Sweet Addiction (Sweet Addiction Series, Book #1) by J. Daniels

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Sweet Addiction (Sweet Addiction Series, Book #1) by J. Daniels

I FUCKING LOVED THIS BOOK! First, look at that cover, I would’ve been so disappointed if this book sucked, with a cover like that. This book takes no time jumping off. There’s not the usual several chapters to get a feel of the book, this book starts off fantastic and ends even better. Here’s the truth. I just so happened to come across this book while “window shopping” on Amazon, AND, as I am writing this review, I get on Amazon and what do I see. . .THERE’S A BOOK #2, HOLY CRAP. I have been trying to curb my book buying as of late, so I can write reviews on the books that I have read (like this one), so I suppose that is why I had NO IDEA there was a book #2. Look, some people have shoe buying obsessions, I just so happen to wear a size 12, so a shoe buying obsession is not really possible. I just have a book buying obsession and I am trying to slow it down some. I did however buy this book. OK, enough about all that, let’s talk about this book.

This book is told through the POV of Dylan Sparks (love that name for a girl) and it kicks off with her attending the wedding of her ex. I know that sounds strange, but her BFF Juls is the wedding planner for said wedding and Dylan, a baker, is the one who created the wedding cake. Her goal at this wedding: slutty, hot, wedding sex. Well, she meets her goal alright. She literally falls into the lap of one sexy Reese Carroll and sparks fly. They do wind up hooking up in the men’s restroom at the wedding of her ex.

Both Dylan and Reese agree to keep their relationship “monogamously casual”. The only problem is, Dylan has only been with one other guy (a**hole ex), and really is worried about getting attached to “Mr. Monogamously Casual”.

I can’t really tell too much of the story without giving too much away, so I won’t. So let me tell you what I can without reading the book to you. First, the characters in this book rock. Dylan has two BFF’s, Juls and Joey. Juls is the wedding planner and Joey is Dylan’s assistant. The chemistry between the three of them is laugh out loud funny and very believable. This could have been a book that focused on Juls relationship with Ian or even Joey’s relationship with Billy, and been just as good as the focus of Dylan and Reese. Ms. Daniels did a great job in this book with developing all of the supporting characters and tying up any loose ends with the ones that kind of fade into the background.

This is straight up a love story and with that, of course, comes the main drama that will test the relationship of the H/h. This one comes with that drama as well, but I think that the thing Ms. Daniels did so well with the required drama, is she made it believable. Most females in Dylan’s position, would have reacted almost the same way.

Ooohh, let’s talk about the sex. It was hot. Every bit of it. I’m starting to think that some of these authors are watching some really good porn or their beds are on fire, and Ms. Daniels must be one of those authors. Sometimes the sex in some books make you kind of think, “Has this author even had sex?”, oh no, not here. She kept it spicy, she kept it hot (um yeah, those are two different kinds of heat), well, she kept it f*cking fantastic!

All in all, LOVED THIS BOOK, cannot wait to read the second one. I am a huge fan of funny romance that can actually make you laugh out loud. Read this book, really, it does not disappoint.

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