it’s Oregon chapter that brings you joy, then read books #4-6 in order. But trust a BXTCH when she tells you that the whole series will make your dick hard. . .so you should really just go for it all.

The Run will be told through the POV’s of both Buck and Lennon.

Buck is the Sergeant at Arms for the Hell’s Disciples MC Oregon chapter and has just been tasked with a very important pick-up. It’s not drugs or guns or some enemy who’s about to meet the maker, no, Buck is making the drive into Washington and meeting up with his brothers, to pick up Lennon. . .his road trip partner.

Lennon is a spirit. A wanderer. And even though she is planting her feet in Oregon and even though she finds Buck to be more ruggedly sexy and more mouthwatering than any other man she has set her eyes on and even though she is pretty down with hanging with the MC, she knows that she will take off once the spirit moves her. 

Buck is not too sure what it is he’s supposed to do with a woman as a roommate, especially one that his dick hasn’t been properly introduced to. He is obviously attracted to Lennon. . .she’s super easy to live with, she cooks and not too terribly high maintenance, add that to the fact that she meshes pretty well with his brothers and she is able to hold her own against him. The problem? He’s been burned and not very trusting of any woman, no matter how much he’s dying to sink into her and no matter how good she looks on the back of his bike or how well they live side by side.

In order for this to be a kick ass MC read, we need some kick ass MC action and Jaci J does not disappoint on that front. There is another MC trying to move into the Hell’s Disciples territory and some pretty shady shit is starting to happen. All begins when a longtime member is missing, presumably dead, which of course means a war of some sort is about to get kick started. The unfortunate happenstance of all this drama is a lot of the shady shit starts happening when Lennon arrives. . .put two and two together BXTCHES. Now, this is a storyline that will continue into the next book, so not all will be solved between the rival MC’s when you reach the end of The Run.

Things are certainly going to heat up between Buck and Lennon and when they do, a fire ignites. But, when you have a woman who finds it a bit difficult staying in one place too long and a bad ass biker who got hit too hard in his last relationship. . .it’s not exactly the perfect equation to a happily ever after.

Since The Run introduces us to a new chapter of the Hell’s Disciples, we are lucky enough BXTCHES to sink our imaginations into a whole new crew. While we don’t get all up in the business of each of the members, we do get enough of an appetizer to wet the whistle. The Washington crew does come back and we get to play just a tiny bit of catch-up. The main supporting character we are really following is Rock, his book is next and while it’s a bit smaller on the page count, it will pack a very mighty punch.

MC drama may be one thing that keeps the pages turning, but let’s not sell ourselves short, the Alphaness that comes alive when the clothes come off definitely keeps our eyes glued and our hearts pounding. There are some books that I can read and not be disappointed if the sex isn’t where I want it, BUT if a BXTCH tries to deal me a MC book with impotent sex, then I may have to lodge a complaint. However, our BXTCH Jaci J really knows how to use her words. There is no mistaking any intentions, there is no beating around the bush, the sexual tension is cracking and when the two can take it no more, it is straight up delicious. 

I wasn’t sure how I was gonna feel when it dawned on me that this book begins the introductions to a new MC chapter. I really thought I was gonna miss the ones I had already fallen in love with, well imagine my surprise when I found myself really falling for Buck and Lennon AND trust a BXTCH when she tells you that you will love Lennon, she was so different from any of the women up to this point. In the end, my concern was for naught, Jaci J could’ve easily have moved the MC while keeping it almost the same, but she took this one in a whole different direction.

I first purchased this book back in December 2015 and I started it (barely), but never finished it. Fast forward to now. . .Jaci J releases the new book in this series and I was pretty much salivating to sink my eyeballs into it, but I am pretty serious about reading MC books in order and in order for me to really enjoy this series in the way that it was written, I needed to play a game of catch-up. . .so in all of my great ambition, I started from book #1 and now here we are. The quality of the book had nothing to do with why I never originally finished it, it was more of a lazy thing. This is a really good MC series, one that I’m quite surprised isn’t more popular. If you’re looking for some grit, if you’re looking for some drama, if you’re looking for some humor, if you’re looking for some super hot Alphas, if you’re looking for some mind blowing, toe curling sex. . .then you have found it. Bxtches Be ReadingThe Run (Hell's Disciples MC Series, Book #4) by Jaci J | Review on

Jaci J

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Confess by Colleen Hoover

Confess by Colleen Hoover | Review on

Confess by Colleen Hoover | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comConfess by Colleen Hoover | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comConfess by Colleen Hoover | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: With no pun intended, I should probably confess something to you BXTCHES. I had no intentions of really ever reading this book. Now, before you BXTCHES get all cray on me, hear me out. I haven’t read every CoHo book out there, but I have read about 6 of her books and the one thing I have learned time and time again is. . .this particular BXTCH needs to be in a safe place emotionally before I take a walk into her imagination. With all of the talk floating around regarding Confess: The Series being released (I will have more on that at the end of the review), I started to debate whether or not I should suck it up and read the book, I knew I was going to watch the series, it was just a matter of how many times I was potentially willing to be gutted. The first two episodes were then released and I realized that the book was going to be worthy of my attention. So, here we go. **Disclosure: I promise I will try my best to not unlock any spoilers.**

Confess will be told through the POV’s of both Auburn and Owen.

Confess is going to kick off about five years prior to the story coming to life. Auburn is just a young 15 year old from Portland whose boyfriend (Adam) is terminally ill and has been moved to Dallas, which is where we are first introduced to Auburn. We actually meet her on her final day in Dallas, saying her final goodbyes to her first everything. She is being forced back to Portland. So, right out of the gate, CoHo goes for the jugular. . .told you, you need to be in a safe place when reading.

Fast forward five years and Auburn is back in the Lone Star State. I don’t want to provide spoilers, so I will just say this. Auburn finds herself back in Dallas because she still has ties to Adam’s family. If you can piece the puzzle together, then you go BXTCH!

Walking home from work one day, she walks by a local art studio which happens to be looking for help, needing a little extra cash, she takes a chance and is knocking on the door of Confess. When the owner opens up, Auburn is blown back by the grateful eyes staring at her. Owen Mason Gentry is the genius behind the artwork. After inviting Auburn inside and learning that they share the same middle name (so maybe fate is at play here), Owen has himself a new employee. 

Owen’s artwork is based on the confessions of complete strangers, they write down their deepest, darkest secrets and Owen puts the story to canvas, a brilliant and beautiful concept. Auburn finds herself not only moved by the art hanging on the walls, but by the man himself. A feeling that she hasn’t felt in about five years.

