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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Just because. . .can we please take a sliver of time and really focus on the beauty that graces this cover. Just imagine THAT in a baseball uniform. . .I know, I know, everyone would be at the ballpark. This is the first time I have cracked open a Nicole Williams book, and I must say how pleasantly surprised I was. Well, I shouldn’t say “surprised”, that’s not fair, but I can say this-I really enjoyed Luke and Allie’s story.

Stealing Home will be told through the POV of Allie.

Allie has landed her dream job, an athletic trainer with the San Diego Shock (baseball). While she is stoked that she is breaking through to what is in essence a “boys club”, she must also live with the fact that her life is non-existent. No time for friends and certainly no time for a relationship, but having worked as hard as she has just for a chance, she really has just accepted the idea of loneliness.

Luke Archer has it all. . .the talent, the looks, the women and the charm. Unbeknownst to Allie, he has had his eye on her for some time and all he needs is his one chance. . .a crack in the door if you will. . .to make his move. Is Allie attracted to Luke? Well, of course, who wouldn’t be, right? The problem? She is fresh out of a relationship, albeit a four week one, but a relationship nonetheless. And the kicker is the ass broke up with her over text, see asshole move. The “fresh out of a relationship” is just one of the issues, the other is the fact that she has worked too hard to earn her position with the Shock, and the last thing she wants is for any within the industry or the team to think she earned it by being on her back or knees.

It doesn’t take much to get the flames of passion to start burning. Actually it starts with a photoshoot, a photoshoot that was supposed to feature a solo Luke, but turns into a very sexy, very heated one featuring Luke in nothing but baseball pants because Allie is right next to him wearing his jersey. And the game begins.

Luke doesn’t hold back in his desire and what it is he wants from Allie. Neither have time for a full-on relationship, but Luke is definitely willing to be a committed friend between the sheets. Although Allie needs way more assurance and convincing from Luke, things come to a head (no pun intended) when Luke suffers a minor injury during a game that requires Allie to provide overnight care. The problem is no longer if they’re gonna get intimate, the problem now is not only keeping their hands off of one another, but keeping their new arrangement under wraps. Surely, you can see where this is going, it doesn’t take long for Luke to want more, but is Allie going to be willing to give Luke what he wants, knowing it could possibly mean the end to all that she’s worked so hard for.

As with any good story, there are secrets to be told, not from me, you’ll have to make that discovery all by yourself, but there are certainly things that will get uncovered. And while I am usually pretty good at figuring out the puzzle, even I didn’t really see all of this one coming. My only wish was a little more drama from Allie’s side. With the mention of the ex-boyfriend, I thought that he (whoever he was) was going to play more of a fork in the road, trying to hinder Luke and Allie’s ever after.

The supporting cast in Stealing Home was written awesomely. Everyone from the coach, to the players, to Luke’s family, to even the thundercunt head athletic trainer (yes, he is a guy and yes, he was a cunt) contributed to the wonderful telling of a wonderful story. While I know that at this time, Stealing Home is a stand-alone, I can certainly envision, or maybe wish really hard, that Nicole Williams takes this further with a book featuring Luke’s sister, Alex, and his teammate, Reynolds (I can feel something there). There is a really sad, but loving story to be told about Luke and his family and I hope another book could give it the service it deserves. 

Surely you BXTCHES didn’t think we would get a book featuring a fuck hot baseball player and not get the same in the bedroom did you? Well, I hate to break it to you. . .no I really don’t. . .but Luke Archer is as magically delicious between the sheets. . .up against the wall. . .in the bathtub, you get the point, that he is on the field. And Allie ain’t no slouch either. In other words, it’s gonna be okay to curl your toes a bit or light up that cigarette when you’re done, this BXTCH gives no fucks or judgement.

I really, really enjoyed Stealing Home. Not only was it a fantastic story, but it was a quick read as well and will suck you in and not let go ’till the very end. The one thing I can say that I have learned after reading all about Luke and Allie is that I probably should go ahead and pick out some more Nicole Williams, because that BXTCH did not disappoint.Bxtches Be ReadingBook Review.4Favorite Quotes TagStealing Home by Nicole Williams | Review on

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