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Everything that I have read from this author to date, has been bow down worthy, but for some reason, I was somewhat reluctant with this book (though, I have no idea why). I mean the cover is pretty good, right? So, she announced that it went LIVE, so I decided to read the sample, and here is what I learned: never EVER doubt the storytelling ability of an author with the name of, Whitney G.

This book is going to tell the story of Arizona (Ari) and Carter and will be told through both POV’s. The book is going to kick off where Ari and Carter’s relationship does, the fourth grade. Of course, then they were mortal enemies, but all it takes is one letter, and a BFF relationship is born.

There’s not too much backstory to give on Carter and Ari. Carter’s past is the token “fucked up past” in this book, but unlike most books, his doesn’t really affect his here and now. His father left him and his mother when he was younger and when he was in high school, his father passed. In his will, his father left him, among other things, a condo on the beach, which is where he lives with his male best friend, Josh. Ari has just finished college with a degree in business but her heart is not with her degree choice. Her passion belongs to the culinary field, so in order to feed this passion, she sneaks into culinary classes and “steals” the lectures. Now that she knows what she is destined to do, she just needs to figure out which culinary school is going to give her what she needs.

The friendship between Ari and Carter is strictly platonic and the book will flashback to different points of their friendship throughout the years, which does a really great job of establishing their chemistry. From the get go, both make it clear that there is not one bit of sexual attraction between them. Of course, the ones that they date (especially Carter’s girlfriends) don’t believe it. They are able to talk to one another about who the other is dating, about who the other is having sex with, really anything you’d expect to be able to talk to your BFF about. With Carter going to law school and Ari most likely going away to culinary school, this is their last summer to really be carefree. Carter just broke up with his latest girlfriend and Ari’s latest guy broke it off with her because of her reluctance to have sex. So, they both decide on a mission for the summer. For Carter, it’s to just have some sexual fun and not tie himself down. For Ari, it’s to stop putting guys into a spreadsheet, analyzing their compatibility and to find someone (with Carter’s help) to get down with. 

During the summer, the platonic status becomes a bit murky and things change and things happen that forever alter the status of their BFF relationship. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Carter and Ari are going to have sex (A LOT), but the real meat of this story is going to come when decisions are forced to be made.

This was a very well supported book. The characters were all beautifully written. As is supposed to happen, you will fall in love with Carter and Ari, which the author makes super easy to do with the way that she wrote both perspectives. She has a fabulous ability to capture the male experience as if she were male herself. She not only nailed it with Carter, but you will love Josh as well.

Sex, sex, and sex. Get your libido ready, the between the sheets or against the door action, whichever you prefer, is so hot, you’re gonna want to pull up a seat. Carter gives us a brief glimpse into his aggressive (in a good way) dirty talking side, just enough to leave you a little salivating and a whole lot of wanting more.

I love the way this author tells a story, I love the humor that she infuses onto the pages, I love (LOVE) the characters that her imagination conjures up, I love how she leaves you completely satisfied, but wanting more, all in all, I love this author.

I have no other words of wisdom to offer, so all I can say is to just read this book, it will quickly become a favorite.

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