With Auburn still tied to Adam’s family, she is careful in the way that she lives her life and unfortunately, Adam’s older brother Trey (who happens to be a cop) doesn’t really think that Owen is the best path for Auburn to take, and of course there is more to that storyline, you’ll just have to go on the path of discovery. Owen has some confessions he will need to share as well. C’mon, you didn’t think things were gonna be that cut and dry did you?

There is really no way for you to know which way this story is going to turn and unfortunately this is about all I can give you, because I’m quite sure I have already said a bit too much.

Let’s talk about the support in this book. This is not an ensemble cast, while everyone plays their part and does so very well, the love really circles around Auburn and Owen. Regardless of how big or small, the secondary characters do fill in some gaps. The one thing (among many) that CoHo does very well is developing your feelings for every character written. If you are supposed to love a character, she makes sure you are swept off of your feet, if you are supposed to loathe a character, she is going to be certain that you are seething with rage. It’s very difficult to lodge a complaint, because everyone does the job they were given to do.

CoHo books aren’t really centered around sex, but that doesn’t mean that they are lacking in heat. Within these pages she does a great job of building the tension between Auburn and Owen. . .there are a few moments that it gets pretty thick. Her books may not be centered around the sex, but that BXTCH doesn’t lack creativity when getting down to the action. It takes a special talent to write sex that could be described as “tender fucking”, but that is what she does. Without any hidden innuendo. . .you can feel the passion between Owen and Auburn.

Even though I was somewhat reluctant to give this book a go, it turned out not to be the most emotionally draining book of CoHo’s that I have read and for that, a BXTCH was thankful. Just because I didn’t find myself in a corner, balled up in the fetal position, doesn’t mean she didn’t take me for a ride, she made sure to keep me alert at all times. The best part of her books, while also being the worst part of her books, is her ability to throw you a curveball when you thought the game you were playing was tennis. CoHo can do angst and drama and suspense and humor and love like no other and if you are someone who thinks fate is just a word, then I implore you to learn all about the author herself. Colleen Hoover is someone who was meant to tell stories, she is someone who was meant to slay us with her words, she is someone who was meant to offer us an escape and allow us to live in her imagination, if only for a short amount of time. It’s glorious, it’s dreadful, it’s beauty, it’s heart pounding. . .after all it is all about the #confessions.

I know that I didn’t give much to go on with this book. If you find yourself in a “should I or shouldn’t I” battle, go with should. Even if you decide to watch the series first, I still would recommend a read of the book. And while I’m not a connoisseur of fine artwork, the confessions displayed in this book and series are really beautiful. 

Confess has been turned into a 7-part series that will be shown on The first two episodes have already been released, with the remaining five being released on Tuesday (4/4/17). It looks like each episode will be about 22 minutes long and as with any book that makes it to screen, some things are going to be different, BUT, I really think that the changes made in the series is not going to impact the heart of the story. I have already checked out the first two episodes and those episodes are the reason I decided to crack open this book and see what kind of damage CoHo could do to my soul. I have read that one would need an account on go90 in order to watch the series, I have yet to be prompted to set up an account.

Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingConfess by Colleen Hoover | Review on

Colleen Hoover |  


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Going Down (The Elevator Series, Book #1) by Katherine Stevens

Going Down (The Elevator Series, Book #1) by Katherine Stevens | Review on

Going Down (The Elevator Series, Book #1) by Katherine Stevens | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comGoing Down (The Elevator Series, Book #1) by Katherine Stevens | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comGoing Down (The Elevator Series, Book #1) by Katherine Stevens | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: This is my very first Katherine Stevens book and I’m not even too sure how I lucked upon it. I think it may have come through my Facebook feed, so shoutout to all of you authors who promote each other, because if y’all didn’t scratch each other every once and a while, I would not have Cici or Cole in my world and that’s no fun. Going Down is the first book in this fan-fucking-tastic series, followed by a novella, then the second book and even better news. . .this is part of Kindle Unlimited, so if you subscribe to that service, you can read for free, YAY! The only other warning I can/will give you BXTCHES is this. . .Going Down is going to suck your asses in and hold you hostage, but in the best, most non-lethal way possible. 

Going Down will be told through Cici’s POV.

Cici is an assistant vice president for Barclay Advertising, a job that she happens to love, if only her boss wasn’t a douche canoe. When she wakes up one morning with news that her company has been bought out, mainly because said douche canoe couldn’t keep his dick out of everyone’s lake, Cici has a renewed sort of energy. Things get even better when she finds out via her BFF Maggie (who happens to also be the company’s HR director) that she gets the glory of vacating the spot left empty by her former boss.

With her first day in her new position coming to an end, she finds herself stuck in an elevator with what could only be described as an Elevator God or what could later best be described as an Elevator Sex God. . .yeah, you know where we’re going with this. C’mon, you’re stuck overnight in an elevator with the most beautiful specimen you have ever laid your eyes on, you had already been in a fight with a mime that day, your blood sugar is a bit low from the lack of any real meal, what’s left to do, other than allow this beauty to impale his goodness in you till you feel nothing but his cock for days, it’s not like you’re ever going to see him again.

Cole Danvers has just scored a job with Grantham Media and while it may not be the job of his dreams, it’s a foot in the door with a very reputable company and it’s too good of an opportunity to pass up. On his way to celebrate with his friends, he finds himself trapped in an elevator with a very beautiful albeit peculiar woman named Cici. Well, you already knows where this ride takes them and even after Cici shouts out Grover Cleveland’s name as she reaches her sweet spot, Cole is eager to to have her in his life. That is until she finds out that Cole is in fact her new assistant and there is no hat or glasses large enough to disguise her from him when he arrives to meet her in the office on his first day. 

So, in a nutshell you have Cici, who by all accounts is a feisty lady who encounters her fair share of “incidents” and is somewhat of a rule follower more than she is a rule breaker. Having crazy elevator sex with a complete stranger is something any decent girl would need to share with her BFF, but when the elevator stranger happens to be your new assistant and the BFF is your HR Director. . .well, you surely can understand how claustrophobic the area between the rock and hard place is that Cici finds herself in. Add that to a crazy cat, a trucker fetish, a couple of accidental fires, and so much more and you have yourself one helluva algebraic equation that would be difficult for even the most brilliant of minds to solve.

