Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain Series, Book #2) by Kristen Ashley

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Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain Series, Book #2) by Kristen Ashley

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: I’m about to get hypocritical. This was my very first KA book and as you can see, I didn’t go in order. Now, I have said before that a lot of KA books/series intertwine with one another and that is true. However, I don’t think that you are going to be confused or you’re going to lose the greatness that is this book if you read this series out of order. So, fell free to make whatever decision it is you need to get you reading this book.

The rundown: Laurie has left her husband, who has done the most unthinkable act: cheated with her best friend. Laurie needs to get away, and after being on the road for several months, she finds herself in Carnal, CO, waiting tables at Bubba’s. Tatum (Tate) Jackson is a former college football star, bounty hunter, and part owner of Bubba’s. Their first meeting does not go well AT ALL. He insults her (actually the ultimate female insult: he insinuates that she is fat), she refuses to allow him to “get rid of her” and thus, their journey begins.

Laurie is definitely enjoying life in Carnal. She is staying at the local motel, she is becoming familiar with the locals and all in all, really trying to figure out her life and how she allowed it to get where it was. Like with a lot of KA female leads, Laurie doesn’t recognize her beauty. Not in a “fishing for compliments” kinda way, but she genuinely doesn’t recognize the male attraction to her, she feels she is just average. Eventually, Tate apologizes to Laurie (though she is hard headed and it takes a little while to truly accept his apology) and he let’s her know she is “with” him. Actually, he tells her that when he gets back into town, she is “on the back of his bike” and if you speak biker, you know that that means, YOU’RE HIS WOMAN. She of course, doesn’t speak biker. And when he gets back into town, realizes that maybe Laurie needs a biker vocabulary lesson, especially since he discovers she is somewhat “dating” someone else.

He’s not in town too long when a family emergency takes Laurie back home. Tate happens to be in the right place at the right time, and personally escorts her home. Doesn’t take a detective to figure out that Laurie and Tate will end up together. Again, it’s about the journey, and boy this journey gets pretty hairy.

If you’ve been able to put the book down at this point, get ready, because once you start the suspense/drama this book offers, it is almost impossible to put down. There’s a serial killer on the loose and is targeting women. There’s Tate’s ex-wife (CRAZY ex-wife, to be more specific) who is determined to make sure that Laurie + Tate = forever, does not happen. There’s a kid with the crazy ex-wife, who is actually in a pretty crappy situation that Tate has to take care of. There’s Laurie’s ex-husband who believes that he just made a mistake and she should get over her “hissy” fit and come back to him. And of course, it wouldn’t be a KA novel without LOTS of great/hot/steamy/erotic sex (really just insert any great sexual adjective). There’s so much Alpha Male Hero sexy talk, that you will swoon and conjure up many, many images of your Tate. 

Once again, the supporting cast is fantastic. You will fall in love with them as much as you will with Laurie and Tate. Out of the entire Colorado Mountain series, this is my favorite, possibly because it was my first KA read, but possibly because it is the best. You make up your own mind. 

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