Under Locke by Mariana Zapata

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Under Locke by Mariana Zapata

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: So, I recently finished The Wall of Winnipeg and Meand fell absolutely in love. I have only read this particular author one other time (Under Locke) and remembered that I loved that, well. . .this book, but I read it back in February 2014, so I decided it was time for a re-read. Like the The Wall of Winnipeg, this book is pretty lengthy (497 pages), but so, so good. I guess what I’m trying to tell you BXTCHES is this. . .be prepared, because this book is going to hook you to where you’ll find yourself sneaking moments, just to find time to get in extra chapters. 

Under Locke will be told through the POV of Iris.

Iris, Ris, Ritz, pick a name, they all work, well, after losing her mom at the tender age of 16, then her grandmother passes, then her little brother enters the military, and on top of everything happening in her life, she hasn’t seen her dad in years. Then being laid off, with no family, no job, her only option available is to pack up and head to Austin and move in with her older half brother, Sonny. Upon her Austin arrival, she already has a job thanks to Sonny. I probably should say that Sonny is a member of the MC, the Widowmakers, a club that her father was also a part of, once upon a time. 

Sonny has gotten Iris a job at Pins and Needles, a tattoo shop owned by Dex, another member of the Widowmakers. Their first meeting left a lot to be desired for Iris. To say that Dex was an asshole would be a compliment. After struggling to get to know the job the first few days and having to deal with a boss who she has already overheard him call her an idiot, Iris decides it may be time to try and find another form of income. Even though Dex may be a walking orgasm, Iris refuses to be bullied. Having said that, she is starting to enjoy getting to know the other employees of Pins and Needles, and maybe, just maybe, Austin is starting to feel like home. So, with the exception of her dickbag boss, the job is starting to look up.

Now, it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Dex is of course attracted to Iris and Iris is the kind of personality that one would instantly take to. She doesn’t cuss, loves a good “that’s what she said” joke, really does see the good in people, and because of her history, really appreciates life. Dex hasn’t had the best life. He has a great mom and two wonderful sisters, but his dad is a bigger asshole than he is (who happens to be behind bars), he’s spent time in prison, but has come out trying to put his life together and it started with opening Pins and Needles. 

Our little Iris is about as pure as the first fallen snow. So, it takes her a bit to realize that Dex is actually flirty and hitting on her. When things start to go down with another MC club, because of her dad, she needs to move in with Dex in order to keep her safe, well that of course moves things along in the Dex <hearts> Iris game.

As with The Wall of Winnipeg and Me (my only other Mariana Zapata frame of reference) the supporting cast in Under Locke is brilliantly captivating. Every little bit that each of them bring to the story only leaves you wanting more. The dynamic that they have with each other is pretty awesome. Now, I love a MC book, it’s probably one of my favorite genres and as you know, this book features a MC. I wouldn’t list MC as the top genre of Under Locke, but it does play a pretty significant part of the book, especially with Dex and Sonny being members and her dad being an ex-member and the drama (most of it anyway) surrounds the MC, so to speak. So, while it may not be a MC book comparable to something like Reaper’s Property or Hell’s Disciples, the MC is still an important part of Under Locke. If Iris and Dex don’t suck you in to the fabulousness that is Under Locke (which they will, I have no worries), the ensembleality (I know that’s not a real word) of Under Locke will.

I guess now is the right time to tell you (if you didn’t catch it with the “pure as the first fallen snow” comment), that Iris is a virgin. Don’t worry, Mariana Zapata did a good job allowing the reader to believe that Iris could be in her mid-twenties and still intact. Iris has a past (yes, you need to read and experience that journey yourself) and it’s mostly the cause of her V-card status. But, of course when the time comes, Dex does not disappoint and once Iris gets a taste of the other side, she becomes a bit insatiable, but really, who wouldn’t be hard to tame once they got a bite of Dex, right? Plus, his cock is nicely decorated with some jewelry that makes the vag feel really nice (I have got to get the hubs on board). Every pussy clenching detail is written so good, so, so good. From the sexual tension to the “I need to shove my cock deep in you right now” will have you curling your toes and fanning your face.

There are so many wonderful things about Under Locke. Iris is everything one would not only want in a BFF. . . she’s funny, she’s loyal, she’s dedicated, she’s beautiful (without flaunting it) and she loves fiercely. Even when Dex is a douche canoe, you know it’s going to work to where you’ll fall in madly in love, with him and his embellished cock. As hard as he is, when he falls for Iris, he’ll make you swoon. So, there is nothing negative I can say about Under Locke, except I wish there was a follow-up, but that’s not negative, just a want. I love a good love story just as much as the next book whore and this one does it all and then some. Get ready to lose some sleep or at the very least become that person who is sneaking in reading time every chance they get, because Under Locke will leave you really wanting more.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingFavorite Quotes TagUnder Locke by Mariana Zapata | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.com

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