Going Down delivers when it comes to the supporting cast. I think I’m someone who jumps over the fence a lot on this subject, almost hypocritically. I guess the reality is, sometimes a great book can thrive when it only focuses on the leading couple. . .but when a comedy is at stake, I personally feel that the support that is written, when written fucking awesomely (the word “well” was just too mediocre to use here), really does it’s job and supports. That’s what you BXTCHES are going to get in Going Down. . .while the support circle isn’t too large, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in quality. Maggie is the BFF and this book would not be the same without her and her story is coming in book #2, so brace yourself. Cole’s family offers another layer that will bring tears to your eyes, tears of laughter, but tears nonetheless. Leroy the cat is almost as necessary as Maggie and just as hilarious. All in all, great ensemble, much needed laughter, fantastically written.

From the rom-com books I have read, there seems to be a pretty delicate line when it comes to the sex scenes mixed with the humor. It has to be difficult to make the page sizzle while still keeping the comedy going but, Katherine Stevens, you delivered girl. I am a BXTCH who usually thinks that if laughter is going down during the sex, then the sex is taking the back seat. . .and not in a “pull this car over because I need your cock right now” way, but more in an “ouch, that’s not where your penis goes” awkward kinda way. But that’s not what comes alive on these pages. The funny is still there, but so is the toe curling, dirty talking stuff we all love. So what if we get a bit of U.S. History while we’re at it, that is something we all probably need anyway. . .so consider it a PSA.

This is a fucking funny book. While I consider myself someone with a pretty good sense of humor, there are books that I have come across that some believe to be “the funniest they have ever read” and it causes my forehead to squint in wonder. . .I just didn’t get it. So, if you’re hesitant to take my word for it, then I understand. But, if you are someone who appreciates the kind of humor that Tara Sivec produces, then Katherine Stevens is for you. I wish my stalker detective skills were more on point, these two women have got to share some friendship DNA or something of the like, where’s Maury when you need him?

When I dive into a book, I usually give it an escapability score. Do I find myself jonesing for another hit? Do I look the sandman in then eye and tell him to fuck off, I’m reading? Can I scroll the book through my imagination and envision a movie? If I find myself answering “yes” to most or all of these questions, then I know I have a gem. I know that a reread will be in my future. And when the book is by a new author (to me), then I know I can add another favorite to my list. Thank you Katherine Stevens, your great imagination and storytelling has brought a smile to this BXTCH’S face, your words have my mouth watering for more, your humor brings relief to my soul and laughter to my heart.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingGoing Down (The Elevator Series, Book #1) by Katherine Stevens | Review on

Katherine Stevens Author | Reviews on    

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Pucked Off (Pucked Series, Book #6) by Helena Hunting

Pucked Off (Pucked Series, Book #6) by Helena Hunting | Review on

Pucked Off (Pucked Series, Book #6) by Helena Hunting | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comPucked Off (Pucked Series, Book #6) by Helena Hunting | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comPucked Off (Pucked Series, Book #6) by Helena Hunting | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: Come close and listen carefully BXTCHES. When you pull this masterpiece up on Amazon or Goodreads or wherever it is that you browse for your book boyfriends, one of the first things you will read is “A standalone novel” and then you may become giddy with excitement because you’re thinking that you can jump right into Lance and Poppy without first meeting Alex and Violet or Miller and Sunny or Randy and Lily and I’m here to educate you BXTCHES and tell you, if you go that route, you’re gonna be making a mistake. First, this is a phenomenal ensemble cast and series, which you would be missing out on if you dove headfirst into book #6. Also, Pucked Off gives us Lance and Poppy, and we first met them in Pucked Up (book #2), so it’s just much easier if you were to go in order, trust a BXTCH, I wouldn’t let you down. Let’s get started.

Pucked Off will be told through the POV’s of both Lance and Poppy.

Let’s back the puck up a bit and review. It’s been a while since I acquainted myself with Pucked (book #1), so it’s difficult for me to remember if we actually met Lance then. I will say, if we did, it was brief. But, I know with certainty that Lance was brought to us in Miller and Sunny’s story. It was also where we briefly meet Poppy. If you’re still scratching your head, in the beginning of Pucked Up, after boozing it up at a bar, Miller, Randy, and Lance went back to Lance’s place to continue the party, and tagging along were some ladies. Included in the that group was Poppy. If you’re still a little foggy, she is the one who wiped off the dick that was drawn on Miller’s forehead.

I haven’t yet read any reviews on Pucked Off, but from what I have seen on social media thus far, some are upset that it’s Poppy getting the go here. Maybe upset is not the right term, I just think lots of fans were expecting Tash. But here’s some truth BXTCHES, when we meet Poppy (while she is scrubbing a cock off of a forehead) we learn that she actually knew Lance when she was younger. When we learn that fun bit of information, that was my clue that when we got to Lance, it was going to be Lance + Poppy. But, I can understand where a lot of you were wanting/hoping to get more insight into Lance and Tash. Well, your wish will be granted, just maybe not the way that you had anticipated.

Poppy first met Lance when she was just a kid and he transferred to her school. Her first encounters with him came when he would tug a bit on her ponytail, both gingers, solidarity and all that jazz. Fast forward a bit and Poppy’s older sister is dragging her to a party, one that she was entirely too young to be at. She soon finds herself in a circle and before she realizes it, she is about to enter Seven Minutes in Heaven with. . .Lance. Not wanting to embarrass her (or him, I suppose), Lance waits till the last minute or so to lay one on her. So, at twelve years old (she did lie and say she was fourteen, teetering on crossing over to fifteen) she receives her first kiss from Lance Romero and she has never forgotten it. When she finds herself at his house all those years later, she is pretty devastated that he doesn’t remember her at all and is even more upset when he takes her friend to his room.

Lance’s backstory is fucked up and that’s me being polite. When our introduction to Lance began, we knew he was in some sort of a relationship with Tash, the trainer for the team. They then make an appearance at the engagement party of Alex and Violet, causing quite a scene, and we began to salivate, wanting to know what the fuck was going on between them-what exactly was their story? So, going into this book, here is what we already know-we know that Lance and Tash were off and on and we know that Tash lost her job with the team because of the relationship between her and Lance, we were also led to believe (somewhat) that Lance’s reputation is one that enjoys many women and enjoys the run of the mill puck bunny and maybe that was why the relationship between him and Tash was strained at best. But other than a small side story, we weren’t given too much more, every cameo raised more questions than it did in providing answers. 

There isn’t too much I can tell you regarding Lance and Tash. . .I will say that you get some answers quite early on and if your image of Lance was one of dislike, it will change, quickly. And if your vision of Tash was one of hope, well hells bells, that’s gonna change too.

Back to Poppy. Poppy is a massage therapist who happens to get scheduled to work on Lance, which is how they reconnect. Well, it’s how Poppy reconnects with Lance, not Lance with her, considering he has no recollection of the girl with the red ponytail who he swapped spit with in a closet or the woman who was at his house just a year ago. And if you haven’t yet figured it out, that is how Lance and Poppy eventually become a Lance + Poppy.

