This is Falling (Falling, Book #1) by Ginger Scott

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This is Falling (Falling Series, Book #1) by Ginger Scott

Ginger Scott has done it again. This woman knows how to emotionally hold you hostage. This book will take you on a roller coaster. Ms. Scott really knows how to write a survival story (see How We Deal with Gravity) and this one, did not disappoint. Here we go.

This story is told through both POV’s (Rowe’s and Nate’s). Rowe is attempting to begin her life. She is leaving home, going to college, and just trying to “fit in”. She had something terrible happen to her (sorry, I won’t spoil, you just gotta read it) and it has defined who she is for 2 years. She is desperate to become part of the real world and stop allowing herself to be tied down by her past. Nate is one of the good one’s. He is attracted to Rowe straight from go. He too is a college freshman, trying to make it big on the baseball team. His best friend is his brother Ty and once he literally runs into Rowe (actually he scares the bejeezus out of her), he knows she is someone he has to get to know.

This book is really a book of discovery. After suffering from the tragedy that has held her in shackles, Rowe is determined to live life again. But with all things new, she is scared and uncertain. She meets and in her mind, she falls for Nate. They become great friends, of course like any young romance, they want one another, but neither will speak it aloud to the other.

This is actually the fourth book I have read from Ginger Scott, and she certainly has a knack of being able to tie your heart to her characters. How We Deal with Gravity really took me on a ride from cover to cover, this book is really no different. It is geared more towards a younger audience, but I did enjoy just the same. “Watching” Rowe become herself and break free from the past that held her for so long was heart wrenching, but so worth it. Usually in a book, the male lead will do something that really won’t make you love him any less, but will make you cuss him just a little. Nate really never did that for me. He was very compassionate and had a really good soul. There will some moments in this book that will require you to have a box of tissue ready to go. These moments are devastatingly heart breaking and emotionally freeing all at the same time, but be warned, it will be a tear jerker.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading a little Ginger Scott, you definitely need to make some space on your bookshelf. I’ve read: How We Deal with Gravity, Waiting on the Sidelines (highly recommended), Going Long (sequel to Waiting on the Sidelines, again, highly recommended) and this book. If you are looking for a place to start, I would actually go in that particular order. All of her books that I have read are definitely recommended, including this one. She knows how to stir the pot of feelings, and this book will take a hold of you and not let go until the last page. Cannot wait for the next book, which will focus on Ty and Cass.

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