Tattered Love (Needles Kiss, Book #1) by Lola Stark

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Tattered Love (Needles Kiss Series, Book #1)

This is book #1 in the Needles Kiss series by Lola Stark and will focus on the relationship between Scarlett Garcia and Mace Torres.This book will be told through the POV of Mace and Scarlett.

There are a few things in life that Scarlett Garcia loves fiercely: her car, her friends and her tattoo shop. With no desire to be in love at the moment, she is quite content in the life that she has made for herself. That is until Mace Torres walks through her door.

Mace is the older brother of Trip, who works at the tattoo shop with Scarlett. He is returning home for good from the military and his first destination, to see his little brother. What he gets is a little more than a “welcome home”.

The chemistry between Mace and Scarlett is apparent from the very beginning. What starts out as something maybe a little casual, turns into more than either of them expected. Mace is staying with his brother Trip for the time being and conveniently, Scarlett lives right across the street. The author wrote Scarlett going against the usual stereotype for a leading lady, which I love. She loves cars, helped her dad rebuild hers, she loves ink and piercings and is just a downright anti-girly girl, who happens to have a fondness for sexy underwear and great shoes. She has a crazy BFF in Teeny and what you see is what you get. There’s not too much drama surrounding her, which is good because Mace is going to have enough for both of them.

Mace is fresh from the military and instantly is attracted to Scarlett. After lots of serious back and forth flirting, a date is agreed upon and well, their relationship is kicked off. I liked Mace, I thought he was well written, loves his family, very protective and of course, HOT. He does carry some pretty heavy baggage, though. I won’t give it away, only because I think the author intended for it be more of a reader reveal. I will however tell you that there is a crazy ex involved. Honestly, crazy may be too nice of a word for her. It always humors me when the Alpha male is a serious military type, but can never see crazy when it’s right there in their face. Just a flaw, nothing too off putting.

Really, this is just a story of two young people discovering one another. Is there really “the one”. There will be setbacks for them along with some drama, but all in all, it’s just fun to read it unfold and develop what was casual fucking into something that is meant to last a lifetime.

I thought that this book blended the right amount of funny, sex, and drama. The characters here were very well written. They weren’t overly done up and they had just enough side story to set you up for the next book.

The sex in this book was fantastic. My only problem with it, was the amount of times they were doing it. I’m all for young love and you can’t keep you hands to yourself, but really, what vitamins are you taking to go hours, non stop? But, the fact that Mace is a dirty talker and there is a funny shower scene (that could totally happen in real life) makes up for that slight flaw.

Overall, great and quick read. I was able to get through it in about a day and a half. This is my second time through the series, but it’s been so long since the first time I read it, it really was like reading a new book all over again. According to author’s website, there will be a book #3 (Forbidden Love) which will focus on Haven (the little sister to Mace and Trip) as of now, there is not a release date, keep an eye out.

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