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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: This is a pretty long book (473 pages), but no worries, it is so worth it. I’ve read only one other book by Mariana Zapata (Under Locke), and I loved that book, which is why I’m quite disappointed in myself that I’ve never pursued any of her other titles. I only discovered The Wall of Winnipeg because it had popped up on some of my social media feeds several times and at first I was literally judging a book by its cover, I mean the name wasn’t so appealing, the cover was just, so so, but it continued to make appearances, so I thought it must be a sign and I decided to give it a try. Holy shit, I’m really a bitch for judging anything prior to cracking it open, I could not stop reading this book (much to the frustration of my husband). It is that good. Let’s get on with it.

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me is told through the POV of Vanessa.

Vanessa is the personal assistant/housekeeper for Aiden Graves, who plays for the Three Hundreds and happens to be the #1 defensive player in the NFO (National Football Organization). Vanessa doesn’t hate her job, she doesn’t love it either. Did she crush on her boss when she first took the job? Yes, but who wouldn’t when your boss looked like Aiden. That crush quickly evaporates when his personality comes out to play. Aiden is an asshole, but not really an asshole. He’s just someone who likes things a particular way and doesn’t really have a way with words, as in, he doesn’t really speak a lot of them. Adding to his stunning charisma is the fact that he is coming back from what could’ve been a career ending injury, but not for Aiden, who truly believes in the “the body is the temple” mantra. Vanessa took the job knowing that it would be temporary, the goal being able to become her own boss by doing graphic design work. It’s now two years later and her dream is starting to become a reality. The problem, she now has to tell Aiden or what he is better known as. . .The Wall of Winnipeg. Easy peasy, right?

Once she breaks the news to Aiden, his reaction is very “I don’t give a shit” and his only request is for Vanessa to inform Trevor, Aiden’s manager. Trevor is a dick (not the good kind, either) who actually calls Vanessa “a dinner roll”, told you, a dick. That compliment has Vanessa leaving sooner rather than later and after several weeks of being her own boss, she returns to her apartment one day to find Aiden waiting on her. Turns out, life isn’t so good without Vanessa.

Not only does Aiden need Vanessa back in his life to help keep it sorted, but he has also run into a bit of an immigration snafu. Oh yeah, Aiden is Canadian, just in case the nickname didn’t clue you in. When Vanessa suggests the brilliant idea of Aiden maybe marrying an American in order to obtain his green card quicker, Aiden thinks it’s a great idea. The American he thinks would be perfect? Vanessa. Gotta hand it to the girl, she hangs onto her laurels for quite some time, it’s only when Aiden sweetens the pot by agreeing to pay off Vanessa’s student loans do the wheels start turning. By choosing to go to the school of her dreams and not really qualifying for any scholarships, Vanessa has earned herself tremendous debt, debt that no one, not even her closest friend in the world knows about, so you can see her dilemma. Really, what do you think she does?

A little background on Vanessa real quick. She has three older sisters (all of whom she loathes) and a younger brother (who she happens to adore). While growing up, her mother was an addict and certain happenings caused Vanessa and her brother to wind up with a foster family (who she also adores). There are other circumstances surrounding Vanessa’s relationship with her family, but that’s something you will have to read to enjoy.

After becoming Mrs. Aiden Graves, Vanessa of course, moves into Aiden’s home that he shares with his roommate, Zac. Zac and Vanessa became really close (totally platonic) while she was employed with Aiden. She has her own room and continues to run her own business. Obviously this is a love story and it should go without saying who the love is between. Aiden takes a bit to warm up to, but the journey that Aiden and Vanessa go on, is so very much worth it. Trust this BXTCH.

As for the supporting cast in The Wall of Winnipeg and Me? In short, they are all fantastically written and you are going to love most and hate a couple, which is how it’s supposed to be. In most romantic books, comedy or otherwise, it’s pretty easy to fall in love with the Alpha/Hero/Hottie, it’s not so easy here, but Vanessa is going to embed her way into your heart almost from page one. Her relationships with the supporting characters in this book will have you wishing for someone of her likeness in your life. But really, it’s how she is with Aiden, and how that relationship develops that will have you swooning.

While I usually take some time out to talk about sex in a particular book, there really isn’t much in The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. In fact, the actual getting down with the business doesn’t even come until the last chapter, really, that’s how long it takes. It does threaten to make an appearance prior to chapter 30, however, the toe curling excitement doesn’t happen until then, so you’ll just have to hang onto those panties a while. I will say this, first the lack of sex is not causing this book to miss a thing (I promise). Second, when it finally is time to drop the pants, Mariana Zapata does not disappoint. In fact, you’ll fall for Aiden even more.

There was so many things to love about The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. I’m usually someone who loves a good conflict, the other woman kind. I almost expect it when I read a sports romance, this book didn’t involve any of Aiden’s other women (not even a mention) and I found myself quite alright with that. The relationships that are fostered are beautiful to watch grow (not watch, but you know what I mean). I didn’t really know what to expect prior to one-clicking this. I knew I enjoyed Under Locke (probably should read again to refresh the memory), but I wasn’t sure about this one. Well, like I stated in the beginning, I should learn to trust more. You will not be disappointed by getting to know Aiden and Vanessa. 
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