The Scars That Define Us (Devil’s Dust MC Series, Book #2) by M.N. Forgy

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The Scars That Define Us (Devil’s Dust MC Series, Book #2) by M.N. Forgy

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Please make sure that you have read book #1, What Doesn’t Destroy Us, before you begin The Scars That Define Us. Book #1 left us on a cliffhanger and this book will pick up where that one left off. Trust when I say that you will not enjoy this book if you haven’t first read #1. Continue.

Just like book #1, The Scars That Define Us will be told through both Dani and Shadow’s POV.

We’re picking up right where What Doesn’t Destroy Us left us picking up our jaw. But just in case you need a quick rundown, here you go. So, surely I wasn’t the only one who was shocked as shit that Dani’s mom turned out to be FBI and how much it sucked that after everything Dani and Shadow had broken through to be together, he now believes her to be a rat. The Scars That Define Us will kick off with Dani standing outside of the Devil’s Dust clubhouse trying to figure out how she is going to convince what is in essence her only family that she is in fact loyal to them. And in the MC world, decisions who to trust and who to put under, are made in church.

Shadow is beyond pissed, but he is also feeling torn. He still loves Dani but he does believe that she ratted them out and is super conflicted in what to do if he is asked to take her out. During church, Bobby, who believes Dani is loyal, is able to convince the club to at least hold out on marking Dani a traitor and Bull orders Bobby to take Dani back to the apartment he shares with Shadow and to keep her away from the club until they can figure out the truth. Just when we begin to lose a little faith in Shadow, he comes through and gets Dani a job teach ballet at a local studio. At this point, Bobby is really the only one on her side, with the exception of maybe Bull. Locks made his position regarding his feelings toward Dani known in the first book and they have only grown more spiteful since.

Shadow’s feelings toward Dani has really put him back in a dark place. He tries to “forget” her by getting lost in other women, but nothing seems to be working. It doesn’t help that his brother, in almost every sense of the word, is growing so close to Dani and with hormones raging within Dani, one is going to wonder if she is going to find comfort with Bobby. Needless to say, the relationship Bobby and Shadow is going to take a couple of steps backwards, before they are able to move forward. Unfortunately, it is all because of Dani.

Dani is going through her own shit with the shock of her mother and the downfall of her and Shadow. Because of this and her need to prove her loyalty to the MC, she makes a decision with the other Old Ladies of the club that will come back and haunt her and that one decision becomes the focus of the book after Dani and Shadow get back on track.

I was really torn with Shadow in this book. He leans a lot toward Assholiness. I understand his predicament, especially where his issues of trust come in, but he flaunts other women in Dani’s face while being extremely rude to her AND while letting the reader know that she is in fact his property and needs to follow the laws of the MC. My other issue with Shadow is petty, but must be mentioned. He has a tendency to pull her hair, hard, when he is trying to get her attention and this really bothers me. I’m all for some rough times up against the wall or while on your hands and knees and the moment warrants a little hair pulling, but to do it because you’re wanting to exert your dominance while standing in a kitchen, I don’t really care for. But in the end, I think we will all become fans of Shadow.

I do believe that the surrounding characters were more prevalent in The Scars That Define Us, more so here than in What Doesn’t Destroy Us. The author does a wonderful job in getting the reader to really fall for Bobby and in doing so, sets us up fantastically for The Fear That Divides Us (book #3). She also does a really good job of allowing you to really hate where hate is warranted. I’m not an author by any means, but I can only imagine how much more difficult it must be to write a character that you need for your readers to want to bitch slap, although, I also think it’s probably much more enjoyable to write those characters. There is going to be a little heartbreak here that I didn’t really see coming at all, so it certainly took me by surprise.

The fire in the bedroom didn’t even happen here until about halfway through the book. But no worries, the book will keep you engaged, even with the lack of hip thrusting. In my review of What Doesn’t Destroy Us, my only sexual complaint was not enough oral and it’s the same here. Shadow does give Dani a little tongue action ONCE, but that was all and I don’t think she made out with his cock at all, which was disappointing. However, there was a lot of sexual tension in this book so when the time does arrive for their special parts to meet again, it it pretty explosive. So, regarding actual fucking, the scenes were very well done, I’m just hoping that Bobby likes to sink his tongue into some pussy more than what Shadow gave us.

This book will give an epilogue that gives closure before moving onto Bobby’s story. For me, this is a series that’s just going to continue to get better and better with each book. It’s a well written MC book. It has great grit, strong Alpha”ness”, hot sex and it captivates you enough to make it difficult to put the book down. Enjoy.

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