Vodka on the Rocks (The Uncertain Saints MC Series, Book #3) by Lani Lynn Vale

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Vodka on the Rocks (The Uncertain Saints MC Series, Book #3) by Lani Lynn Vale

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: I think our first order of business is a BXTCH Moment of Silence, just to appreciate the glory that is this cover. I’m not sure who these guys are that grace the covers in this series, but a major thank you to Lani Lynn Vale and her genius when it comes to her selections. This is the 3rd book in the Uncertain Saints MC Series and I will once again reiterate the fact that I think you should read the books of this series in order, however, I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary in the case of Vodka on the Rocks. Vale does a really good job of giving you any background you may need on the previous books within the story of Vodka on the Rock, so there won’t be any confusion, if anything, it’ll make your desire to read the other books in the series that much greater.

Vodka on the Rocks will be brought to us from the POV’s of both Tasha and Casten.

Even though I say that you can read Vodka as a stand-alone, we did first meet Tasha and Casten in Jack and Coke (book #2). Tasha is Annie’s little sister and of course, Casten is a member of the Uncertain Saints MC. So see, they all tie together somehow. But again, no worries, Vale gives you enough history to really enjoy this as a stand-alone.

As with every book in this series, we usually learn early on that one or both of our main characters have experienced something in their past that is tethering them and preventing them from moving on and enjoying their future, Vodka is no different. In Jack, Annie refers to Tasha as “Tornado Tasha” because of her ability to use and lose guys. In Vodka, we learn why it’s difficult for Tasha to commit herself to any one man, I’m not really going to go into it here, it’s really a discovery you need to make on your own, however, I will be a BXTCH and tell you that it is tragic.

Casten is ex-military, ex-cop, current private detective. His military days are really what haunts him and what also keeps him to himself, Tornado Tasha is just making it more and more difficult for him to do that.

It doesn’t take much for Casten to stake his claim. It starts with a little appendicitis and culminates at his mother’s wedding. All of this is moved along with the fact that Tasha has earned herself a stalker somehow and because of that crazy fuck, she is “forced” to move in with Casten, his dog, and two sisters.

It’s gonna be somewhat of a bumpy road for Tasha and Casten to truly come together and get their ever after, but the quest you go on to get them there is a really good journey.

You should know that Vale isn’t going to disappoint us in the telling of Tasha and Casten’s story. Of course she gives us the humor we are so accustomed to, we get the suspense that each of these books brings to our imagination, she still delivers the “alpha”ness with perfect precision, and of course there is the sex.

Like with each book in this series, we get just a glimpse of previous characters. In Vodka, it’s mainly Annie, Mig, and Vitaly (book #2) that re-visits, with other characters sprinkled in just enough to wet our palette. We also get some new introductions, such as Rhea and CeeCee (Casten’s sisters), which I personally would love to get more of a “CeeCee story”, I feel like there is some good shit behind her. As much as I would like to get updates on the cast we have already fallen in love with, Vale really does a good job redirecting that love into the ones you’re currently tripping over. One can hope that maybe one day we get a “Where Are They Now” story and have the opportunity to catch up on all that we fell for to begin with.

Oh lordy lou, Lani Lynn Vale, you sure know how bring in the big guns. . .and by big guns, I mean big cock. There is no shortage of chemistry, sexual or otherwise, when Tasha and Casten take it between the sheets. They fuck with passion, they fuck with need, they fuck with love, they fuck with rage, they really fuck with just about every emotion you can think of and they do it well. Thank you Lani Lynn Vale for giving us a little something something to add to our playbook.

I swear, these books really have me hooked. My addiction started with the Code 11-KPD SWAT series and truthfully, I just started that one because it sounded interesting enough, it really wasn’t the type of book that I usually went for, but thank goodness I said “fuck it” and dove right in, because my fantasy world would not be complete without the stories created by Lani Lynn Vale. She is able to combine humor, suspense, drama, sexiness all together in a way that is truly appetizing.

It took me less than 24 hours to finish this book, which is becoming a tradition with this series. I would say I’m a little ashamed that my focus was diverted, but I’m going to spotlight the positive, which is the fact that I was able to start a task and see it to completion. Score one for the BXTCH!

**Bad Apple (Book #4) in The Uncertain Saints MC Series is set to be released, September 1, 2016**Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingFavorite Quotes TagVodka on the Rocks (The Uncertain Saints MC Series, Book #3) by Lani Lynn Vale | Review on

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