The Score (Off-Campus Series, Book #3) by Elle Kennedy

The Score (Off-Campus Series, Book #3) by Elle Kennedy | Review on

The Score (Off-Campus Series, Book #3) by Elle Kennedy | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comThe Score (Off-Campus Series, Book #3) by Elle Kennedy | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagThe Score (Off-Campus Series, Book #3) by Elle Kennedy | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
The Score (Off-Campus Series, Book #3) by Elle Kennedy

ARC Disclaimer

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: First things first, this is Dean’s story and his love interest is not Sabrina. Get over it, you will be fine with Allie (trust a BXTCH). Now that that is out of the way, let me go ahead and tell you BXTCHES that yes, you probably can read The Score as a stand alone and really enjoy it. As usual, I object to that particular way of enjoying a series. This is a great ensemble cast and while each book focuses on a certain couple, the ensemble is a big part of what makes up each book. That is my rant, it is now over.

The Score will focus on Dean and Allie and be told through both POV’s.

If you were wise and read this series in order, then hopefully you remember Allie. She is Hannah’s (from The Deal) BFF and as of the beginning of this book, the ex-girlfriend of Sean. The problem with the “ex” part is, Allie and Sean have broken up before and always get back together, but this time, Allie knows that the break-up needs to stick and in order for that to happen, she needs to be where Sean can’t find her. Enter Hannah. She is going out of town with Garrett, Logan, and Grace, but has kindly offered up the boys’ place as the retreat that Allie needs. The only people that will be at the house with Allie are Tuck and Dean, and Logan is going to give a warning call to ensure that Allie will be safe at the House of Hockey Hotness.

Dean Heyward-Di Laurentis, the hockey star with the cock that never sleeps. I certainly don’t need to refresh your memory on this one do I? Okay, I will give a wee one. Dean is the resident manwhore, who makes no apologies for where he sticks it or who he sticks it in (and he seems to enjoy doing it everywhere, except his bed). His only rule. . .freshmen are off limits. Something about #clingyness. Imagine his delightful surprise when Allie shows up at his doorstep right while he is about to become the meat in a threesome sandwich.  Well, nothing really seems to faze Dean and while he may be upset that his meat has just been removed from said sandwich, he’s pretty good with rolling with whatever and is about to enjoy a chick flick with Allie. I mean c’mon, threesome vs. chick flick. . .no contest, right? Let me get right to it, after some tequila, lots of it, Allie finds herself waking up naked in Dean’s bed and as you can guess, their bodies became very intimate with one another. No worries, I’m not spoiling anything, the deed happens once you’re about 10% into the book.

Even though Dean is usually a “hit and quit it” type of man, he is having a very difficult time getting Allie out of his head or his fantasies. While Allie did thoroughly enjoy her romp in the sack with Dean, she is not a “friends with benefits” type of girl. She needs the stability of commitment and she also understands what having a sex only relationship with Dean could mean to their mutual friends.

Allie is still trying her best to avoid all things Sean, because while she knows it’s best for her and him to remain apart, she also knows that if she gives him the time of day, she will drop quicker than a house of cards. So, she takes Dean’s advise and really tries to live her life a bit more carefree and without following so many rules and soon finds out that she is really enjoying the new Allie.

Surely you’ve read enough of this series to know the formula and realize that Dean and Allie will happen, but the fun of the story is the journey that The Score will take you on and trust this BXTCH when she says that it is certainly a journey you will enjoy. 

Your favorites will be returning here and there is just enough to add a wonderful underside to The Score. Not to mention there is a lot with Dean and Allie separately that is not only going to add terrific depth to the book, but also give the reader a lot of understanding into who Dean is. Even though Allie isn’t a constant presence in the previous books, I think you will enjoy who she truly is as Allie and not just as Allie and Dean.

Now to the good stuff. The sex in The Score is phenomenal, almost has me thinking about becoming a fan of ice sports. I think we knew that Dean was going to be spectacular while working over a woman’s body, but I must say that I was really impressed with what Allie brought between the sheets. There’s a bit of everything here: dirty talk, which is always a plus, but dirty talk done well is like having a great soundtrack and this one may be grammy worthy.  The passion that Allie and Dean give is frenzied and out of control. Garrett was good and Logan did his thing well, but they have nothing on Dirty Dean. I gotta say, the first two books certainly laid down a good story for Dean and The Score definitely lived up to that reputation.

I know, I know, there is so much not covered, but covering it would somewhat spoil it for you, and I’m not willing to do that. Just believe in the story telling skills of Elle Kennedy and in the greatness that is The Off-Campus series and you will not be disappointed. The Score offers everything a great book should. It’s funny, it has drama, it’s sexy, it’s funny (I know I already said that, but it bears repeating), it’s gonna make you smile, it might make you a bit sad in some places, did I say funny? On a side note: look at that fuckin’ cover, how could you not want to open that book up?

I think that it’s safe to say as a fan of this series and as a female, that I would be terribly upset if I wasn’t reading Tuck’s story next. The Score is going to end with setting you up perfectly for that story to be told and this BXTCH cannot wait!
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