Stardust (Peaches Monroe Series, Book #1) by Mimi Strong

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Stardust (Peaches Monroe Series, Book #1)

I really hesitated in starting this series. I did read a sample a long while ago and for whatever reason, I didn’t make the purchase. Of course, it continued to pop up on my different feeds, so I then figured, “why the hell not, I’ll go ahead and give it a whirl”. The jury is still out on how I’ll feel about the whole series, but I have finished book #1, so let’s just start there. This book is told through the POV of Peaches.

This book will introduce you to Petra (Peaches) Monroe. She is the manager of Peachtree Books and happens to literally fall into the arms of one very sexy Dalton Deangelo. Dalton is an actor who happens to play a hottie vampire on a very popular T.V. show. Dalton runs into the bookstore in an attempt to escape some reporter and knocks Peaches right into his arms. She is about to leave to do her bridesmaid duties at her cousins wedding and Dalton convinces her to allow him to be her date.  

Peaches is more on the voluptuous side and while she is most certainly excited to be on the arm of Dalton, she is under no false pretenses that he is at all attracted to her, despite the sweet nothings he keeps whispering in her ear. However, she is willing to live a once in a lifetime opportunity, if it happens to arise and boy does it ever.

Peaches has never really “dared to live”, she is super funny and has a wonderful family and fantastic friends, but has lived a life of precaution, never daring to be fun. Dalton is doing a wonderful job in the pursuing of Peaches and she is beginning to convince herself that maybe, just maybe, a little fun can be had.

While she is all for fun, she is constantly running when her thoughts keep getting in her way. She does finally come around and accepts that maybe she is more than just “fun” to Dalton.

This book is surrounded by a wonderful cast. Peaches has a fantastically funny mom and dad. She also has a very young brother, Kyle. There’s her roommate, Shayla, who I am still a little leery of, her high school crush, Adrian, Dalton’s butler, Vern and really just a lot of characters who really bring this book together.

This book is a part of a series and will end on a cliffhanger. I thought I had the mystery of this book solved. I didn’t. I was on the right track, but I do think that you will be somewhat surprised as well as pretty pissed at Dalton.

Time for complete honesty. The one thing that bugged me about this book, is the one thing that is this book. The comedy. What I mean is, I love a funny book and this one meets that requirement. My problem is it was only funny. Even during the sexual moments. There is a particular scene that she is “cowboying up” and calls Dalton “Lionheart”, which was a pony from her childhood. I’m even ok with some sex scenes being sprinkled with a little bit of funny, what I’m not ok with is all of them being made into a joke and that is what happens in this book. And it’s not only the sex, but there is not really a bit of serious in this book, not until the very end. Again, I’m all for a funny book, I just think that the author overdid it here. 

All in all, I enjoyed this book. I wish I can lay a little more accolades on it and maybe by the time I finish the series I will be able to do that, but as of right now, I’m not blown away. Stay tuned, I may shock myself.

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