Seize Me (Breakneck Series Book #1) by Crystal Spears

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Seize Me (Breakneck Series, Book #1) by Crystal Spears

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: As much as I hate to, this review will contain spoilers. Sorry BXTCHES, I couldn’t find another way around it.

Let me start by saying that this is not on my list of favorite MC books and oddly enough, this is the second time that I have read this book. Now, I’ve read it twice because when, Withstanding Me (book #2) came out, and around the same time, I peeked at the cover for Shadowing Me (book #3), which I have no shame in saying, WHAT AN AWESOME F**KING COVER, I figured that if I wanted to enjoy those books more, I should reread book #1. This book is good, just not great. If this happens to be the first MC book that you have decided to read, then you may very well rate it a bit higher. But, this is not my first, and MC books are one of my favorite genres, so I have high expectations.

Quick Rundown: Winter is the daughter of the head of the Russian Mafia. She left that life behind after her dad shoots the love of her life in the head while she watches. So to say the least, she is already slightly messed up and a little “hard”. Leaving that life behind, she becomes an exotic dancer and dances under the name, Star. She is asked to dance for the president of the Breakneck MC and that is how she meets Braxxon. Further events after meeting the MC encourages the f**cked upness and makes her a little more ruthless (rightly so).

My main issue with the story up to this point, are the events that take place that involve Winter, seem to contradict her character traits that have been put in place. One example of this is when Braxxon requests that Winter dances for him privately, while she is blindfolded (this is after first meeting her). While the concept of this is certainly erotic, it just seems out of character for someone who had no interest in even attending this party, especially with someone she didn’t even know.

Here are where I had problems with the story (AGAIN, THIS WILL CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS):

Because Braxxon wants to claim Winter as “his”, he does what any man would do (sense the sarcasm) and of course, has her fired from her job. Not that that part is too crazy, this is a MC story after all, it’s just when she leaves her job (after discovering of her termination), she heads straight to the clubhouse and walks in on Braxxon with 3 girls, which is a little douchey, even for a MC story. Worse, is when he proceeds to kick the girls out, one of them puts up a little bit of an argument and he slaps her, which you don’t really see too much of in this genre, regardless of the violence. After witnessing this, Winter decides to give Braxxon a shot. Which for someone who has built up walls and had to become a little hard because of her past, she gave in a little too quickly for me.


Continuing, the second time that the club goes on lockdown, Winter gets kidnapped by a rival MC and is brutally raped. Be prepared, this part of the story will get graphic, but is necessary. She is both mentally and physically torn up, rightfully so, and is having a hard time since she can’t give Braxxon what he needs physically. She then gives him “permission” to find his relief/release with someone else, while he thinks this is crazy (so do I) you get the impression that he is not going to take her up on that offer. That is, until she pisses him off and he takes a girl and gives in. Even with that craziness, you can somewhat see both perspectives of that dilemma. Now, Pyro (the VP) gets shot, and Winter is just offering compassion (very innocent) while they are attempting to remove the bullet. Braxxon witnesses this and gets so angry that he takes a club whore (who happens to be friendly with Winter) behind the bar and insists on getting some oral happiness from her. This I have a problem with. I get what Ms. Spears is trying to do. She is trying to show that Braxxon loves Winter, even though he has yet to admit it, and he is having a difficult time working through feelings he’s unfamiliar with. I just believe she could have written it differently. An alpha male doesn’t need to be a dick to be loved by readers, just look at other MC alpha bad boys, and that much is clear.

Here is the good part:

I do think that Ms. Spears wrote the supporting characters very well. Which is why I’m looking forward to reading books #2 and #3. And as you could probably deduce, Braxxon and Winter do get their happy ending. So as the story does progress, you will begin to appreciate the love (once it is admitted) that they have for one another and Braxxon will in fact grow on you. He just has to breakthrough his emotions for that to happen. I know it seems as if I didn’t like this book at all, I did like it, I just had a few “character flaw” issues. I do recommend it, because I do think that the series improves with each book.

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