There are so many different avenues that brings this story to fruition. Lance’s backstory, while fucked up, is heartbreaking. It is filled with pain, it is filled with regret, it is filled with anger, it is filled with doubt, it is filled with grief. . .it was painful enough to force a BXTCH to lay it down and take some deep breaths, but no worries-hope is on the horizon.

While I believe that this is a fantastic ensemble series, this particular book is more zeroed in on Lance and Poppy, which is probably why Helena Hunting puts it as a standalone (but still heed my warning). We do get visits from the ones we have already fallen in love with or at the very least get a “Where Are They Now” type of catch up. Other than Lance and Poppy, the other main character that brings relevance is Tash. You’re not gonna like her, she is written in the most bitchtacular way that you may get pretty pissed at yourself for ever thinking that a Lance/Tash story was even a possibility, but that just adds so much more to an already fantastic story-don’t ya think?

I could say that the sex in Pucked Off is panty drop worthy and it is, but this isn’t the same as what Alex and Violet have or the need that Randy and Lily have. . .don’t misunderstand me, it’s hot, it’s everything you would want and have come to expect with this series. The difference with Pucked Off versus the rest of this series is Lance. As hot as he is and regardless of the experience he brings to the bedroom, it’s more than just the fuck, it’s more than just the conquest. It’s much more about the unearthing of who Lance is and who Lance is when he is with Poppy. . .it’s almost carthartic. Don’t worry BXTCHES, you still may need to light one up after.

I have loved every single installment in this series. And with each new book, I think that there is no way I will love it the way I loved the previous book(s) and truthfully, I love each couple in this series in a different way, but for me personally, Randy and Lily, barely beating out the other ones, landed in the top spot. . .that is until Lance came along. While the other books gave us some serious laugh out loud humor, Pucked Off didn’t. There were funny moments for sure, but that’s not what it was about. This book came from a different part of Helena Huntings soul, it had to. . .the spectrum of emotions that this story covered had this BXTCH all over the place. I was happy, I was sad, I was angry, I was in love, I was ready to cut a bitch for real. My advice is to just hang on real tight, because Lance is going to take you down a bumpy road and from the looks at that fuck hot cover, you just know it’s gonna be a great journey.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingPucked Off (Pucked Series, Book #6) by Helena Hunting | Review on

Helena Hunting |     


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Below Deck by Tara Sivec

Below Deck by Tara Sivec | Review on

Below Deck by Tara Sivec | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBelow Deck by Tara Sivec | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBelow Deck by Tara Sivec | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: There really isn’t too terribly much to warn about before you crack open this gem. There is no before book(s) that need to be read prior, there is no backstory you must know first. . .the only warning really needed is to plan your day accordingly, because once you start in, you will not want to let up. Trust a BXTCH, I speak that wisdom from experience. On a side note, I’m a bit ashamed to say that I didn’t even realize until CHAPTER 5, that Below Deck, had a double meaning in getting Below Deck (wink wink), Christ on a cracker, I need to join the Clueing In Club ASAP!

Below Deck will be told through the POV’s of both Mackenzie and Declan (YAY!)

I usually kick these things off with our leading lady, but twisting things up a bit, I’m gonna start with Declan. Declan McGillis is 32 years old and the current Boson on the Helios. Now, I can admit freely that I didn’t have the first fucking clue what a “Boson” was (obviously it had something to do with a boat), so in an effort to help you BXTCHES out and save you some time. . .  boatswain (/ˈbsən/, formerly and dialectally also /ˈbtswn/), bo’s’nbos’n, or bosun, also known as a Petty Officer or a qualified member of the deck department, is the seniormost rate of the deck department and is responsible for the components of a ship’s hull. The boatswain supervises the other members of the ship’s deck department, and typically is not a watchstander, except on vessels with small crews. Additional duties vary depending upon ship, crew, and circumstance. Thank you Wikipedia. Now, Declan’s dream is to one day be Captain McGillis, he has put in the work, he has dealt with the lousy hours and shitty pay, but a dream is a dream, and he is determined to see his through. However, on the path to that dream, he is forced to put up with the rich and “I’m better than you, so I’ll need you to wait on me hand and foot” clients that board his boat, week after week. There are certain unwritten rules that Declan believes in, rules that he must follow because “messy” is the last thing he needs in his effort to reach his goal. Once he is handed the dossier on the Armstrong’s, the next family to charter the Helios, and once he takes one look at Mackenzie Armstrong, every rule that he has held tight to, every provision that he has put into place to make the narrow road to Captain a possibility, could crumble right before him. Ahhh. . .Mackenzie Armstrong.

Mackenzie Armstrong is the only child of Mark Armstrong. Let’s back up a bit and cover some bases. Mark Armstrong made his millions by developing a dating app, he lost his wife (Mackenzie’s mom) years ago and recently exchanged vows with one Allyson Drake-Swanson-Armstrong. . .I know, what a fucking mouthful, right? In an effort to promote some family bonding, a yacht has been chartered and Mackenzie has packed her bags, albeit begrudgingly. . .she has also packed the bags of her bestie, Brooke, so not all is lost. Once Mackenzie walked across that NYU stage, she went straight to work for her father’s company, also begrudgingly. She has recently discovered that some things aren’t adding up and while she should be enjoying and looking forward to her trip around the Virgin Islands, the future of her dad’s company and everything he has worked so hard for, is weighing heavily on her mind. What’s a BFF for, if not to give the best advice when it is most needed. . .the one sure fire way to get Mackenzie’s mind off all her troubles, is to find herself a hot piece to flop herself right on top of. . .a vacation fling is just what the bestie ordered.

It’s not going to take a genius to piece the puzzle together and figure out where exactly it is that this ship is headed, but this BXTCH isn’t going to spoil any of the fun for you. There are a lot of moving pieces within these pages and you’ll have to wade through the journey all on your own, to witness them all coming together. But look, it gives you everything you could hope for. It has the drama, it has the humor, it adds a bit of suspense, it will even have you wanting to junk punch Declan a bit. But don’t worry, you’ll end with a smile on your face.

