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Wednesday by Kendall Ryan

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Before you start this book, make sure you have found yourself a nice cozy spot to get lost in, because once you have finished page one, you will not stop until you have turned the very last page. Quick read = Quick review.

Wednesday will be told through the POV’s of both Shaw and Chloe

Chloe and Shaw grew up together. They were best friends. Inseparable. Once they got older and they start going their separate ways, Shaw gets married and Chloe isn’t the most important girl in his life anymore, hasn’t been for some time. Then tragedy strikes, a drunk driver takes the life of Shaw’s wife and leaves him as a very young widow. During the funeral, wanting to get him away from pity eyes, Chloe tries to help Shaw escape. . .they escape into the upstairs bathroom of Shaw’s dead wife’s parents house. . .Shaw escapes by burying himself deep inside Chloe. No words were needed, no expectation, just a way to not feel pain. Chloe, while ashamed of herself, believes Shaw’s need was just a one time thing. . .little did she know that once a week her world would turn upside down.

Wednesday. . .Shaw shows up on that day every week, like clockwork. He takes what he needs from Chloe, insistent, demanding, needy, but she gives and gives every week. After eight months, Chloe is starting to need more, but afraid to ask, afraid if she voices her own wants, then Wednesday just becomes another day, and Wednesday’s with Shaw are much better than Wednesday’s without Shaw.

Chloe and Shaw live in a touristy Florida town. Chloe runs an inn with her brother, Jason, who is very close friends with Shaw, but has no idea of the type of relationship that has developed between Chloe and Shaw. Shaw runs the marina that is owned by his parents and while he may allow himself his “Wednesday” escape, the rest of the week he is still trying to pull himself out of this darkness and it seems to be almost impossible for him to find any light. So, needless to say, next Wednesday is a day he starts to look forward to as soon as he walks away from Chloe this Wednesday. And don’t be deceived in thinking it’s all about Chloe giving and Shaw taking, things will get revealed and hearts do come together (was that romantic enough for you?).

Wednesday is a very intimate story between Shaw and Chloe, but there are other characters, though not many, that add a necessary layer to the heart of what Wednesday represents. Besides Jason, Shaw does have two friends that she may rely on, but still keeps the Chloe/Shaw/Wednesday dilemma close to her, not sharing with even her closest girlfriends. It seems that the one person Shaw somewhat turns to is 80+ years old, Abe. So, while the meat of Wednesday is Chloe and Shaw, there are still other characters who do their part in making Wednesday what it is.

The main premise of Wednesday is Shaw coming to Chloe every Wednesday. . .to fuck. So, imagine how the sexual chemistry just ignites between the two of them. And if you’re having a hard time imagining it, I’ll help you out. . .it’s phenomenal. Even though you know the intent behind Shaw and his need to seek some sort of relief by indulging in Chloe, you certainly feel the passion behind it. Shaw is a very demanding force in the bedroom, he’s got the dirty talk down, and be still my heart, I love the dirty talk, but only when it’s done right and Kendall Ryan. . .Does.It.Right. Again, if the sex in Wednesday wasn’t burning up the pages, then the story wouldn’t work at all and if the story didn’t work, then I wouldn’t be up right now, trying to find the right words that will give this book justice. Long rant short. . .Shaw knows how to work his goodies, Chloe is more than welcome in accepting not only the goodies but the demanding way in which he delivers it. Good stuff Kendall Ryan, good stuff.

I really don’t know what exactly it was I expected from this book. I didn’t download a sample, after reading the blurb, I just one-clicked and I am certainly not sorry I did that at all. It’s a very short read, but very much loaded with everything you desire. It does not leave you wanting at all.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingFavorite Quotes TagWednesday by Kendall Ryan | Review on

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