Slow Burn (Lost Kings MC Series, Book #1) by Autumn Jones Lake

Slow Burn (Lost Kings MC Series, Book #1) by Autumn Jones Lake | Review on

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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Not really a warning, but you get the jest. First, I can’t believe that this book came out in October 2014 and here it is October 2015, and I’m just now finding out about it. I’m not sure how it managed to escape me for so long, but instead of being upset by my lack of awareness, I’ve decided to see the glass half full and understand that this story continues in book #2 and since I’ve waited so long to read Slow Burn, book #2 is already out and I will have no wait for that one. No worries though, this story may continue in book #2, but there is not a cliffhanger here.

Slow Burn will be told through both Hope and Rock’s POV. Which, on a side note, happens to be my favorite way to tell a story.

Let’s start with Hope. Hope is an attorney, family law and cases that really all along those lines. She is happily married to Clay and other than financially struggling (like any young couple trying to start a life while having to worry about student debt), she is really happy. She is very innocent, not in a virginal sense, but in the sense that she lives her life by societal rules and she rarely deviates from those rules. Which is why she struggles with her reaction to Rock. She first lays eyes on Rochlan North (Rock) when she is in the courtroom. Rock happens to be there on the other side of the law and his attorney is running late. He sees Hope and is intrigued from the get go, so he requests that she perform the arraignment. Hope is not a criminal attorney, so understandably, she is pretty nervous. Rock seems to think it’s because of his “criminal status”, but the truth is, Hope has never been affected by someone the way that Rock is affecting her, especially someone who happens to be sporting an orange jumpsuit. Now, Rock becomes pretty impressed with Hope and decides to utilize her law talent for some help within his MC. They pay really well, so Hope begrudgingly takes him up on his offer.

Rochlan “Rock” North is the President of the Lost Kings MC and in all of his thirty eight years, he has never had the desire to tie himself to one woman. That is until he sets his sights on Hope. Of course, all his dreams come crashing down when he finds out she is married. Unfortunately, her vows do nothing to stop him from laying a big one (I mean a kiss, calm down) on her when she shows up to consult a club member. After that, he knows she can’t be his, but it doesn’t really stop him from channeling his inner stalker and finding out where she lives and continuously driving by her house. His tendency to keep tabs on Hope comes back to him in a really bad way though. A rival MC gets wind that Hope may be of some importance to Rock and in his effort to keep her safe, he has to make sure that his ties with her are cut and it is done in a very public way, even if Hope gets embarrassed professionally because of it.

Slow Burn is split into two parts, part two will focus on the relationship between Rock and Hope. C’mon, surely you knew that a relationship was going to form between them. I must say, I was somewhat curious as to how Hope was going to enter into a relationship with Rock, considering she is betrothed to someone else. I won’t tell you how it’s done, but it is certainly done in a way that shouldn’t piss you off and have you hating our leading lady.

At this point in Slow Burn, it’s definitely a laying the relationship roots sort of thing. As with any storybook relationship, especially one that involves a MC AND one with the beginning that Hope and Rock are going through, you are going to have the “typical” problems. The insecurities of the leading lady because there is no way she can live up to the sexual expectation of the manwhorish ways of the leading man. Is the leading lady going to be old lady material and be able to handle the ways of the MC world? Is she going to be able to handle the fact that there is going to be “club business” that is none of her business? So, you know the typical issues. Even though a lot of it is predictable, it is still very well written and not too overdone.

As with any MC read, we always get to begin the introductions to the club members, and Slow Burn is no different. The first three books in this series, seem to focus on Hope and Rock. But there is a short novella in between that will focus on other club members and book #4 will focus its attention on Wrath (which after reading him in Slow Burn, should really make for a great book). I think that the author did a really good job in this book with writing a story that layers really well with the supporting cast as well as, the different worlds that Hope and Rock come from. 

Oh, gracious me, the sex does not disappoint here. Now, it takes a while to get there, so in the beginning you’re just going to have to get by with the sexual tension that the author creates between our two lovebirds. But once they get down to getting the business, it’s gooood! 

I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by this MC read. Rock is a very lovable character, not in a “I wanna grab your cheeks” kind of way, but more like a “I’m ready to stroke your cock” kind of way. Hope. There’s so much one could say about Hope, but in all, I think that she does everything the way she’s supposed to do it and you’re gonna fall for her as well. I’m very stoked about this series and cannot wait for Rock and Hope’s story to continue.

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