It takes a lot of bodies to bring a yacht to fully functioning, well the same can be said for the supporting cast of Below Deck. While Mackenzie and Declan stand great together, it’s the ones written to support that bring the comic relief to a very well told story. We’ve discussed Brooke the Bestie, but her role isn’t just one of confidant, it’s the voice of reason, the proverbial slap given upside the head when needed. Declan has his own proverbial BXTCH slapper in Ben. Add in the chef, the Captain, the rest of the crew and even the bitch (not to be confused with BXTCH) step-sister, Arianna, who would give Anastasia and Drizella a run for their money in the “who is greediest, most selfish, I wouldn’t mind pushing over the railing” department. The true gauge in determining how well a supporting character is written (for me anyhow) is how much I long to have an author give me some love and focus on those characters. . .Below Deck certainly had the mouth watering, I would love to get more from Ben and Brooke, and wouldn’t hate it too much if I got the goods on Zoe.

It’s time to get down to the dirty. Surely you realized that eventually Declan’s cock was going to find its way to Mackenzie’s pussy, right? Well, if I spoiled that for you. . .suck it up, because I’m about to go all in. There are some great things about the mattress dancing that’s happening in Below Deck. First, I love it when an author goes hard and rough with the fucking and Tara Sivec does just that. . .but, I can also really appreciate more tender moments and ones where epiphany’s are had while one is thrusting into another and Tara Sivec brought that to the bed as well. The gamut is covered, the toes are curled, the only thing left to do at this point is to light up the cigarette. But once again, you’ll end with a smile on your face.

My love affair with Tara Sivec started with Claire and Carter. . .and if you are squinting your eyes and scratching your head on that one, then this BXTCH would suggest you do a bit of research, fall in love, then BXTCH slap yourself for waiting so long to clue in. Anywho. . .one of the many things I love about her writing is her laugh out loud capabilities and her capacity to force escape. Below Deck, while having funny moments, didn’t bring about a whole lot of gut busting LOL’ing. I don’t say that to imply that it’s a negative attribute, not every book has to have me rolling on the floor with tears running down my face. Trust. . .you will want to board this ship and just sit back and allow it to take you on whatever excursion is needed in your reality right now. Below Deck, at its core, is a wonderfully told love story, one that reminds us that no matter how carefully we have planned out our future, that regardless of how meticulous we are in laying out the tiles of our life and ensuring that they all come together just right, dreams change and wants and needs transform, and in the end, life has a funny fucking way of knowing the path you should be on long before the realization hits you and sometimes the wake up call that’s needed the most is to give yourself the big ole’ fuck you finger and just sit back and trust in the quest.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingBelow Deck by Tara Sivec | Review on

Tara Sivec |   

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Egomaniac: A Tight Spaces Novel by Vi Keeland

Egomaniac: A Tight Spaces Novel by Vi Keeland | Review on

Egomaniac: A Tight Spaces Novel by Vi Keeland | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comEgomaniac: A Tight Spaces Novel by Vi Keeland | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comEgomaniac: A Tight Spaces Novel by Vi Keeland | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: The good news? There is no prerequisite book(s) that need to be read prior to Egomaniac. The bad news? Prepare. Prepare yourself to be sucked in and that BXTCH Vi Keeland is not going to let you go until you have read the last word and find yourself wondering if there is going to be more of Drew and Emerie somewhere in your future. The fantastic news? That fucking cover, Good Lord. . .that is ART!

Egomaniac will be told through the POV’s of both Drew and Emerie.

We’re kicking things off on New Year’s Eve and with Drew Jagger getting back to New York after a vacation in Hawaii. Headed to his penthouse/office (they’re both in the same building-one’s at top and one’s at the bottom), he almost sets fireworks of his own off when he surprises someone who has made herself at right at home, in his office.

Emerie Rose has relocated to New York from Oklahoma, with the hopes of establishing her own practice in the big city. Oh and there’s also Baldwin, the one she is somewhat, maybe in love with. . .the one she has maybe followed to New York. . .but also the one who has friend-zoned her. So yeah, there’s that, but more on that in a bit. Imagine Emerie’s surprise when she found a killer deal for a Park Avenue office. . .the perfect location to set-up her practice for marriage counseling. . .the perfect place that was probably too perfect, which she soon discovers when Drew literally scares the skirt right off of her.

When Drew discovers Emerie in his office, he may have been a bit worried, thinking that a squatter has found a new residence, but the pieces start coming together when he realizes that Emerie has actually been conned, right out of ten thousand dollars, cash. By none other than John Cougar. Well, not the real John Cougar, but poor Emerie didn’t recognize the fake name. Drew does his best to help her by taking her to the police station to file a report, but it’s then discovered that she has an outstanding warrant for indecent exposure from when she was a teenager, so Drew’s time with Emerie is going to be extended a bit, which he finds himself surprisingly okay with.

A little more about Drew. . .he is a divorce attorney, a very successful divorce attorney. He is divorced himself and while I would love nothing more than to jump into those juicy details, the story actually flashbacks to the beginning of that time in his life, so it’s better for you to just ride it out and take it all in. But back to Emerie, Drew puts his lawyering to good work when he helps Emerie out of her indecent exposure scandal, which makes Emerie very grateful, but she is still faced with the problem of being out ten thousand dollars, with no prospective places for her to set up shop.

Eventually Drew makes Emerie an offer she really can’t refuse. With his secretary out of the office for several months, it would help him to have someone assist in answering the phones, so she takes some messages in exchange for rent free office space and Drew gets to stare at her ass as much as her really wants. It’s a win-win all the way around. What could go wrong in an office where one person is helping to keep marriages together and the other is helping take them apart? It’s like a match made in heaven.

It doesn’t take much to realize that Drew and Emerie will find their way to a bed or to the top of a desk or up against his window in his penthouse apartment. Whatever the case, his dick finds its way to her pussy and it’s time to pack em’ up and send em’ home, Drew has found the one. C’mon, he’s not that shallow, it’s not only the pussy. . .Emerie is beautiful. . .smart. . .funny. . .a bit naive. . .tells it like it is. . .many reasons for Drew to fall for Miss Oklahoma. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t be the book it is without a bit of angsty drama and Baldwin does have to fit somewhere in the pieces of this romance puzzle, not to mention the ex-wife. It’s all good and bad, but in a good way. I will say this, I’m kinda a whore when it comes to drama between the pages of a really good love story. I love it, it puts me on edge and can almost captivate me like no other part of a book (I said almost), BUT. . .I was falling for Drew so hard, I really didn’t want that small sliver of time where I’m forced to hate him a tiny bit. . .all in the honor of our girl, because you will fall in love with some Emerie. 

We’re not given too much in the way of a supporting cast. But what we do get, is pretty fucking awesome. Roman is Drew’s bestie, has been since elementary and was written so well, I wouldn’t mind a story on him sometime in the near future. We do get Alexa, who is the ex-wife and I’m no author, but I suspect it’s not easy to write a character that you know is going to be hated, but fuck, I bet it’s fun. And trust a BXTCH, you will hate Alexa. Baldwin is walking a thin line, but Drew has his number when it comes to his true intentions, he just needs to get Emerie to see the situation from a different pair of glasses. There is one other character that I’m gonna keep under wraps, but you will love this person and you will fall even harder for Drew because of this person.

