Womanizer (Manwhore Series, Book #4) by Katy Evans

Womanizer (Manwhore Series, Book #4) by Katy Evans | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comWomanizer (Manwhore Series, Book #4) by Katy Evans | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comWomanizer (Manwhore Series, Book #4) by Katy Evans | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: PART ONE: Well, I’m about to be a big fucking hypocrite. Apparently, this book. . .Womanizer. . .is part of a series. That series? Manwhore. Now, I didn’t realize this little tidbit of information until after I started this book and I didn’t really want to stop and start from the beginning of the series. . .that’s just cray cray, so I finished. But, here is what I discovered as I was getting ready for this review. The first 3 books in this series, focus on just one couple and the truth is, this couple doesn’t even really make an appearance in this installment. I mean, the leading man in those first books gets mentioned, but even if you read those books, there isn’t enough spotlight shined upon that couple (the one from the first books) to get a real glimpse into “Where Are They Now?”, so Womanizer is easily read as a stand alone book. PART TWO: This is going to be somewhat of a difficult review for me. It’s one of those “I liked it, but didn’t” type of stories and while I’ll do my best to be somewhat down the middle, my opinion is going to come out and play at some point. 

Womanizer will be told through the POV of Olivia, well, about 99.9% of it will be. We do get to be inside of Callan’s head for a small portion, towards the end.

Olivia Roth is a very ambitious 22 year old, who has her life planned out. First up is to get her feet wet in the business world, learn as much as she can before she goes into business for herself. She hopes to meet her “ever after” at the age of 28 and let life lead her from there. Unfortunately, the summer internship she was hoping for, didn’t come through, so she is forced to call in a favor from her brother, Tahoe. Tahoe happens to be best buds with Callan Carmichael, who happens to be the owner and CEO of Carma, Inc.

Callan Carmichael is a big fucking deal. Not only is he like a billionaire who runs his own company (think Richard Gere in Pretty Woman), but of course he is hot as fuck (I mean just use that cover above as inspiration), he can also get between the legs of any woman he gets a taste for and as soon as he lays eyes on Olivia Roth, his mouth waters for a taste of her, even if she thinks he just works in the mailroom.

Olivia and heights are two things that do not go well together, but she somehow finds herself on the rooftop terrace of Carma after her first day. And her fear? It’s the last thing on her mind when she notices the man with the cigarette. To make conversation, she asks for a share of his vice, he obliges. . .neither of them knowing who the other is. One of the requests that Olivia made of Tahoe was to actually not meet Callan, she is fiercely passionate about proving her worth and talent, not wanting to rely on a favor from her brother. So there is no way for her to know that the man she is complaining about the company dress code to, is actually the one who made it company law.

Well, it doesn’t take long for the heat to become combustible and desire to begin to overflow. Callan can’t seem to keep his hands to himself and Olivia is more than willing to welcome those giving hands.

The supporting cast in Womanizer is minimal at best. There are certainly storylines that don’t only involve just Callan and Olivia, but they’re not thickly layered. I think my biggest complaint regarding the supporting characters was that there wasn’t enough development. For example, there is a fellow intern, George, and you understand from a particular scene that George has an infatuation with Olivia, you understand it even more when Callan picks up on it. . .but that was it, that storyline went nowhere else and I just feel that it was a missed opportunity to stir some shit up. So, I thought that the cast was likable, I just don’t think that the reader gets the connection with them to fall in love. 

One thing that Womanizer offers a lot of, is some hella hot sex. The chemistry between Olivia and Callan is pretty thick very early on, it’s just a matter of giving in to ones desires and oh hot balls, do they ever give in. While the actual sex between the two was definitely engaging, it did tend to get a bit wordy. There was too much internal dialogue and not enough actual dirty talk between our two lovebirds. When Callan did get vocal, it was cigarette worthy, it just wasn’t enough.

I really wanted to love this book. I mean it has every characteristic one needs to really fall in love. We have a young, naive, almost awkward leading lady who is adorable as fuck. Add in the taboo element of falling for one of her brothers best friends, who happens to be super rich and very difficult to tame and you got a book one should not be able to put down. There were so many components that really could’ve set my eReader on fire, but it was challenging to even get the spark going. I think my biggest hold up was that I never got to see the womanizing side of the womanizer. I’m love a good “bad boy gets tamed” story, but I like the angst, I enjoy the drama, I wanna see the asshole side of him before I fall for the swoony side of him. My other issue was with the dialogue. It sometimes got choppy. Olivia’s quirkiness was fantastic. I loved the non-filter, say what’s on her mind, attitude that she brings. . .it was just sometimes hard to follow her internal voice and her voice is the make-up of the book.

Now, I don’t say all of that in a bid to encourage you not to enjoy this book, I can totally see why readers adore Womanizer, it’s just for me personally. . .I thought it was going to offer a bit more in the up and down type of storyline, there was never any heart stopping, jaw dropping, “no he did not just do that” moments that found me torn up one minute and wanting to drop to my knees that next. And it may be a case of this BXTCH having to eat her own words, since I didn’t even heed my own advice and read this series in order. So, if you BXTCHES do decide to take this one on, I hope it brings the type of heart pounding excitement you deserve.Bxtches Be ReadingWomanizer (Manwhore Series, Book #4) by Katy Evans | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.com



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