Sweet Possession (Sweet Addiction Book #2) by J. Daniels

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Sweet Possession (Sweet Addiction Series, Book #1) by J. Daniels

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Sweet Addiction (SA) SHOULD be read prior to Sweet Possession (SP). Sweet Possession is a continuation of Sweet Addiction, so reading SA first is a requirement, not a suggestion. You will not enjoy SP if you don’t know the backstory and then you might give it a bad review, then people won’t read SP and that would be shameful, because it deserves to be read and thoroughly enjoyed. So please don’t be “that” person, just read SA first.

This is a fantastic follow-up to Sweet Addiction. This story is still told through the POV of Dylan (with the exception of the epilogue). It continues almost where SA left off, just months separating the two books. As you know, when we last were with Reese and Dylan, a proposal happened and wedding bells were going to be ringing. This book will take you through the planning of the nuptials (with two very pushy mothers) as well as the bachelor/bachelorette parties and all the drama that happens along the way.

There really isn’t a lot to give away, but I will leave some of it a mystery. Reese and Dylan are as lovable as ever in SP, the only difference is, Reese’s possessive side does come out more in this book. It doesn’t really make him any less fantastic, but for me it was more annoying at times than it was hot, alpha like. But, no fears, he was still scorching as ever. We do get a greater glimpse of Brooke in this book and I really enjoyed reading her character develop. She was a little irritating to me in SA, so it was nice to see her start to fit into the threesome of Juls, Joey, and Dylan really well. I would actually like to read a “Brooke Story”. She isn’t very successful in love in this book and has a really unfortunate oral sex mishap, that is actually very funny, so it would be good to see her fall in love, since everyone else has found theirs.

There is some drama in this book, that at times was a little mysterious. It came together towards the end, in a way that I was actually not expecting, so it was good to be surprised and not be able to figure out the angle the book is headed towards. This book of course focuses on the upcoming nuptials of Dylan and Reese, but we will catch up with Juls and Ian and Joey and “Goddamn it” Billy. You will not be disappointed in the direction that those relationships have taken. Still laugh out loud funny and sexy as hell.

Speaking of sexy, there isn’t as much sex in this book as there was in SA, but the sex is still on point (way to go J Daniels). Reese’s dominant side comes out more in the sex scenes in this book, which is always hot. She did good again, her bed must be on fire.

This is a very quick and easy read (248 pages). I don’t know if there is going to be a book #3, I sure hope so, I can really see this series extending a little longer AND with such great characters, I would love to revisit them. Fantastic series, I loved it, I recommend it, I hope you enjoy it.

****UPDATE: There is a book #3 (YAY!) Sweet Obsession is the next book in this series and is not available.****


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