Until Trevor (Until Series, Book #2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Trevor

Until Trevor

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Until Trevor (Until Series, Book #2)

Those Mayson boys are back, and this time it’s Trevor’s turn to feel the BOOM. Unlike Until November, this book will be told through the POV’s of Liz and Trevor (YAY!)

We got to meet Liz in the first book, but in case your memory is starting to fail you, let me offer a reminder. Liz is the owner of the boutique that November went shopping in and immediately felt a connection to Liz. The first story also cast a small glimpse of the attraction between Liz and Trevor and this book is going to pick up from there.

Apparently on the night that July (Asher and November’s daughter) was born, things got pretty heated between Liz and Trevor and in the passion of the moment, Trevor misunderstands Liz and believes that she is a virgin. In his head that is his cue to pull away and pull away he does. Of course, this hurts Liz because he doesn’t even give her the opportunity to explain and up until then they had become really good friends. So, his reaction to her being a virgin (which she wasn’t) didn’t just sting, it pains her.

Trevor and Liz go awhile without speaking to one another. But that all changes when Liz’s brother causes some problems that force her to take a job waitressing in the strip club owned by November’s dad. This just so happens to be the catalyst that gets Trevor off of his ass and ready to claim his BOOM. He is going to have his work cut out for him, however with him being a Mayson, it won’t be too terribly difficult, because moving slow is not in their vocabulary.

Liz is going to have her own issues that she is going to have to work through in this book. The main one being the death of her dad, which happened when she was much younger, but still affects her and her desires for her future. She also has to deal with all the girls that have been picking on her for a long time, but especially once her and Trevor get together, proving the theory that some females are just bitches and not the good kind. 

I’m torn in which book I prefer, November or Trevor. I liked Liz, I thought that she was very “real”. She was someone who had a horrific experience in high school, she never really fit in, but decided to be someone who was going to live her dream by opening her own shop and really coming into her own. While I think that she was written as a strong female that did a good job going head to head with the alpha likes of Trevor, I do think that she would sometimes succumb a little too easy to Trevor’s charms, however, her ability to knock Trevor off balance from time to time, makes up for it. But overall, I think she was a well developed character and I’m glad that the author gave us a bit of a preview in the first book, because it allows us to appreciate the growth of Liz. In November’s story when she first meets Liz, Liz is really reserved and backs down when she is bullied by all of the bitches and here she begins to stand her ground.

I did love Asher, but I really loved how we got Trevor’s POV in this book. It was written very well, all alpha and all male. He did have his jerky moments, I mean, he freaked out and shut her down when he thought she was a virgin for crying out loud. But he more than made up for being jerky with his swoon worthy moments, which were often. I think that the soft moments are just as sexy as the alpha male moments. And I gotta say, one thing that I really appreciate so far in this series is the brothers not falling for the tempting ways of the loose ladies. Once they get their BOOM, that’s it, there’s no temptation too strong, love that about them.

I think that the sex here is hot, but I thought that it was hotter with Asher and November. Although, there was some up against the wall happening here, which I certainly appreciate. But regardless of which couple I preferred, it was still toe-curling goodness.

The supporting characters are still strong here and we get a few more added to the mix. Of course the main focus here is the brothers, so we get more of them than anyone, but are we really complaining about that? Yeah, I didn’t think so. This author does a great job setting you up and almost requiring you to read the next book. She sets us up great here with Cash. I won’t give anything away, but the groundwork that she lays down for Cash’s story will definitely keep you looking forward to going from the last page here to the first page of Cash.

This series started off great and is continuing to be addictive. Cash is next, then Nico, so my gut is that this series is only going to get better and better, because really, you can’t go wrong with muscles and lots of tattoos. Yum!

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