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Thoughtless (Thoughtless Series, Book #1)

I have read this book several times, but with the impending release of Thoughtful, I knew I needed to give it a good re-read and then of course take the opportunity to go ahead and review it as well.

Thoughtless is book #1 in the Thoughtless series and will tell the story of Kiera Allen, Denny Harris, and Kellen Kyle. It will be told through the POV of Kiera. If you haven’t read this book before, then get ready, it will take you on a roller coaster. If you are revisiting the story, well, get ready to jump right back on that roller coaster.

It rarely takes me a significant amount of time to finish a book, in fact, I can usually knock one out between 1-3 days. This book, even re-reading it, took a little longer than a week. This book is so emotionally charged. It takes you from being elated, to shutting everything off in frustration. Even frustrated, it was a great read. However, you will need to be open minded. There are traits, mainly “Kiera traits” that are going to annoy the shit out of you (we’ll get to those), but keep pressing though, the book is really a wonderful story. Let’s begin.

Kiera is moving to Seattle from Ohio with her boyfriend Denny. Denny has a great job/intern opportunity and Kiera has also decided to relocate with Denny in a effort to start a life together. Denny spent a brief amount of time in Seattle, while in high school and that is when he met Kellen Kyle. So because of this connection, Kiera and Denny will be staying with Kellen in his home. 

Kellen is the lead singer of the D-Bags, a local band whose popularity is growing. His childhood was full of abuse and because of an intervention from Denny, he has always felt like he owes him. Oh, of course he’s hot! He fits into every cliché for any rocker you have read: hot, cocky, womanizer, sleeps around, you get the point. And it seems that most every woman he comes into contact with is somewhat moved by his charm.

Denny and Kiera have been together for 2 years and are very much in love. Kiera is somewhat innocent. She’s not a virgin, but Denny was her first. She is very uncomfortable with any talk of a sexual nature, joking or otherwise. Her innocence is charming, but definitely can be annoying and some D-Bags members capitalize on her uncomfortableness.

Denny’s job is going really well, so well in fact, that the firm he is working for, has given him an opportunity to travel to Arizona for a couple of months. This news hits Kiera hard and when he leaves, she is devastated. This is when her relationship, really picks up with Kellen. At first, it’s just friendly, but as time goes on you can sense their relationship heading into inappropriate waters. The straw that breaks the “committed relationships” back is when Denny is offered a long term position in Arizona. That is the night that Kiera and Kellen cross the line.

Now, usually I wouldn’t give up so much information. But, obviously this story is about Kellen and Kiera and Denny stands in the way of that relationship. But, I refuse to give anymore away and trust me when I say, it gets much more dramatic than Denny leaving for Arizona. I really want to get to what I loved and not so much loved about this book.

I loved Kellen. There is a reason why he topped a lot of “book boyfriend” lists. He has everything that you want in a brooding rock star. But the one thing that really drove me to love him was his torture. I don’t mean that in a sadist kind of way, but to experience the emotions that he felt for Kiera was heart wrenching. There are some scenes in this book that will leave you speechless. He was written very beautifully and while you want to be upset with him because Denny is a good friend and some of Kellen’s actions are deliberate, you can’t. 

Kiera was a bit of a frustrating character for me. I do feel that the author was very sympathetic to her character, because I did feel sorry for her and the predicament that she put herself in, but she could’ve stopped it at anytime. Especially when she agreed and really believed that her and Kellen could continue their flirting as long as it stayed innocent. C’mon, anyone in a relationship would see that as a betrayal and she saw it as friendly. It also really upset me with the way she strung Denny and Kellen along. Now, I know it’s hypocritical for me to say that it would’ve been easier for me with Kiera’s deception if Denny was an asshole, but he was nothing but a wonderful boyfriend. Her other character flaw for me was her naiveté. I can appreciate that personality trait to a degree. But she took it too far for me. For someone who has a hard time listening to story about a blow job, but then turns around and continues to cheat on her long term boyfriend, the act needed to be up. I think that she rode that naiveté trait a little too far. 

While, the main characters in this book are fantastic, the supporting ones really make up the meat of this wonderful story. The members of D-Bags offer such comedy and character, that you find yourself excited when they enter a page. A part of you wants to really dislike Anna, Kiera’s sister, but she is just too charming and by the end of the book, she will earn your love. The other characters really round out this book and give it such life, that you know this book wouldn’t be the same book without them.

Like I said, usually I can fly through a book in no time. But this one gets me every time. It goes from one emotional extreme to the other so much that I have to put it down and give myself a break.  It is well worth it however, and having already read the other two books in this series, I can vouch that the series will get better and the next two books are no where near as emotionally draining as this one. The last part of this book was really a gut clencher, so be ready. Again, it was fabulously written and I have a suspicion that I’m going to enjoy Kellen’s POV much more. 

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