Until Friday Night (A Field Party Book Series, Book #1) by Abbi Glines

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Until Friday Night (A Field Party Book Series, Book #1) by Abbi Glines

You know usually when I finish a book, I like to “be with it” for a couple of days before I try to put how I felt about it into words. This is one of those rare occasions that I just finished the book (like today finished) and now it’s time to put it to paper. I must admit however, I was a little skeptical about this book when I noticed it making it’s rounds on social media (prior to release), I just didn’t know if I would connect with it and add that to the fact that I rarely will spend over $6 for a Kindle book and this one was $10.99, which was more than any other format. But, I read the sample to get a feel and I was hooked and found myself clicking the “buy with 1-click” button before I knew it. 

This book will be told through both POV’s and trust me, you need for it to be.

Maggie Carleton has lived a life that no one at her age deserves, really no one at any age deserves. Two years prior, she witnesses her father murder her mother and that tragedy has struck her silent. She’s afraid to speak, afraid to relive the nightmare that haunts her nightly, afraid to answer questions, actually, just afraid to hear her voice. After living with her Godmother and not having any success with opening up, her Godmother ships her off to live with her aunt and uncle, which was really a bitch thing to do, but, for the best in the long run. Just to wrap up the individuals she is now living with: Aunt Coralee, Uncle Boone (her mom’s brother), and her cousin Brady, who is the same age as Maggie and also happens to be the star quarterback of the high school football team, and best friends with our male lead, West.

West Ashby has lived in Lawton, Alabama with his mom and dad his whole life. Everything was going to plan. He was ready to live it up his senior year. He had the ladies falling at his feet, he had success on the field, and he had his boys by his side. Football is his life and is something that he shares, proudly, with his dad. So when his dad is diagnosed with advanced cancer, and there are no other options for his treatment, he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. He has never imagined his future that didn’t include his dad. While this is tearing him up inside, he doesn’t know how to talk about it with his friends.

When Maggie moves in with her extended family, she is forced upon Brady. Her aunt has Brady take Maggie with him when he goes and does the things that teenagers do, like going to a field party. Maggie knows that Brady is way less than thrilled to be her babysitter and even if she didn’t, she knows it once they arrive at the party and he parks her in the dark, out of sight. However, she does catch the eyes of his friends and he then informs them that not only is she mute (his word), but also that she isn’t there 100% mentally, which in my opinion, was a bit cruel to say. However, they all notice her beauty, so Brady makes her off-limits to them all. West attends the party but the only thing on his mind is his dad and the fear that while he’s out partying it up, his dad could easily pass. When he makes the decision to cut out early, he runs into Maggie and in his attempts to be an asshole, he kisses her. Her first kiss. She doesn’t forget it, she only wishes she can when she shows up at school Monday morning and West is making out with his on-again/off-again girlfriend right next to Maggie’s locker.

It isn’t until the field party after the first football game that changes everything. With West having no one he feels that he can just open up to, he figures that Maggie is a safe bet. I should probably point out that even though West has made more than one attempt to be an asshole towards Maggie, she somewhat sees right through it. She recognizes the pain he is hiding, because it’s the same pain that she recognizes in herself. So, when West opens up to her, she feels safe enough to open up to him and speak for the first time in two years. And that is where Until Friday Night really takes off.

The supporting cast here is fabulous, but what do expect when you take on Abbi Glines. She has a way about writing secondary characters that adds layer after layer and really pushes the story to its greatness. The story here is good, but the cast surrounding West and Maggie really bring it to another level. You hate where you’re supposed to hate and fall in love where you’re supposed to fall in love. 

There is sex/sexual situations in Until Friday Night, but I am choosing to not discuss it. It’s always a little strange for me to talk about that part of a book when the characters are so young. Just trust that it’s done well and pretty damn accurate.

That’s all I can give you because to say that this book is a journey, doesn’t give it the justice that is deserves, it’s so much more. This book is really a YA book, so some may have issues reading a book that surrounds high school. However, I don’t really think that you can truly put an age on a book like this. I remember high school, vividly. I remember Friday nights (I live in Texas, so just imagine). I remember the camaraderies that were formed. I have great memories from that time in my life and this book played around with them just enough. It’s a wonderful love story that comes about through tragedy, but hey, sometimes those are the strongest. Also, for anyone who has lost a parent to the bitch that is cancer, regardless if you were a teen when it happened or well into adulthood when tragedy struck, you will empathize with West and admire his ability to pull through.

Until Friday Night is about 336 pages. I purchased this book on August 25 and was done reading it by 5 p.m. on August 26. It probably would’ve been sooner if I was able to read in a moving car without the need to vomit everywhere. Abbi Glines will have you captivated from page 1 to page 336, making it almost impossible to put down. I can’t wait to see how the next book in this series turns out. Great Read!

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