Vi Keeland is good at a lot of things when it comes to composing a book. Close to the top of that list. . .the sex. She gets dirty with the best of them and I mean that all around. From creating the tension, to setting the atmosphere, to the dialogue (she creates some toe curling dirty talk), to the actual fucking. . .that BXTCH could give a seminar and save lots of relationships. Just a thought.

I knew Egomaniac was going to be good, I don’t one-click often without first tasting a bit of the sample. Vi Keeland is one of the ones that no appetizer is required. I just dive right in to the meal and go until I can’t take anymore. I finished in one day, what can I say, I was famished. This book offers the gamut of what one needs when seeking an escape. It has a great plot line, it’s funny, it’s sexy, a leading lady who holds her own, provides a bit of tension. . .a fuckhot leading man. . .and it’s all aimed at us, the readers, in an effort to keep us captivated, to help us escape, to provide us with yet another of Vi’s beautiful ones to fall in love with. So yeah, I knew Egomaniac was going to be good, but it was so much more than that.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingEgomaniac: A Tight Spaces Novel by Vi Keeland | Review on

Vi Keeland |    

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Scoring Her (Billionaire Bad Boys Series, Book #3.5) by Max Monroe

Scoring Her (Billionaire Bad Boy Series, Book #3.5) by Max Monroe | Review on

Scoring Her (Billionaire Bad Boy Series, Book #3.5) by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comScoring Her (Billionaire Bad Boy Series, Book #3.5) by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comScoring Her (Billionaire Bad Boy Series, Book #3.5) by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: Scoring Her is the last in the Billionaire Bad Boys Series and as usual, please read this series in the following order: Tapping the Billionaire (book #1)-Tapping Her (book #1.5)-Banking the Billionaire (book #2)-Banking Her (book #2.5)-Scoring the Billionaire (book #3)-Scoring Her (book #3.5). All of the novels in this series feature a couple while bringing in the rest of the characters and the novellas will finish up the previous book, while introducing the featured couple of the next book. So just in case you are even thinking about reading any of these titles as stand-alones, I am here to tell you not to do it. This series is highly enjoyable and you will be missing out on the best of it if you decide to go rogue.

Scoring Her will be told through the POV’s of everyone. . .Kline, Georgia, Thatch, Cassie, Wes, and Winnie. Enjoy.

The entirety of Scoring Her will take place in the Bahamas at the Atlantis Hotel, jeez that alone is enough to make a BXTCH jealous. Well, Scoring the Billionaire ended there and Scoring Her just picks it up. They have all gathered there because Georgia has arranged for the boys of the New York Mavericks to participate in the Miss Teen USA pageant and since Kline is the other half of Georgia, he comes along for the ride and since Wes owns the Mavericks and Winnie is the team physician, they are both gonna enjoy some nice time in the sun. Thatch and Cassie have zero affiliation with any of it, but of course, they have hitched a ride and them along with their new baby, Ace, are ready for some relaxation.

This review should be short, sweet, and to the point. There is absolutely no drama involved in the wrapping of this series. It’s just good ole’ fashioned closure. 

Let’s start with Kline and Georgia. There’s not too much to report on the flagship couple. Georgia has chosen to do a bit of team building and a little promotion for the Mavericks by having them perform on the Miss Teen USA pageant, much to Wes’ chagrin. The last thing he needs is one of his players hooking up with a pageant contestant, which of course leads to a team meeting-which actually happened in Scoring the Billionaire, but I’m sure you know that, since you followed instructions and read this series in order, right? Good BXTCH. Anyway, the appropriate amount of threats were doled out to the team and now they can get down to the fun.

Back to Kline and Georgia, there is a bit of stress happening with one of our favorites. They are having some trouble getting themselves knocked up. Add to it that Cassie got pregnant accidentally and you have a Georgia who is a little down in the dumps, which when the wifey ain’t happy, neither is Kline. I don’t really want to confuse you BXTCHES, Georgia is extremely happy to be the godmother to Abe and holds no resentment whatsoever towards her bestie. She’s just having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that she may not be able to give Kline a baby and what that’ll mean for their marriage. But I promise, there really is no drama.

Thatch and Cassie are just trying to get some time together as husband and wife and not so much as mom and dad. Cassie is hoping to accomplish this at all costs, even if it means politely waiting at the door and allowing Kline to finish pounding into his wife, before she interrupts to ask them to babysit. The term “daddy” takes on a whole new meaning in the relationship between Cassie and Thatch. Cassie is just as Cassified as ever, she even goes as far as almost breastfeeding the masseuse. C’mon, every breastfeeder ever knows that when those puppies fill up, any relief is needed, regardless of where that said relief comes from. Thatch is as in love as ever with Cass, especially now that she has blessed him with a son, he also has deemed himself the worlds best husband (my words, but you’ll get what I mean) and uses his husbandry skills to their finest, by offering up advice, warranted or not. I’m gonna miss Thatch and Cass.

Wes and Winnie are the only couple not yet hitched, although Wes is hoping to change that. Besides the tiny amount stress suffered when Wes found out about the pageant contestants being of the “teen” variety (again last book), this trip is really a trip for him to enjoy with Winnie and Lexi. Lexi is using her time very wisely by educating any and everyone on the marine life of the Atlantis. Really, anything Atlantis. If you needed more of a push to fall in love with everything Wes, Winnie, and Lexi. . .Scoring Her will push you right over the edge.

Usually I use this portion of the program to gush over how well the supporting cast was written. But in Scoring Her, there really isn’t a supporting cast per se. They are all there, equally fantastic. I love a great ensemble book/series and the Billionaire Bad Boys delivers, almost orgasmically.

Speaking of orgasms, they’re in abundance. While the couples are a hoot when they all get together, they are just as fucking sexy and hot when they get their one on one times as couples. As funny as this series happens to be, there is worry about the humor spilling over too much in the bedroom, because while some of it may be funny, the majority of the bedroom happenings hits it right where it needs to be. You most certainly will not be wanting for anything.

