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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: This was my first crack at Shey Stahl and to say that I was blown away would not be saying enough. I first read Shade back in August (2017) and I couldn’t put it down, but as things usually go, I didn’t take to the keyboard right away and days turned into weeks and so forth. I knew in order to give Shade and Scarlet justice, I would need a re-read and when I saw that Tiller was out, I figured. . .no time like the present. While Shade is a stand alone and isn’t part of a series, Tiller is his brother and since his book is now available. . .well, you do with that info as you wish or we can discuss it more when we come together to discuss that crazy fuck, I’m here to talk about Shade.

Shade will be told in three parts and through the POV’s of Shade and Scarlet. And from deep in the soul of my Kindle, I would like to give Shey Stahl a shout out for her inner Shade, because praise be, it was phenomenal. And while I’m throwing out praises, another one needs to go out for that fuck hot cover.

There’s a lot of foundation that needs to be laid to tell this story and since Shade is where we’re starting, this is where we need to begin to build. But I probably should use this time to note the following. I will try to give a “rundown”, but this is a book full of layers and emotion, and heartbreak and love. . .it’s a journey really and if you don’t turn yourself over to every word of it, you will miss the best parts. Now, let’s get started.

Shade is the youngest of the Sawyer boys men and even though he’s at the top of his professional game, his personal life is about to wreck him, because of one person. Rhya.

I promise you BXTCHES, nothing is getting spoiled, whatever words that may fly from my fingertips will be discovered VERY early in the storytelling. So, back to Rhya. 

She’s not the girlfriend, but she’s more than a friend. She’s not good for him, but he can’t seem to let go. They’ve known each other since they were kids, so while their relationship may be rooted in love, it’s also tethered by obligation and time. It’s really one big hot mess, but regardless of the how’s and why’s, Shade’s life is about to be imprinted in a big fucking way.

Scarlet Rose is keeping busy in life cleaning up at the Wellington Hotel, the one hotel that the Sawyer brothers stay at while in Seattle, she also spends time fangirling over the best motocross rider in the world. . .that’s Shade Sawyer in case I didn’t make that clear and you didn’t catch the synopsis from above. Her one goal? To slice him a piece of her pie. That’s fuck him, in case I didn’t make that clear either. Unfortunately for Scarlet, Shade is in a very dark place (remember, Rhya. . .imprinted. . .) and fortunately for Scarlet, Shade is in a very dark place. I told you, it’s a journey.

You’re probably wondering how in the hell this all comes together or maybe you’re not, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. Well, I’ll tell you a little. The Sawyer brothers are in need of a personal assistant, their’s is preggo and needs some time away from the chaos to get ready for her own version of chaos. So, the opportunity falls right into Scarlet’s lap and even though she doesn’t have the first clue about what it takes to be anybody’s personal assistant, she scoops it up because. . .Shade. The only rule? No sex. And not only is that a buzzkill for Scarlet, but when Shade starts desiring a piece of the pie, things are going to get a bit frustrating. Frustrating for Shade. Hilarious as fuck for the reader.

I hate to leave you hanging, but this is the part where I tell you about the journey and how great it is and how much you BXTCHES are gonna love the discovery of Shade and Scarlet. But no worries, we have other things to talk about.

It’s expected that the reader is going to fall in love with the ones the author designates, but this may very well be a time that when the last page is turned, you will be in love with each and every person in this book. And I know that’s probably happened before, but with Shade it was different (for me). I don’t know if there are words to describe how great the cast is in this book. Each character was so well thought out, so well purposed and each and every one is written in a way that flows and fits right where they’re supposed to and once you fall into the pages, you won’t be able to imagine it any other way. Scarlet isn’t your run of the mill leading lady. She’s almost anti, but she’s feisty and funny and loyal. Shade will break your heart and piss you off and make you laugh, and you’re gonna love every emotion he evokes. But that’s just the tip. . .there’s Tiller and Roan and Milla and Camden and Willa and Tom. . .the list could go on and on, but trust a BXTCH, you’re gonna fall. On a side note, Milla is Scarlet’s BFF and she has her own story, one that I have yet to read, but didn’t know it existed at the time I was undertaking Shade, but here is the link to that book, just in case. (Click here). Bonus. . .it’s available right now (as of 4/10/18) on Kindle Unlimited.

The sex in Shade is fuck hot, but here’s what’s strange, there’s not a whole lot of it. So I guess I should really say that the sexual tension in Shade is fuck hot. We learn almost from jump street how Scarlet feels about Shade and all that she wants to do to him. Where the anticipation gets thick is when he begins to want the same things from her. But remember, sex is not an option according to Scarlet’s contract, but what Shade wants, Shade usually gets. And for someone not usually told no, you can see where that’s gonna be headed. Nothing is off limits. From the dirty talk to the foreplay, the heart is gonna race and the toes are gonna curl.

My first time with Shade, I thought that this was one of the best books I have read, like ever. Which is a pretty huge thought considering how many books I have put away. The second time around? Same conclusion. It wasn’t just the story Shey Stahl told, though she told it very well. It was the way the dialogue flowed, it was the way the POV’s were presented to the reader, it was the humor, it was the angst, it was the darkness, it was the love, it was really how it all came together that captivated me. My kids tease me about the facial expressions I make when I read and I became so ingrained in this story that I’m afraid to even know what my face was saying throughout the journey.

I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but truth be told, it’s kinda hard not to when you’re looking at the cover for Shade. Who knew that a simple one click would have me falling in love with the world of freestyle motocross and those who inhabit it? And beyond falling in love with all of that chaos, I really fell in love with an author and while I haven’t read every word she’s written, actually not even close, anyone who is able to seduce and allow the reader to forget everything around her and provide an escape, even if only for a couple of chapters at a time. . .deserves to make your list. And since I have already devoured Tiller, trust a BXTCH, she ain’t no fluke.

Shey Stahl’s Pinterest Board for Shade. . .here.

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