Where I Need to Be (B & S Series, Book #1) by Kimberly Knight

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Where I Need to Be (B & S Series, Book #1)

In my continuing effort to re-read books in order to review them, I am glad that I spontaneously chose this book. I had no idea that the author wrote a novella to accompany each book in this series, told through Brandon’s POV. Ignorance is not bliss in this case and lucky for me, this series just got a bit extended.

In this book, we will be introduced to Spencer (yes, the female) and Brandon. Spencer is just coming out of a 2 year relationship with Travis, or as her BFF dubs him, TravASS. Spencer had the unfortunate (or maybe fortunate, depending on how you see it) luck of walking in on Travis going at it with his secretary. Like any woman in her position, she is having a hard time getting over what happened. Brandon is currently in a relationship with a bit of crazy, really, it’s a lot of crazy. Brandon’s version of crazy doesn’t take “we’re breaking up” easily. This book will be told through Spencer’s POV.

Brandon is the co-owner of a gym that Spencer has the luck of checking out for her job. And since she’s been in sort of a funk since she caught TravASS cheating on her, she figures that maybe her current assignment for work will help pull her from her misery. It’s when Brandon jumps on the treadmill next to hers that her breath catches. She has a hard time believing how gorgeous this guy is, but she also notices him checking her out. Throughout the rest of her workout, she finds herself looking for Brandon and finds Brandon seeking her out. This continues for a couple more visits at the gym but it really knocks her socks off when Spencer and her BFF, Ryan (also female) plan a girls’ weekend in Vegas and show up at the airport and see no other than, Brandon. After dancing with Brandon and using his leg to aid in her orgasm and then losing her winnings to him in a high stake Texas Hold Em’ game, Spencer’s weekend in Vegas is complete.

Once they are both back home in San Fransisco, Spencer and Brandon begin a relationship, which is a problem for the crazy ex, Christy. Oh, and she is going to add some problems. I can’t give away too much of her crazy, because that will give some of the juiciness of this story away, but you will definitely be wondering, how is it that these wonderful book boyfriends that we all fall for, ALWAYS seem to have their “crazy-dar” broken? Crazy or not, I did think that the storyline involving Christy was a little much, personally I think it could’ve went a different way and been a little more believable. There is some other crazy going on, involving other characters, but this book only skims the storyline, so I assume it will be further developed in succeeding books.

Oh Lordy Lou, there is A LOT of sex in this book, maybe a little too much. SHUT MY MOUTH, I CANNOT BELIEVE I SAID THAT. But truthfully, there is a lot, but I can say, the author wrote it well. It is passionate and I thought for the most part is was hot. My only question mark was, the level of the libido between Spencer and Brandon was off the charts, but hey, what do I know, I hope that somewhere, there are two people that every time they are alone in a room together, clothes are coming off. I need to get on board that train.

The supporting characters here are written well. I don’t think that they are written so you become really invested in them, but they’re written well enough to give you somewhat of a background with their connection to Spencer and/or Brandon.

Overall, I think that Kimberly Knight wrote a good book. It was a story well told and the book was an easy read. There were no moments where an emotional break was required and I found myself continuing to go back to the story when I did have to put it down and I’ve read it before, so that should speak for something. Unlike previous books that I revisited, this book was just as good as I remembered. So, if you’re looking for a quick read with characters that you can invest in, here you go.

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