Well shit, this is the end of a great series and while this BXTCH may be somewhat sad, I gotta say that I’m pretty excited to see what’s next from the mysterious Max Monroe. There was a mention in the acknowledgements of this particular book that we may be getting some goods on the boys of the New York Mavericks. . .so, a BXTCH can’t be too sad about that. But not for nothing, I should probably take the time to say thank you to whoever the fuck Max Monroe actually is. This series provided me with great laughs, embarrassingly so at times (so, thank you for that as well), it gave an escape whenever I needed to get away, it allowed me to fall in love with some really awesome characters and while we have to bid farewell to them, I can’t wait to read the next tribe that your wonderfully construed imaginations come up with.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingScoring Her (Billionaire Bad Boy Series, Book #3.5) by Max Monroe | Review on

Max Monroe |


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Right (Wrong Series, Book #2) by Jana Aston

Right (Wrong Series, Book #2) by Jana Aston | Review on

Right (Wrong Series, Book #2) by Jana Aston | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comRight (Wrong Series, Book #2) by Jana Aston | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comRight (Wrong Series, Book #2) by Jana Aston | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: Here’s the truth. Technically, the books in this series could be read as stand-alones. I mean, if you come across the blurb for. . .say. . .book #2.5 (Fling) and think “it’s only 100 pages, I can knock this out in an hour”, then I suppose you can, but let me offer up this warning as well. Just in case this is the very first review of mine that you have brightened your day with, then you should know that I am usually the one who will tell you to read books in the order in which they were written. I mean, I understand why an author would indicate that a book could be read out of order, all by itself. I wouldn’t want to lose a sale either. So, let me explain to you why you might not need to read these books in order, but you should. Right gives us Everly and Sawyer’s story. Now, we meet Everly in Wrong (Sophie and Luke | book #1). She and Sophie work at the same coffee shop. It is within those pages that we learn of Everly’s super serious, somewhat creepy crush on her brother’s best friend, who happens to be a professor at the college where Everly attends. So, even though you are quite busy during that story falling in love with everything Sophie and Luke, there will be a part of you wondering where that stalking story is headed. We get the answer to that and much more in Right, but since the seeds were planted in Wrong, I am someone who thinks you should certainly start there. I really hope that makes a bit of sense to you BXTCHES. Let’s get this going.

Right will be told through Everly’s POV with the epilogue coming Straight Outta Sawyer.

I guess we should probably play a game of catch up right quick. Everly has been in love with Finn Camden (her brother’s best friend) ever since she was six years old and he caught her eye as she was stepping off of the school bus, decked out with a Strawberry Shortcake backpack and all. Okay, technically that information came from this book, not the last one. But it is during Wrong that we learn about Everly’s lifelong crush on Finn as well as the plan that she has worked out that, if all goes well, will end with her being Mrs. Finn Camden. 

Unfortunately for Everly, Finn does not share in the plan that would make Everly his wife and as much as he tries to drop hints, she ain’t picking them up. That is until Thanksgiving and Everly is forced to hitch a ride with Sawyer, Finn’s older brother. 

Hopefully you got to know Everly in book #1, but in case you skipped it, you should know that her personality is the type that calls it like she sees it, she really doesn’t hold back or bite her tongue much. She quickly finds out however, that her and Sawyer Camden have that very same something in common. And Everly promptly finds out that someone with the inability to bite their tongue is not as cute as she once thought.

Sawyer is pretty persistent when it comes to forcing Everly into his train of thought. He even goes as far as hacking into her Facebook and changing her relationship status, which brings her lots of congratulations. . .from her mom all the way to Finn. I guess right here is a good place to tell you that Sawyer is super rich, like borderline billionaire, which is how he has the ability to hack into a Facebook account or I suppose that’s how he has the ability. Anyway, the motherfucker is super rich.

It doesn’t take long before Everly figures out that maybe her life plan never included Finn and that maybe, just maybe Sawyer is the one meant for her. And while Sawyer’s life may have brought him many women, once Everly caught his eye, those beautiful peepers never wandered.

Even though there was some drama in the first book, Right kicks it up a notch and unfortunately for you BXTCHES there is nothing about the drama that I can unveil. But, I will tell you this much. . .I am a sucker for some good drama, maybe it’s all those years watching Jerry and Jenny and Ricki and Oprah, who knows, but I love it, especially when it’s angsty and teeth grinding. But I love it even more when the character who was done wrong makes the one who was an asshole really work for redemption. It didn’t really happen that way in Right. Before you jump all up on my shit, I understood what the author was doing and why all was forgiven so quickly, I’m just sayin’ that I like a bit of struggle where the apology is concerned, I don’t like when the hands are washed and the bed is swiftly unmade.

The characters (leading and otherwise) bring everything that this series has to offer to life. I know that sounds kinda like a “well, duh” moment, I mean what else are they suppose to do, right? But, in some books/series, the focus is so spotlighted on the main characters, that sometimes the supporting cast is almost a second thought, but in this series, it seems that Jana Aston put just as much effort in creating a wonderful supporting cast as she did the main stars. Going into this book, I was worried how the dynamic was going to get played with the Everly/Finn obstacle. During Wrong, that particular relationship actually happening seemed a bit too big for Everly, but I wasn’t sure how it was going to get worked out in this story and even after we learn that Sawyer is the brother to Finn, I was a bit skeptical, but you BXTCHES have nothing to worry about, Jana Aston did it up Right (man, and she made it easy to make some plays on words). It is during Everly’s story that we meet Sandra-Sawyer’s assistant and the focus of the novella that follows Right. We also get the intro to Chloe. Chloe is Everly’s BFF and self-proclaimed accident waiting to date or dating accident, however you want to look at it. And if you think that you were going to get away and not hear from Sophie and Luke, well you would be Wrong (see!!).

Everly and Sawyer really know how to bring the fireworks to the bedroom. I wasn’t expecting anything less, but after reading Luke and Sophie, my desires were a bit high, but those motherfuckers hit em’ all. I mean they hit that shit in the bedroom, in supply closets, in bathrooms. . .there is heat, there is some really awesome dirty talk, there is passion. . .it’s all there for the taking, you BXTCHES just gotta grab it.

So, next up is Sandra’s story. Sandra only gets a novella, but it’s pretty sufficient in laying her cards out. Since I’m all about hanging the proverbial cock right in front of you BXTCHES, Sandra is Sawyer’s assistant and it takes Everly all of about 2 minutes of being around her and Gabe (Sawyer’s CFO) for her to realize that there is some serious electricity happening. . .now she just has to make them both aware of it. Remember Samantha Baker in Sixteen Candles filling out the sex questionnaire and Jake Ryan ending up with it? Just go with that.

