Until July (Until Her Series, Book #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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Until July (Until Her Series, Book #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Until July/Until Her Series is a spin-off of the Until Series (November/Trevor/Lilly/Nico). Does this mean you have to read that series in order to enjoy this series? No. But, I will tell you this, if you decide to fall in love with July (and Wes) and trust a BXTCH, you will, and you have yet to fall in love with her parents, then I’m pretty certain you’re going to want to read the entire Until Series, like one after the other, like no sleep at all, like one-click then one-click then one-click, well, I think you understand. Consider yourself warned.

Until July will be told through the POV’s of July and Wes.

In case you’re one of the few who haven’t had your toes curled by November and Asher (Until November), then I should probably tell you that July is their oldest daughter and believe it or not the other four daughters are: June, May, December, and April (love it). Wes and July first meet while July is out on a bike ride (that’s a motorcycle), and she tasers Wes, there’s a little more to it, but that’s the gist. They meet again when Wes comes into July’s clinic looking to adopt a dog.

Wes is taken by July from the word go and the fact that she actually rides a motorcycle really just sweetens the deal. He finally convinces her to have dinner with him, just to have her leave him at the restaurant (after being ignored). Then after working his way back in, he fucks up again. But, needless to say it works out (or we would be reading a different book, right?) and a relationship is born.

The main focus of this book, besides Wes and July, is July having to deal with someone in their town fighting dogs.  I probably should back up a bit. If you have read Until November, then you should remember Beast, November’s massive dog, he is the one who inspired July to become a veterinarian. Back to the dog fighting. . .someone is leaving the losing dog on the steps of July’s practice and she has only been able to save one, it continues to break her heart each time a helpless dog is left. Of course, there is going to be more to this than just dogs being left. And it starts with July and Kayan (her receptionist/BFF) deciding to do a stakeout and follow the guy who has been leaving the dogs. I will only say that it is certainly a dangerous idea that comes back to haunt them.

Real quick, I should point out that Wes does belong to a motorcycle club. It’s not the focal point of the book however. There are members of the club that are involved in the story and the clubhouse is the setting for some things, but this is not a MC style book. However, the fact that Wes is in a MC at all, makes him that much sexier.

Let’s talk about what I LOVED about Until July. I think that Aurora Rose Reynolds did a fantastic job of incorporating the first generation of the Mayson’s just the right amount into this book. Nico plays a part because of him being in law enforcement and the fact that near dead dogs continue to show up for July. Of course, Asher and November are a strong presence, being July’s parents and all. We don’t really get anything from Trevor/Liz and Cash/Lilly, but with all of the offspring the first set of Mayson’s have produced, I’m sure we will hear from them soon. Speaking of offspring, we get to meet some of them in July’s story. Of course, we get to meet July’s sisters (see above) and June stands out the most with her story, so my prediction is she will be next in the Until Her Series (which I’m super excited about). The other Mayson that has a strong role in Until July is Jax (Cash/Lilly). But here is where I got confused. Jax and Wes know each other, though there is no explanation of how they know one another. Also, Jax is somewhat involved in helping with the dog fighting case and we know he’s not a cop, but I finished the book with no idea what it is that Jax does. 

So, we have covered the Mayson’s, let’s talk about the rest of the cast. As with any book in the “family”, Until July is almost an ensemble. The support here is so good. We do get to meet members of Wes’ MC family, in fact one member, Z, has somewhat of his own story line within the pages of Until July. I think all in all, we’re getting a very good set-up for future books surrounding the Mayson family and Until July just jump starts it and does it so very well.

To say that July and Wes are capable of steaming up the windows is an understatement. Even though it takes a good chunk of the story before they actually get down to doing the business, there is still some thick sexual tension happening leading up to the actual good stuff. It was sexy and passionate and angsty and dominant, really just all the good things it should be and then some. Ummm. . .Love me some Wes.

This is a great start to introducing the next generation of Mayson’s and proof that the Mayson curse, the BOOM, doesn’t only attack the Mayson men, the women are just as affected. There really wasn’t anything I was disappointed in, well, except for the cover, I wasn’t a huge fan of that. But that is okay, because it’s between the cover that had me captivated. So well done.Bxtches Be ReadingBook Review.4Favorite Quotes TagUntil July (Until Her Series, Book #1) | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.com

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