Sharing You (Sharing You Series, Book #1) by Molly McAdams

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Sharing You (Sharing You Series, Book #1) by Molly McAdams

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: If you have ANY issue at all with infidelity, regardless of the situation, YOU WILL NOT ENJOY THIS BOOK!

This book is written from both the female and male POV’s, and it is very well done. Even though infidelity is a pretty big theme in this story, when I read Brody’s POV, I was able to understand him more and really have compassion for his situation. You will probably get somewhat frustrated with Brody, because you will want him to be a better decision maker, and even though he’s trying to make decisions as the “good guy”, you kinda want him to be the a**hole, just once. But given the ordeal he is going through with his wife and their history (and it is a whopper), you really just want happiness for him.

Kamryn (KC) is the female lead and is VERY lovable. She has a past that she is running from, while also trying to reinvent herself. She literally runs into Brody, and sparks fly. She realizes that he is “THE ONE”. Of course the problem is, he’s married. I had sympathy for Kamryn, she makes it hard to look at her as a home wrecker. You feel the love that she had for Brody, and for me, it was hard “watching” (you know what I mean) her have to go through some very tough emotions that came with being with a married man. She is torn up with the predicament that she has put her self in and questions her decisions and his intentions at every turn.

Truth: You don’t hate KC because Brody’s wife is a bitch (that’s not BXTCH, y’all). Part of you will wonder how she was able to deceive Brody for so many years. He seems like a smart guy, he is definitely a good guy (infidelity, notwithstanding), so that was a piece of the puzzle that did not fit. This is one of those rare occasions when you are rooting for the “evil”, and I don’t mean that in a horrible way. But, you know, sometimes you watch a movie and the bad guy is really the good guy and you really want them to come out on top, this is that. You also find yourself rooting for KC because of what she was able to remove herself from (her old life), her parents are real pieces of work and that ex-fiance is a toolbag.

I did adore KC and Brody together, it’s just you could almost hear Jennifer Nettles singing “Stay” in the background, every time Brody had to leave KC to get home to Olivia. So, like I said, I have compassion for Brody and I somewhat understand his “why” for staying with the wife. But here’s the thing, if you a bitch to your core, there’s no changing those colors, so past trauma put aside, everything Olivia does, is a reason to leave her. But, without the wife, there is not a book, so I get the necessary evil.

My one issue with Brody is when he and the ex-fiance meet. I will only say that Brody really disappointed me. You will have to read that scene to understand.

I will not spoil the book (anymore than I already have). Overall, I think that this is a good read. It was very well written, all of the characters were developed well, and their backstories were thoroughly explained, with no open holes (which I appreciated). So, if you are on the fence, GO FOR IT!

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