Stone (Knights Corruption MC Series, Book #2) by S. Nelson

Stone (Knights Corruption MC Series, Book #2) by S. Nelson | review on

Stone (Knights Corruption MC Series, Book #2) by S. Nelson | review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comStone (Knights Corruption MC Series, Book #2) by S. Nelson | review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comStone (Knights Corruption MC Series, Book #2) by S. Nelson | review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: I need to make sure that you BXTCHES hear me loud and clear, STONE IS NOT A STAND ALONE NOVEL! While I’m always an advocate of reading any series in the order in which they were written, I’m even more so for those series that involve MC’s, BUT, for this particular series, I cannot emphasize this enough. This series starts with Marek (book #1), and that book focuses on Marek and Sully, but the MC storyline in that book carries through to this book and I promise there is no way you can skip over Marek and still have an understanding of the MC part of the storyline. Will you still enjoy Stone? Yes, you most likely will, but where is the fun in reading a MC book if you can’t follow the crime and grit of the story? And since I have finished Stone and have moved into Jagger, I can say with certainty that the grit continues into book #3.

Stone will be brought to us through the POV’s of both Stone and Addy.

Because I try to be a kind BXTCH (when I can) and because I also realize that some of you will start with Stone, skipping right over Marek, regardless of any advice I throw your way. . .I’ll try to catch you up. In book #1, Marek (President), Stone (VP), and the Knights Corruption MC raided the Savage Reapers MC and took Sully, who happens to be the presidents daughter. Now, in most MC’s that would be it. . .the Knights Corruption would be dead where they stood, but in this case, Sully being kidnapped was life changing. She had been raped many times by her father, then when her dad hands her over to another club member, she was also abused many times by his hands. Even though Sully has been beaten, raped, and torn down emotionally, all at the hands of her own club, her story still gets worse. When her dad makes a deal with the cartel, Sully is the gift. So, the kidnapping isn’t so much a kidnapping as it was a new chance at life. So, when the Knights Corruption MC begins to work a bit with that cartel, you realize eventually Marek is going to find out that a member of that cartel raped his wife (yes, she does become his wife and if that spoils anything for you. . .too bad, you should’ve read the first book) and when his book ends and Marek is still in the dark. . .you gotta know it’s coming in book #2.

Now, we already know Addy. She’s not only the niece of a Knights member (Trigger), but when a nomad member was shot, it was Addy that the club called for help. You could feel the sexual tension between Addy and Stone almost immediately and we are not the only ones that sensed the sparks between the two. 

When you join Addy and Stone (past the prologue), they are in the middle of a “relationship”. I say “relationship”, because everything Addy and Stone is, is on the down low. Addy is the niece of Trigger, which means that Stone is breaking some rules. Not to mention, her hesitancy in becoming involved with the club, even though Stone is doing his best to assure her that the club is leaning a bit more towards the legal life. For Addy, there is still to much that could happen with her being openly involved with the MC.

Now a little background on Addy. She works as a nurse, hence her helping out the club when violence calls. . .speaking of violence, that is another one of the reasons she is so hesitant to make things official with Stone. She lost her mom five years previous to ovarian cancer, so it’s just her and her dad. I should probably point out that Trigger is her maternal uncle and the relationship between him and Addy’s father is non-existent. 

Let’s talk about the relationship between Addy and Stone, because that is what is going to make up a shit ton of this book. The chemistry between the two of them is pretty explosive and Addy is pretty good about recognizing that, but she still isn’t in a place where she is ready to become his old lady (have I mentioned that enough yet?), which doesn’t sit well with Stone. Which coincidentally, he doesn’t have to worry about that much longer because his temper is going to do him in. 

Moving away from Stone and Addy real quick, because we still have MC problems to discuss. The guys still haven’t really felt the ramifications of the Sully kidnapping, so they’re still watching their backs. Now, the tension gets kicked way up when Yanez (the one who raped Sully) comes into the clubhouse while Sully is also there, so you can imagine how that scene unfolds. This is where the MC storyline is going to take us during Stone and as much as you’re going to want (really bad) for some closure to this particular storyline, it’s not gonna happen just yet. . .so, you’ll need to stay tuned.

Even though his temper gets Stone in trouble, we all know that in the end Addy and Stone will find their way together, but the journey to get to heart of what they bring. . .is gonna be a bumpy, crazy, twirly (is that a word?), feisty, loving ride. . .so, it’s really best if you just sit back and enjoy.

One of the aspects I love about the heart of any MC series is the cast and S. Nelson brings it with the Knights Corruption. Those that we fell in love with during book #1, come back and visit us in book #2. We get to stay connected to Marek and Sully, while still getting to know club members like Jagger and Tripp. The way in which she has written these books and the dialogue between these characters, just flows in the smoothest of ways and leaves you salivating for more. 

Let’s get to the good stuff. You can’t write a MC book and feature a badass Alpha biker and not expect him to work his shit and Stone does just that. But hey, let’s give some lovin’ to the BXTCH, right? Addy knows her moves and can mattress dance with the best of em’. All in all, if you’re looking for some dirty talking, hot and sweaty fucking. . .you will not be disappointed.

Jagger is up next and I’m super excited about his story. The deeper I get into this series, the harder it is to put it down. . .it will give you the gamut. . .it’s filled with drama, grit, humor, sex, love. . .just a whole spectrum of emotion. So, I suppose what this BXTCH is trying to say is, if you’re looking for a worthy MC series, one that sucks you in and gives you a tiny escape from your crazy days, then dive in, S.Nelson has done the job.Bxtches Be ReadingStone (Knights Corruption MC Series, Book #2) by S. Nelson | review on

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