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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: This book is part of the Driven Series, but is a stand alone. I can honestly tell you that even if you haven’t read ANY of the books in this series, do not fret. I have not read books 4 & 5, and it posed not problems for my enjoyment of this book. Now, this book will feature Colton’s little sis, Quinlan, but even if you haven’t read Colton’s story (books 1-3) you should still be fine. Now enough of that, let’s get to it.

This book will be told from the POV of Quinlan and Hawkin.

We’ll kick this off with Hawkin. Hawkin Play is the lead singer for Bent and has an identical twin brother, Hunter. Hunter has found himself in a bit of a pickle and ever the protective big brother, Hawkin has stepped into save his brother from the “3 strikes” rule. In an attempt at leniency, Hawkin agrees to give a seminar at the local college. This should be easy peasy for a hot player like Hawkin. Show up, tell some stories, meet some people. He meets some people alright, in particular, his TA, Quinlan. It needs to be said that Hawkin has a obsessive addiction to candy. It may be super unhealthy, but it’s pretty damn sexy.

Quinlan is the little sister to Colton Donovan, the racer (from the first 3 books). She is in the middle of her graduate studies and really doesn’t have the time to be a TA, but when asked by her graduate adviser and given an extension on her thesis, well, those terms are just too tempting to pass up and once she lays eyes and attitude on the guest giving the seminar, she most certainly wishes she would have.

Hawkin isn’t too psyched to give this seminar, but knows how important it is. However, things are looking up when Quinlan comes strutting into his class, late. After a little bit of verbal sparring with one another, his interest is piqued and then he finds out that Quinlan a.k.a. Trixie (the name she reserves for the special assholes) is his TA. Once he sets his eyes on Quinlan, he’s convinced that he will be able to get her between the sheets in no time. His bandmate/best friend Vince, seems to think otherwise and lays down a bet to prove it. If Hawkin loses he must get a pink heart tattooed on the inside of his wrist (the pink heart is the tattoo of choice for any band mender on the losing side of a band bet). The catch here however is that Vince wants proof and the proof he wants is to be part of the fun. 

As much as Quinlan tries to resist Hawkin, in the end it’s just too much hotness to turn down and she finally gives in to the one that she desires. Things really start to pick up between the two of them and Hawkin is beginning to feel things he really never thought he would. And for me, this is where the meat of the story really comes alive.

Hawkin is harboring a lot of turmoil that stems from his childhood and a promise he made to his father. There is a lot of heartache involved in his past (and present), but I will be doing you a disservice if I divulge the information in this review, you gotta discover it for yourself. It’s because of these promises that he’s protecting Hunter and allows Hunter to really cause a lot of havoc in his life. For one, Hunter wants what Hawkin desires, including women, so you can really see where this is headed. Even though Hawkin in beginning to admit to himself, at least internally, that he is starting to feel something for Quin,  he is allowing his childhood issues to dictate his happiness and not really share those issues with Quinlan. So, you can only imagine the drama that would bring into a relationship, sexual or otherwise.

I loved the way that she wrote Hawkin and I love that the book came from his POV as well. Because the truth is, he had his moments where he was sort of an asshole and being able to get into his head allows you understand him more. His past is not the only tortured time in his life, his present is kicking his ass pretty good as well and him trying to reconcile his past promises with his feelings for Quinlan is really going to make it difficult to put this book down.

Let’s discuss the supporting cast. I thought that when they were present, it was good. The problem is there just wasn’t enough of them. Vince was probably the most prominent and I’m certainly not complaining about that. When the band members made an appearance, it made for some fun reading, but again, just not enough of them. My biggest disappoint was with the character Layla. She is Quinlan’s BFF, but with as much drama that Quinlan was going through, she never really made an appearance, that was just strange for me. For those of you in love with Colton, no worries, he makes a couple of showings.

Surely you didn’t think I would finish this review up without discussing the sex did you? I didn’t think so. I was torn with the sex scenes in this book. Don’t worry the sex is definitely on fire here, my only issue is sometimes the scenes were so wordy, my only thought was “Get on with it already”. As far as the actual fun stuff, it was not only hot, but really creative. When he says to Quinlan that he can play her body like a guitar, well, hot stuff was not lying.  

Here’s what I love about reading K. Bromberg. Her stories have so many layers. They have intensity, but it’s mixed well with humor. Even when the alpha is an ass, she is really good at forcing you to have some compassion for him, which makes it that much easier to fall for him. But, what she does really so well is suck you into her story so deep, that you’re left with no choice but to give it 100% of your attention. She gives you an escape, most of the time, a much needed one.

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