Unexpected Fate (Hope Town Series, Book #1) by Harper Sloan

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Unexpected Fate (Hope Town Series, Book #1)

BXTCHES Gotta WarnWe first met Cohen Cage in the Security Corps Series (Cage). After reading this book, I don’t think that it is absolutely necessary to read that series first, although I have no idea why you wouldn’t read it, just for the pure joy it will bring you, but whatever. I will say this, a lot of the characters that we love from that series, will make an appearance (or more) in this book. So, really if you want to get the full on Corps Security experience, you should check out that series first. Trust me, it’s well worth it. Don’t believe me? Check out my review of the series here.

I know you must remember cute little Cohen Cage from the Corps Security series, right? Well, cute is out the window. The boy is now a man and he is HAWT! Dani Reid, yes, Axel and Izzy’s little girl, has been in love with Cohen since she can remember, and it’s now time to make him see what it is he has been missing out on. This book will be told through the POV of both Dani and Cohen.

Cohen has known that Dani (or as he calls her, Dani-girl) has been in love with him since she was 15 years old and in a defining moment for Cohen, she whispered her feelings to him. Over the years, he pulled that memory to help him get through some of his toughest times. The problem however, is Dani is almost 5 years younger than Cohen, so Cohen knew that because of the age difference there wasn’t much he could do then. Now, fast forward 6 years, Dani is now 21 and reveals once again to Cohen how she feels. Now in all fairness to Dani, she was extremely ill and drugged up on some high potency cough syrup. But for Cohen, it certainly stirs something in him.

Here is where the problem lies. Cohen has followed in his father’s footsteps and is in the military, and is getting ready to deploy once again. Not knowing how long this tour will take him, he doesn’t want to start anything up with Dani until he has a stronger and more stable hold on the future. Of course the other problem comes in the form of a very over protective father, who will stop at nothing to protect his only daughter AKA Axel Reid.

Dani will take Cohen however he comes, overseas or not and gets her wish after a particularly emotional going away party. Surely you can figure out now that Dani gets her guy. They make the decision to wait it out and once Cohen returns from overseas, that they will really give a relationship with one another a real shot. It wouldn’t be a true Corps Security book of any kind if there wasn’t any drama involved, right? Shortly after Cohen deploys, Dani starts to receive flowers every week. Thinking that they are from Cohen, she of course falls in love even more. Once she realizes that Cohen is indeed not the giver, hell will break loose. Dani has crazy after her and Cohen being overseas, can’t do a thing about it. While I didn’t think that it was too difficult to figure out the culprit, it was certainly a page turner and easy to figure out or not, it was well played.

There is other drama involved, that I can’t really say too much about without giving it away, but as I read it and things unfolded, I will honestly say, I thought “again?”. But, after reading it, my exasperation was very short lived. You are going to be introduced to a whole new generation of Corps Security. Some will appear way more than others, but it was a joy to read these characters who were first introduced as babies.

You know what’s next. Oh multiple orgasm, Harper Sloan very seldom disappoints in the sex scene area. Once again, she wrote some fierce, throw you on your back, rip off your panties, sex. The sex was fantastic, if you didn’t pick that up by my description, but the other thing she did well and I need to thank her for, she made Cohen a great dirty talker. I am an advocate for dirty talk in the bedroom (real or fiction) and she made it “bite your lip” worthy.

I will confess that I read this book in 1 day. It was that good. I am someone who gets car sick when I read in an automobile, but today, I read in the car until I started to feel it come on. When we stopped at the store and my hubby ran in, I read. So, yes, I think that this book is wonderful. It does appear that this will be a series, which makes me super excited. So stay tuned.

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