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Take Care (Take Series, Book #1)
I originally purchased this book in April 2014. After reading it for the first time, I loved it. Now that I have re-read it for the purpose of being able to review it, I’m not as thrilled about it. I still think that it is a good book, just not as fantastic as I remember it being.

This book is going to introduce us Ada Michaelson and Jay Hunt and will be told through both POV’s. The book will begin with Ada and her boyfriend Rob in Vegas and Rob trying to convince Ada that getting married is the right thing to do after only being together for four months. Ada goes for it, even though she feels that it is the wrong decision.

Fast forward 2 years and Ada is at work in the hospital when Rob has been brought in after he was mugged. The problem, he is not alone. He is with Millie, his fiancé. It was definitely news to Ada, who immediately decides that her marriage to Rob is over and files for divorce. You get the impression early on in the book that Rob is not going to be somebody who is going to let Ada go easily. Ada goes forward with the divorce and in no time she is now single.

Jay is a MMA fighter, much to his father’s dismay. He is admittedly a love em’ and leave em’ guy and makes no apologies for it. He was in a relationship in college that left him burned and has no interest in going back there again.

Ada and Jay come together when they run into each other in a club one night. Ada is there to celebrate her 25th birthday and what better way to celebrate that than hooking up with someone for some wild, sweaty sex. Ahhh, to be 25 and single. Ada spots Jay and that is just what they get. Problem is, Jay wants a little more, but after Ada sneaks out of his house, he has no way of contacting her again. While working one night in the ER, Ada is totally shocked when Jay shows up suffering from injuries sustained in his current fight. Jay is elated that he is able to not only see Ada again, but this time get a phone number from her. Obviously they are going to get together, but their relationship is not going to be without obstacles.

This was a good book, but I did have some issues with it. Ada at some point begins to receive some pretty threatening text messages. It’s hard to know who they are from, so she does go to a friend, who happens to be a cop, in the hopes of having the number traced. That of course takes time and with no direct threats, it isn’t a priority. Ada however really dismisses the texts and doesn’t even bring it to Jay’s attention until it accidently slips one day. This is a woman who just went through a divorce where the husband wasn’t happy to sign papers and she dismisses these texts a little too easily for my taste.

There is also going to be some pretty severe drama happen in this book, which I won’t spoil for you, but it was a little too over the top for me. Almost to the point of being unnecessary. Ada is not close to her mother at all, because of an incident that happened when she was a child, also don’t want to spoil. So when the drama takes place and her mother finds out, she almost just blows it off. I thought that was too unbelievable. Also, at the same time the drama is happening , Jay’s best friend, Blake, is acting very strange. This is after Blake basically warns Jay that if he doesn’t treat Ada right, then he is going to move in. Oh, and Blake is kind of dilly daddling with Ada’s BFF, Elle. So that whole scenario was just not plausible enough for me.

I did enjoy the chemistry that Jay and Ada had. The author did a great job forming their connection to where is did read very well and was very believable. The sex between Jay and Ada was very steamy and just cemented their chemistry. Also, I always appreciate it when an author can write from the male’s POV and do it masculine. She did that and she did it well. I enjoy reading from both POV’s usually, because I’m the type of reader who likes all of the insight and both POV’s offers that.

All in all, I thought that the book was good. I just wish it would have went a different route away from the drama that happened to Ada. I think that the book would have read better if the author would have went a different route with the “relationship struggle” that comes with every book. Not that the drama was a struggle for Jay and Ada, but every love story has to have to formulaic drama and I just wish she would have went differently. Don’t worry, they make a great couple and you’re bound to fall in love with them.

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