Until Ashlyn (Until Her Series, Book #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Ashlyn (Until Her Series, Book #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.com

Until Ashlyn (Until Her Series, Book #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comUntil Ashlyn (Until Her Series, Book #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comUntil Ashlyn (Until Her Series, Book #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: This may be somewhat of a lengthy warning, so please bear with me. Until Ashlyn is book #3 in the Until Her series, but in reality or this BXTCH’s reality, it’s really book #8. Because you really should travel through The Until Series (November, Trevor, Lilly, & Nico) BEFORE you crack open any book in the Until Her or Until Him Series. The first generation (so to speak) of Mayson’s lay down the foundation for this entire ensemble. Once you have fallen in love with that group, then you can indulge in the next generation. However, there is also an order for those. I know, I know. . .it’s a pain in the ass, but I promise, it is so worth it. When you get to the kiddos, you’re actually gonna go back and forth between Her and HimJuly, Jax, June, Ashlyn. There are many reasons why you should follow the parental path with these books. The main one being. . .because it’s how the author wrote them. But, I’m not the author, nor do I speak on her behalf, so I’ll tell you why this BXTCH thinks you should go in order. The first generation (The Until Series) gives the intros. You meet everyone and learn their stories, so when you move onto the second generation, there is already a relationship established. Ashlyn is really the fourth book in the second generation of Mayson’s and her story has been trickled and teased in each of the first three books. And we get to re-visit a bit with July/Wes, Jax/Ellie, and June/Evan while we are falling in love with Ashlyn/Dillon. My long warning is over, let’s get to these two.

Until Ashlyn will be told mostly through Ashlyn’s POV. However, we do get inside of Dillon’s head for some chapters.

I’m gonna refresh that memory of yours for a bit. We knew this story was coming. In one of the previous books (June), we got a glimpse of this particular story. The only thing we knew was that Ashlyn was going to work for a new dentist and while he was hot as fuck, she was not excited about it. Oh and we knew that the sexual tension between Ashlyn and Dillon could’ve been cut with a knife. So, I guess that makes two things that we knew.

We are actually going to jump right into this story from chapter one. We do get a prologue, which really only covers the “how they met” part of Ashlyn and Dillon-then it’s all in. 

The scene is a dental conference in Vegas and our man Dillon had his plan and it couldn’t have been better executed. Long story short? Ashlyn meets up with Dillon (her boss) in Vegas, only to find out upon arrival, that she is booked in the same suite as Dillon. After a night of boozing it up, she finds herself hitched to Dillon’s wagon. And after a well deserved freak out, she learns that he is not going to let her out of their chance of wedded bliss, especially after said bliss was consummated. 

Our girl Ashlyn is a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to men. She may have dated a lot, but none stuck. So, Dillon may have been better off writing her a “do you like me-check ‘yes’ or ‘no’ “ note, because recognizing the hints. . .she most certainly did not. And while she was very much attracted to her boss, she was under the impression that he was spoken for. Becoming Mrs. Keck helped in making her realize that maybe, just maybe, her boss has feelings for her. It’s been a few since I have read Until June, so my memory isn’t helping me out at all in trying to remember whether or not the topic of Dillon’s fiancé, Isla, comes up. I want to say it does, but regardless, there is that thorny little fucker in the side of their marriage. But, not to worry, Dillon isn’t engaged to Isla, actually he never was engaged to Isla. And I will leave you BXTCHES hanging, because of course we all know that Isla isn’t going to be 100% gone. 

Let me just stop a second and “family tree” you BXTCHES real quick, you know. . .just in case confusion sets in:Mayson Family Tree-Until Series-Until Her Series-Until Him Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Reviews on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comWhat a fucking great ensemble that Aurora Rose Reynolds has created. And the first generation has a shit ton of kids (as you can see), which works out great for us because it seems that this series is going to go on for a while. We get visits from those we have already met, like July and June (who are cousins to Ashlyn), but we get Ashlyn’s immediate family (Cash, Lilly, and Jax) more than the rest. We get introduced to Dillon’s brother, Parker, and wife, Cara, along with their kiddos. . .and I really think you BXTCHES are going to love not only that family, but the dynamic between Dillon and his brother’s family as well. I imagine that it may pose to be difficult for an author to write a series with so many books/stories and continue to include the previous characters in the current books. It just seems a lot to keep up with. But, Ms. Reynolds does it very well. While we get glimpses of a lot from the above tree, she does a great job of reacquainting us with those already in our imaginations. The only disappointment? 

When it came to consummation or any “activity” afterwards, Dillon did not disappoint. I’m a sucker for great sex between the ones leading the book, but for me, what makes a great scene so appetizing is when you can really “see” it playing out in your head. Almost like imagination porn (if that makes sense). Sometimes the menu that the author serves up between the H/h is very difficult to work out in my head, it may be scorching, it just seems logistically impossible. But the steam that Dillon and Ashlyn work up is mouth watering. And I gotta say, it would be a total let down if Aurora Rose Reynolds and her other half wasn’t working it out seriously in the bedroom, because her imagination must get inspiration from somewhere.

There has yet to be a book in this entire series that I haven’t fallen in love with. And I got to say, Ashlyn and Dillon may have moved to near the top of that list. The strange thing is I sometimes get this series mixed up with the Corps Security Series (by Harper Sloan). I have no idea why that is, I think the only thing they really have in common is the generational aspect, but every time I start a new book in either of those series, I have to get the cast straight in my head. I have no idea why I’m telling you guys that, just thought I’d share.

I swear, if you haven’t yet started this series, you are missing out on some really great escape time. I haven’t read too many reviews where Until Ashlyn was concerned, I knew I was reading it regardless. I will say this. . .just like previous books in this series, there is drama within these pages and it may seem similar from book to book. Or maybe not familiar as much as “how much shit can one family endure”, don’t get caught up in that idea. I read this book in one sitting. It was captivating, it was funny, it was suspenseful, but it also worked my imagination, if only for a couple of hours. And surely we can all use that trip to the other side of reality.

I did put in a request in my review for Until June, the exact wording went like this:

I’m not sure who is next in line in the Until Him series, but if I was to put in a request, I’m asking for Sage. Please make that happen.

And I am so happy to say that Sage is up next (y’all can thank me later). I feel like his story has been a proverbial carrot for quite some time, so I am certainly salivating.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingUntil Ashlyn (Until Her Series, Book #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.com

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