Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers Series Book #1) by Tara Sivec

Seductions and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers Series, Book #1) by Tara Sivec | Review on

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Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers Series, Book #1)

So, I’m sitting  here (at 1:09 am) trying to come up with the best way for me to write this review. Usually words don’t escape me so much, but I am definitely tongue tied on this one. So, I’m just gonna go and see what fine words fly through my fingertips. Let me start by saying, this book is fucking hilarious. I’m not talking a chuckle here or a giggle there, if you are reading this book and are not actually laughing out loud, while discovering that this is in fact how friendships should be and how you should actually raise your kids, well shit, you may want to stop right there, because I’m not sure if this is the book for you. 

This book features a lot of characters, but mainly focuses on Claire Morgan and Carter Ellis. The book is told through both POV’s and kicks off with Claire in college losing her treasured V card. Well, it’s more of a flashback to college. Liz is Claire’s BFF and is convinced that Claire needs to rid herself of her virginity and believes that a frat party is the best place to find her a prospect. Well,  she finds herself one alright, in the form of Carter Ellis. After bonding over beer pong and the movie “Heathers”, they decide to take the party upstairs and get down with the mission at hand. The problem: Carter has no idea that Claire is a virgin and Claire is really treating this as more of a necessity than pleasure and hightails it out of there the next morning without one name being exchanged. Weeks later, Claire finds herself pregnant and this revelation sends her packing back home to Butler, OH, with no college degree and no baby daddy.

Fast forward almost 5 years and Claire is the single mother to Gavin. I don’t think that there are enough adjectives to describe how fantastic Gavin is. He is a mouthy, funny, nut-punching 4 year old who holds his own with the grown-ups in this book. Over the years, Claire has thought about the night that gave her Gavin, but she pretty much knows that there is no way she will ever run into Carter again, she didn’t even get his name, for crying out loud. So, until she has the time and financial abilities to fulfill her dream of owning her own business with Liz, she is content working as a bartender in the local bar, playing games of P.O.R.N. with her co-workers and helping Liz out by selling her sex toys on the side. This of course is, until the night that Carter Ellis walks into the same bar.

Carter and his best friend Drew move to Butler, OH, relocating for work. Carter has given much thought to that night 5 years ago, but like Claire, has given up hope in ever finding out who the mystery girl was. In fact, he was in a long term relationship that he broke off prior to moving to Butler. She cheated on him, which turns out to be a really funny scene in the book, but he realized he was with her to try and forget about Claire, or as he remembers her, the girl who smells like chocolate. On one of his first nights in Butler, he finds himself drowning his sorrows in a shit ton of liquor when he sees Claire again for the first time.

Obviously, we knew they were going to run into each other again, the funny part is as much as he has pined for her over the last 5 years, he doesn’t even recognize her when he first sees her. She of course knows who he is right off of the bat, she does have his kid. Like I said, Carter and Drew relocate for their job at an auto plant, which so happens to be the same plant that Jim, Liz’s fiance works at. One story leads to another and Jim figures out who exactly Carter is and invites him and Drew over for dinner. Enter Claire, who just finished up at a sex toy party and walks into Jim and Liz’s house going on and on about vibrators and her inexperience (it’s actually very funny) none the wiser to who is sitting there listening. Carter does get around to asking Claire out on a date and not to ruin the story or anything, but Carter does eventually figure out who Claire is and discovers that he is the father of one foul mouthed 4 year old. He takes it all very well and one big happy family is born.

Claire and Liz’s dream of owning a business together becomes a reality and Seductions and Snacks is born. Claire sells the goodies (food goodies that is) and Liz sells the toys for the “goodies”. All kidding aside, it is actually a brilliant idea. 

I can’t really spoil anything here, but I want to tell you to READ THIS DAMN BOOK. Tara Sivec did such an outstanding job writing this story and while the focus is on Carter and Claire, there is a ton of attention paid to the other characters in this book as well. It was a very difficult book to put down, and so I could write the review correctly, I reread the book, which makes it a total of 4 times read and I still couldn’t put it down. Fantastic read, fantastic series. You will not be disappointed. And somehow, I suspect when you’ve put this book down, you are gonna do some Google searches trying to find some of Drew’s t-shirts.

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