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Trust In Advertising by Victoria Michaels

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: This is another re-read for me. I originally read this book way back when, so far back that it is on my iBooks, back before I knew the greatness that was Kindle and Amazon. I forgot how wonderful this book was. I loved the first time I read and fell in love all over again re-reading it. I actually do not need to issue any sort of warning because this is a stand alone novel, so no need to stress over a cliffhanger, all the questions will be answered before you reach the last page.

This book will feature Vincent Drake and Lexi White and will actually be told through 3rd person narrative, which is not my favorite way to tell a story, but it certainly works with Trust In Advertising.

Lexi White lost her mother when she was young, so growing up it was just her and her dad, Harry. Her goal in high school was to become and remain invisible, which she was pretty successful at. Her one weak spot. . .Vincent Drake. Vincent was everything the “it” boy was in high school. Super popular, super rich, a fantastic athlete. The one the boys wanted to be and the girls just plain wanted. The only time he maybe noticed Lexi was when he cheated on her in one of their shared classes. Other than that, Lexi’s wish of going unnoticed, was accomplished. Her next dream is to get out of her small California town and get to NYU and never really look back.

Fast forward some years and Lexi finds herself in San Francisco. Having dropped out of college to move back to Cali to take care of her ailing father and having recently just buried her dad, it’s time for her to finally chase her dreams. Several job interviews later, she finds herself the newest employee of Hunter Advertising. It doesn’t take long (like not long at all) for her to be promoted to be the assistant to the one and only. . .Vincent Drake.

For the years since high school, the world has been somewhat cruel to Vincent. Because of what the world has thrown at him, he is someone who doesn’t trust easily, which has also turned him into a bit of an ass. Which has also caused him to go through assistants like one goes through socks. So, enter Lexi. She has now been promoted to be the assistant to Vincent and is kind of freaking out, seeing as he was the one she wanted in high school and also considering he is someone she has thought about A LOT since high school. The unfortunate part is Vincent doesn’t even know who Lexi is when he meets her. Talk about a stab to the gut.

While Vincent may be a dick (not the good kind), Lexi holds her own when it comes to him. She gives as good as she gets. Vincent does have himself a girlfriend, Jade, who even calling her a bitch is being too kind. She can’t stand Lexi and the feeling is certainly mutual where Lexi is concerned. As a reader, the Lexi/Vincent/Jade storyline was everything I could’ve hoped for. It was infuriating, it was captivating, it was just fantastic. Victoria Michaels did a wonderful job writing the villain role with Jade and I loved how she didn’t make Vincent the innocent or the one you feel for in the whole debacle.

For me, Trust In Advertising is more like a movie when you read it. It just plays out so well. The is a great example of how a supporting cast of characters are as imperative to the storyline as the main two. They add a phenomenal layer to a very thorough and well told story. While I believe you will fall hard for Vincent, even in his most frustrating moments, I also believe you will fall equally hard for Sean, Vincent’s best friend. Hope, who is Lexi’s BFF, is actually one of the best supporting characters that I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot). Even Jade adds the necessary evil that a book requires. Trust In Advertising will fully engage you in every aspect that the book offers.

Jaw dropping time, there isn’t really any sexual fun in this book. And as shocking as that may be, I’m about to shock you even further when I say that Trust In Advertising doesn’t need it. I know, crazy coming from me, I’m all about the cock, but with just a few make-out moments, the reader will not get to witness any between the sheets action from Vincent and Lexi. Don’t be sad, just put your imagination to work.

This book is pretty old, so you may have already enjoyed. To that, I say, enjoy again. If you have yet to be dazzled by the words of Victoria Michaels, then I will say, it’s time to jump on board and Trust In Advertising is a great place to start. Fantastic read, fantastic characters, fantastic storyline, overall. . .just fantastic!

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