Wanted (B & S Series, Book #2) by Kimberly Knight

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Wanted (B & S Series, Book #2) by Kimberly Knight

Wanted is book #2 in the B & S series and is a continuation of Brandon and Spencer’s story. In order to enjoy this book in the manner in which the author intended, please make sure that you have first read, “Where I Need to Be”.

This book will pick up right where book #1 left off and will be told through the POV of Spencer. Now, if it’s been awhile since you have enjoyed the first book, then let me refresh your memory real quick. Remember psycho Christy? I guess psycho doesn’t really describe her to her full crazy, but she did try to kill Spencer all the while claiming to be pregnant with Brandon’s baby. Come to find out (surprise!) that she was not pregnant, just kooky.

So this book keeps the story going. You’re going to have to prepare yourself, because there is sooooooo much happening that it is a bit overwhelming and not in a great way. I think it’s best if we just jump right in.

After the attempted murder of Spencer and upon returning to Brandon’s condo, they both realize that living there is really not going to work. They scrubbed and scrubbed, but had no luck in getting up the blood stain left behind, so what better time than that to ask Spencer if she wanted to move in with him? Well, not at the condo, but buying a house, together. She of course says, YES, but in the meantime, Brandon is going to move in with Spencer and put his condo up for sale.

During all of this time, Ryan is planning her wedding to Max. Since Spencer is the MOH, the wedding and planning of, have somewhat of a “front and center” part of the storyline. But before that takes place, there is still the opening of a Club 24 in Seattle and Christmas and New Years to get through.

Brandon and Spencer will spend Christmas in Texas with his parents and brother. I enjoyed the change of scenery for the book, especially being a Texan myself, but there is an incident with his brother and his brothers date that I thought was strange. It was more like a puzzle piece that didn’t fit. This part of the book was peculiar, it didn’t gel with the book the way that I hoped it would. It wasn’t necessarily poorly written, it was just odd.

New Years will be celebrated in Seattle with the grand opening of Club 24. Becca has found her place in the “girlfriend circle” with Spencer and Ryan, just as Max has found new friends in Brandon and Jason, so all is well and the group is growing. Now prior to the girls leaving to meet up in Seattle, Spencer runs into Trevor again outside of the gym. She has now figured out the this is more than just a coincidence. But really there is nothing she can do about it.

Here is where I’m going to have to be very vague. I’m all for drama in a book/series. I think it adds to a great story and if done well, can really keep the page turning and the reader on the edge of their seat. Having said that, what happens in this book is too much. I was okay with the showdown between Christy and Spencer, I though it was a bit extreme, but considering the crazy that was Christy, I got it. What happens in this book, had me shaking my  head. I really thought that the book could’ve done without it or it could’ve been tapered down a bit. But, read it and you be the judge.

TravASS does make another appearance, this time he actually has the balls to show up at Ryan’s wedding. I’m not sure if this is the last that we will see of him, but he most certainly provided some good entertainment.

I guess it’s that time, the SEX time. I thought it was well written, unfortunately since I’m not 100% stoked about this book, it’s difficult for me to get fired up about all of the lovin’. 

Not my favorite book. I really feel that the dialogue was kind of campy and somewhat predictable. It was almost forced. It wasn’t a horrible read, I did finish it. I just had high hopes for this one. I’m hoping the finale in this series is going to bring it back to life for me.

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