This Man (This Man Trilogy, Book #1) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

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This Man (This Man Trilogy, Book #1)

I’m about to shock the shit out of some people, but. . . I think that I may prefer this series to the 50 Shades Series (insert gasp here). I know, how could I, right? That’s not to say that I don’t like the hotness that that is 50, I LOVE IT. I just think that with everything happening in this book and the chemistry between these two characters is nothing short of exhilarating. This is a series, so there will be a cliffhanger at the end of this book. If you are someone who prefers a paper book to an e-reader, then I really suggest that you go ahead and buy all 3 books in this series. Trust me, you are going to want to move straight from one to the other. At some point in this review you may think that I really don’t like this book and I have lost my mind in trying to convince you to give it a shot, just trust me on the greatness that is Jesse Ward.

This book will begin to dive into the crazy relationship between Ava O’Shea and Jesse Ward. It is told through the POV of Ava. Ava is a 26 year old interior designer and is coming off of a 4 year relationship with Matt. After discovering Matt’s infidelity, she has decided to take up residence with her BFF, Kate. Surprising, she is not heartbroken and has been advised by her mother that this is now the time in her life to have fun and not tie herself down to one man. She is just finishing up the project of her career, designing the 10 million dollar penthouse suite at the luxury apartments, Lusso. She has now been requested to do some work at The Manor, what she thinks is an exclusive, luxury hotel. Once she arrives at The Manor and is introduced to the owner, Jesse, her life will never be the same. 

Jesse Ward is the owner of The Manor, which is really an exclusive sex club. Please don’t think that I’m spoiling anything for you. Once you begin to read the book, it’s not long before the pieces click into place and you will figure it out. Some clues as to the fact that The Manor is more than just a hotel, every time that Ava goes to The Manor, she is never left alone, she is always escorted to where ever it is she needs to go. The description that Jesse gave Ava regarding the rooms that he needs designed, gives you the impression that there is really a “theme” going on that you’re not going to find at the Hilton. There’s also the same clientele hanging around, she chalks it up as guests who enjoy dining at The Manor, also while reading you can sense that there is something underlying that points to The Manor not being a hotel. He has lived a very reckless lifestyle and has a pretty tormented past, that you will not reach the bottom of until the trilogy concludes. Once Jesse sets his mind to something that he wants, there really is no such thing as telling him no and Ava is something that he desperately wants.

Ava is equally drawn to Jesse, but she realizes that he is in fact a client and her boss would really frown upon her going down that road, and more importantly, she is under the impression that he is involved with a woman (actually a bitch) by the name of Sarah. She happens to just be an employee of Jesse, but as any woman who has “bitchdar”, Ava knows that Sarah wants to be more than just an employee. Here is where I will tell you that Ms. Malpas did a outstanding job writing the character of Sarah. She is everything a catty, thinks that she is better than you, bitch should be. You will dislike her very much, which for me indicates that the author did her job the way it was supposed to be done.

There is so much going on in this book that it is almost impossible to cover it all. So let me just get the basics out of the way, then give you my highlights and maybe even lowlights. I will spoil a little something for you, so please accept my apologies. Jesse is the owner of the penthouse at Lusso (the project that Ava has just finished up with), which is how he came about requesting Ava to redesign the rooms at The Manor. Their relationship is very whirlwind. Once Jesse stakes his claim on Ava, his belief is that she belongs to him. He is very dominant, not in a BDSM way, but in a possessive, you belong to me and answer to me way. Ava is a little under the impression that Jesse really only wants her for a sexual nature, even though during every single time that they have sex, he gets her to admit that she belongs to him. She just thinks that it’s passion talking and he really doesn’t mean it. He will however, introduce her to a slew of different fuckings, there’s the: truth fuck, sense fuck, retribution fuck, reminder fuck, really anytime he feels that he needs to introduce a new type, he will.

I’m about to let my hypocritical side flare. Ava falls so hard, so fast for Jesse and when I tell you he is possessive, HE IS POSSESSIVE. He doesn’t like her out drinking with friends (especially alone), he hates the profanity that comes out of her mouth, he really doesn’t like her sharing her time with anyone but him, he hates for her to show too much skin. He probably displays a lot of the traits that appear on some sort of abuse checklist. In fact, the only time that their relationship is going swimmingly, is when she is in complete compliance with him. So here’s my hypocrisy, by the end of the trilogy you will of course know why Jesse is the way he is. Also, since you fall in love with Jesse, you kind of love everything about him. I know, probably an excuse that every victim of abuse uses and I probably should be seeking some sort of therapy for loving him. Here’s the best way for me to explain is through Ava’s eyes:
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Jesse refuses to tell Ava how old he is, in fact it’s a game between the two of them. His fear is once she finds out, she will go running in the other direction. He also has a bad habit of switching his ring tone on her phone, which she hates, but I think is a sweet and endearing quality.

Oh my word the sex! It is panty melting, bed scorching FANTASTIC. Ms. Malpas knows the way to a woman’s heart is sometimes through her vagina and she did just that. There is no shortage of any type of sex in this book. In fact, back to Jesse’s possessiveness, when they have sex, for the 2nd time I believe, he insists on going in through the back door. Ava is not a huge fan of this style, but telling Jesse no is not an option and the end result is pretty hot. I’m sure you can sense from all of the different styles of fucking that I listed and the fact that a main part of the story here is The Manor, that sex is not in short supply. It is very well written, very well done, and is bound to fire up your libido.

The supporting characters in this book are as intricate to the story as Jesse and Ava. Their depth is so on point. Ms. Malpas makes sure to work other points in the story using the supporting characters, which takes some of the pressure off of Jesse and Ava, while shaking up the reader a little.

Understand one thing before tackling this book. It takes place in England. This poses no problem for me, but the way they speak and spell is a little different than American English. It is not difficult to follow AT ALL. So please don’t allow it to hinder the splendidness that is this story.

I don’t know if you will enjoy this book as much as 50 Shades. But what I do know is the Jodi Ellen Malpas wrote a wonderful story, one that I have read, then re-read more times than I’m willing to share. Do yourself and your imagination a favor and indulge. You will not be sorry.

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