Uncaged (Corps Security Series Book #3.5) by Harper Sloan

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Uncaged (Corps Security, Book #3.5)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Look, you know what I’m gonna say here. Even if you are a rebel (which I appreciate), DO NOT read this book without first reading Cage (book #2). Even if you don’t read any of the other books (why you would do that, I have no idea) you have to read Cage first or you just wasted your money on this book, because Uncaged is really a continuation of Cage. Okay, BXTCHES, you have been warned.

I know you are already head over heels for Greg Cage, right? Well, Holy hotness, the “Greg Love” is about to explode. I don’t know about you, but when I can witness any man fall even more in love because his wife/woman/girl is pregnant, it brings a smile so big to my face that my eyes will crinkle. So, you can add Mr. Cage to the book boyfriend list, because he is about make you melt.

This story is told through both Melissa and Greg’s POV. This book picks up around the end of Beck, with a couple of flashbacks thrown in. This is more of a novella, so it is a quick and very easy read. It focuses on the journey of the Cage family and their road to giving birth to twin girls.

With everything that has happened to the Corps Security family recently, they are definitely not taking tomorrow for granted anymore. They have decided to have a family dinner once a week and even include Sway, who has not only become part of the family, but has also got a new love in the form of David, who has taken Emmy’s place at Corps Security.  So, all in all, things are looking good for everyone and with twin girls on the way, things couldn’t be better in the Cage household.

Cohen is cuter than ever, in fact the things that come out of his mouth, will make him one of your favorites in this book. Example: “HA! Daddy has his wiener rings in! Daddy, your wiener is funny looking with Mommy’s earrings in there!”. His transition from his kidnapping and his Nana’s death, was very well written. In fact, I think that making sure that he always has his “angels” was very moving. His relationship with one very brooding Maddox Locke (he calls him by first and last name) will allow you to see a side to Maddox that is lacking in the other books. And when you read why Cohen has decided this, you will start to fall a little bit in love with Maddox Locke. We also see the relationship deepen between Greg and Cohen. They have really become a father/son duo without any setbacks and the love that Greg has for Cohen is inspiring, though, I’m sure you felt it in Cage.

Ok, so this wouldn’t be a true to form Corps Security book without any drama. Get your emotions ready and have your tissues handy, because when you get to about 45% in this book, you’re going to be right there with that whole family, holding your breath. I can’t give it away, you need to read what happens. I can tell you however, that to watch Greg go through what he is going to go through will definitely shoot him to the top of your list, if he wasn’t already there. You will see a new side to Maddox, which I think is setting us up for his book, which I think is going to be intense. The way that Cohen responds to the tragedy before him will penetrate to your heart. Harper Sloan did such a great job writing him, giving him such personality and character at such a young age. You will appreciate it.

Don’t want to leave out the goodies. There is sex in this book, this is the Corps Security, for crying out loud. As any pregnant woman has witnessed, pregnancy brings certain needs and with Melissa and Greg, I think those needs are on steroids. While the sex isn’t rampant, it’s there and it’s enjoyable.

The story will end well, don’t worry. It did include an epilogue from Cohen’s POV, 15 years later. Which is nice, because Harper Sloan is setting fans of this series up for the next generation of Corps Security.

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