My favorite things about falling in love with a series like Wrong is the escape. The thrill of not doing anything but walking side by side with your favs. The feeling of digging in so deep, that you are almost there. That’s what Jana Aston is so good at, the captivation, the departure from reality, the imagination, the love. I cannot wait to see what comes from her fingertips next.Bxtches Be ReadingRight (Wrong Series, Book #2) by Jana Aston | Review on

Jana Aston |       


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Until Ashlyn (Until Her Series, Book #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Ashlyn (Until Her Series, Book #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on

Until Ashlyn (Until Her Series, Book #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comUntil Ashlyn (Until Her Series, Book #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comUntil Ashlyn (Until Her Series, Book #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: This may be somewhat of a lengthy warning, so please bear with me. Until Ashlyn is book #3 in the Until Her series, but in reality or this BXTCH’s reality, it’s really book #8. Because you really should travel through The Until Series (November, Trevor, Lilly, & Nico) BEFORE you crack open any book in the Until Her or Until Him Series. The first generation (so to speak) of Mayson’s lay down the foundation for this entire ensemble. Once you have fallen in love with that group, then you can indulge in the next generation. However, there is also an order for those. I know, I know. . .it’s a pain in the ass, but I promise, it is so worth it. When you get to the kiddos, you’re actually gonna go back and forth between Her and HimJuly, Jax, June, Ashlyn. There are many reasons why you should follow the parental path with these books. The main one being. . .because it’s how the author wrote them. But, I’m not the author, nor do I speak on her behalf, so I’ll tell you why this BXTCH thinks you should go in order. The first generation (The Until Series) gives the intros. You meet everyone and learn their stories, so when you move onto the second generation, there is already a relationship established. Ashlyn is really the fourth book in the second generation of Mayson’s and her story has been trickled and teased in each of the first three books. And we get to re-visit a bit with July/Wes, Jax/Ellie, and June/Evan while we are falling in love with Ashlyn/Dillon. My long warning is over, let’s get to these two.

Until Ashlyn will be told mostly through Ashlyn’s POV. However, we do get inside of Dillon’s head for some chapters.

I’m gonna refresh that memory of yours for a bit. We knew this story was coming. In one of the previous books (June), we got a glimpse of this particular story. The only thing we knew was that Ashlyn was going to work for a new dentist and while he was hot as fuck, she was not excited about it. Oh and we knew that the sexual tension between Ashlyn and Dillon could’ve been cut with a knife. So, I guess that makes two things that we knew.

We are actually going to jump right into this story from chapter one. We do get a prologue, which really only covers the “how they met” part of Ashlyn and Dillon-then it’s all in. 

The scene is a dental conference in Vegas and our man Dillon had his plan and it couldn’t have been better executed. Long story short? Ashlyn meets up with Dillon (her boss) in Vegas, only to find out upon arrival, that she is booked in the same suite as Dillon. After a night of boozing it up, she finds herself hitched to Dillon’s wagon. And after a well deserved freak out, she learns that he is not going to let her out of their chance of wedded bliss, especially after said bliss was consummated. 

Our girl Ashlyn is a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to men. She may have dated a lot, but none stuck. So, Dillon may have been better off writing her a “do you like me-check ‘yes’ or ‘no’ “ note, because recognizing the hints. . .she most certainly did not. And while she was very much attracted to her boss, she was under the impression that he was spoken for. Becoming Mrs. Keck helped in making her realize that maybe, just maybe, her boss has feelings for her. It’s been a few since I have read Until June, so my memory isn’t helping me out at all in trying to remember whether or not the topic of Dillon’s fiancé, Isla, comes up. I want to say it does, but regardless, there is that thorny little fucker in the side of their marriage. But, not to worry, Dillon isn’t engaged to Isla, actually he never was engaged to Isla. And I will leave you BXTCHES hanging, because of course we all know that Isla isn’t going to be 100% gone. 

Let me just stop a second and “family tree” you BXTCHES real quick, you know. . .just in case confusion sets in:Mayson Family Tree-Until Series-Until Her Series-Until Him Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Reviews on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comWhat a fucking great ensemble that Aurora Rose Reynolds has created. And the first generation has a shit ton of kids (as you can see), which works out great for us because it seems that this series is going to go on for a while. We get visits from those we have already met, like July and June (who are cousins to Ashlyn), but we get Ashlyn’s immediate family (Cash, Lilly, and Jax) more than the rest. We get introduced to Dillon’s brother, Parker, and wife, Cara, along with their kiddos. . .and I really think you BXTCHES are going to love not only that family, but the dynamic between Dillon and his brother’s family as well. I imagine that it may pose to be difficult for an author to write a series with so many books/stories and continue to include the previous characters in the current books. It just seems a lot to keep up with. But, Ms. Reynolds does it very well. While we get glimpses of a lot from the above tree, she does a great job of reacquainting us with those already in our imaginations. The only disappointment? 

When it came to consummation or any “activity” afterwards, Dillon did not disappoint. I’m a sucker for great sex between the ones leading the book, but for me, what makes a great scene so appetizing is when you can really “see” it playing out in your head. Almost like imagination porn (if that makes sense). Sometimes the menu that the author serves up between the H/h is very difficult to work out in my head, it may be scorching, it just seems logistically impossible. But the steam that Dillon and Ashlyn work up is mouth watering. And I gotta say, it would be a total let down if Aurora Rose Reynolds and her other half wasn’t working it out seriously in the bedroom, because her imagination must get inspiration from somewhere.

There has yet to be a book in this entire series that I haven’t fallen in love with. And I got to say, Ashlyn and Dillon may have moved to near the top of that list. The strange thing is I sometimes get this series mixed up with the Corps Security Series (by Harper Sloan). I have no idea why that is, I think the only thing they really have in common is the generational aspect, but every time I start a new book in either of those series, I have to get the cast straight in my head. I have no idea why I’m telling you guys that, just thought I’d share.

I swear, if you haven’t yet started this series, you are missing out on some really great escape time. I haven’t read too many reviews where Until Ashlyn was concerned, I knew I was reading it regardless. I will say this. . .just like previous books in this series, there is drama within these pages and it may seem similar from book to book. Or maybe not familiar as much as “how much shit can one family endure”, don’t get caught up in that idea. I read this book in one sitting. It was captivating, it was funny, it was suspenseful, but it also worked my imagination, if only for a couple of hours. And surely we can all use that trip to the other side of reality.

I did put in a request in my review for Until June, the exact wording went like this:

I’m not sure who is next in line in the Until Him series, but if I was to put in a request, I’m asking for Sage. Please make that happen.

And I am so happy to say that Sage is up next (y’all can thank me later). I feel like his story has been a proverbial carrot for quite some time, so I am certainly salivating.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingUntil Ashlyn (Until Her Series, Book #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on

Aurora Rose Reynolds


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